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The good lil Reptilian Shapeshifter

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 04:18 PM
Hrm. Well, I'm a little new to these forums, but I was looking for some info about the Reptilians. Just a quick explanation, I had a spiritual awakening, realized I was a Hyperchroniac, started unlocking parts of my brain, light being (looked a little like a grey) started helping me out during meditations.

Eventually, I've come to the point where I know that my spirit guide is a Reptilian. The Reptilians are controlling our government, but they are not evil. Like a science teacher, they are controlling the environment as completely as possible in order to teach the class.

From what I've experienced, and following solely my own logic, I find it hard to believe that an intergalactic alien race would have made it if they strove for malevolent intents. I'll try to explain it as simply and clearly as I can, but it's very difficult for me, so I apologize

Consciousness is exceptionally important. It is the thinker, the me within the human, the soul. The next step in evolution for human beings is to tap into the power of their consciousness. This means that they have to become very much aware of it, and be able to control it. This means, they must know Fear and Love. The more obvious Fear is, the more likely humans will notice it, experience it, and know it very well within their consciousness.

Consciousness then can take those experiences, and become aware of itself in the deepest sense. Once you take that step, you realize that Love teaches you, while Fear shows you want you want to learn.

The Reptilians are playing the role of evil in order to instigate negative emotions and fear, so that humans as a whole can focus on fear consciously. Once they do that, they can use the power of love to conquer fear within their hearts.

Humanity, all we believe is real, all of our history. It's all like a training simulation for conscious entities, a huge preparation for raising themselves into higher dimensions.

My Spirit Guide is a Reptilian. No one can control me, and he has assisted me in figuring things out for myself. He is a peaceful watcher, a guardian. I feel no fear, and you can't control someone unless they fear you.

What I have realized, through lots of meditation, logical thinking, discussions, etc, is that 3D Earth is a teaching mechanism for conscious humans to wake up on a massive scale and understand things that we have a difficult time perceiving.


It's difficult for us to perceive other dimensions. So, the aliens, through love, assisted our sentient culture so that we may be guided towards understanding, until we consciously figure things out on our own. It's a long process, but it is necessary in helping teach us the power of our consciousnesses.

Kinda like, you can't give a cave man a can opener with the hopes that it'll help him. Instead, you have to work with what level that consciousness is at. It takes a long time, and there are lots of possibilities that could pop up and ruin the 'plan' that our Teachers had figured out. So, that means they have to take control, a small group of individuals, and guide what must be done so the agenda of human ascension occurs.

I assume that this is a process that has gone on many, many times throughout the universe. The oldest of alien races are very well learned in this situation, and so they are able to make beautiful, elegant plans to assist in the birth of a new species.

I hope that made a little sense...

Basically, the only thing you can know for sure is your consciousness and your thoughts. So anything is possible beyond it. And you should allow yourself to ponder about the possibilities of the Reptilians not being an evil race, etc.

Sorry this was so long, once I start I just keep going haha If you'd like to discuss this more, I'll be more likely to notice your response if you email it to me at I don't check this site often...haha

Love, light, and peace

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 07:17 PM
Again the keyword: fear.
The guy that introduced me into this (long time ago) used to say that "the only thing we must fear it's fear itself"
Normal people use to have lots of fears. Fear to be alone, fear to see their relatives die, fear to lose their jobs... That just make them weak in a variety of sides, but mostly the spiritual one. If there's a being, call it alien, interdimensional, whatever, that promises them security, they will do whatever this being want.
Easy, take this theory and look again to the nwo theories that involves reptilians. It's a moebius tape. They causes and grants fake security and dependence to weak people.

And... what's for people that don't have major fears? I don't think that reptilians have interest on them and maybe, and coming back in topic, they can be not hostile. I don't believe on the possibility of pure wicked beings on this or other worlds.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 07:23 PM

Originally posted by damwel
I think you are trying to personify the repitilians. They aren't human and they don't think like humans either. They may not have any concept of "good and evil or right and wrong" at all. As for the youtube crap, that's all just video compression making them look repitilian.

We have at our core a reptilian brain. Maybe we think like them?

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by A Fortiori
... As for the youtube crap, that's all just video compression making them look repitilian.

Not at all. Not at all. Quit sweeping evidence under the rug, distorting issues (reptilian features), and the low-level ridiculing ("…if I could shapeshift back and forth I sure as hell wouldn't look like me. I'd be signing autographs after the premiere of Wanted and Mr and Mrs Smith II" - how unbelievably funny). There are increasingly more high definition videos on YouTube and "strange to say" they show the reptilian eyes even more distinctly. For starters: if it was only a graininess/compression issue, the effects would diminish with high definition videos. The opposite is true, the conclusion obvious.

The only "crap" there is is the always same old super-lame excuse "it's only a grainy video", "it's only an effect of compression". No, it's not at all. It's the lamest excuse of the new Millenium. Video compression doesn't just add arbitrary effects, let alone so often. The videos simply show what is. Which you obviously try to deny. Are you one of them nice guys? Don't answer, I'm not interested.

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