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The Future of... Passport Control

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 05:09 AM
You must be American Citizen, and other rules apply.
"Global Entry" will be offered to curtail the time getting through customs and allows participants to cut out of line, so to speak.
Will this lead to retinal scans, Verichip? DNA verification?

Customs officials describe it as your ticket to get out of line. BNET correspondent Sumi Das looks at the Global Entry Trusted Traveler program,...


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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 06:11 AM
What I want to know , well it gets my goat actually, is that the British ( who are supposed to be Americas BIGGEST allie and friend) get to wait in the queues like everyone else, I mean, as a Brit I really like to wait in a queue don't I?
We go to America for our hols and still get treated like some Iragi or Afghan terrorist. OK maybe not that bad but we still get treated with contempt and disregard a lot of the time, I can't say ALL the time because thats not fair to the Guards who spend all day sat on their butts making our lives a hell as we have to wait for the queue to dwindle due to only 3 of the 10 checkpoints being open. Grrrrrr.
Passport control yeah right, just another excuse to nick our teabags coz America's tea is so dire....

Anyone NOT American is treated the same, but sooner or later even the ordinary American citizen will be treated the same as us, I favour in the next 10 years or so there'll be a 'rich' lane where the rich or well off can simply pass through un-molested and un checked whereas your local citizen will be queuing alongside us British and body cavity searched incase they are 'homegrown' terrorists.

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 06:48 AM
I agree. United States Passport Control has to be the worst in the world, baring maybe Israel. This is from someone who has travelled extensively including places like Burma and North Korea.

No country made me break down like US Passport control! Is that something to be proud of?

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 09:18 PM
Educate all people working in customs/border control in geography cant count the number of times I have been asked where is this country some of these people are stupid when it comes to geography

Passport needs a reform in general for all countries.

It needs a major reform.

1 all foreigners regardless of country should be handled equal
does not have to be equal to citizens

2 No generalization of people ie you from so and so country so that equals bad
if you have a history fine if there is no history of anything you should be treated as anyone else.

3 Things need to be better in terms of people not speaking the same language maybe add more pictures where acceptable and other things such as x over things mean yes or no so that anyone looking at a passport can understand it without the need to speak the same language

4 One damn document or card there is no need for a book all info need can fit fine on a id sized card front and back.

5 list of rules/regulations posted so there is no unknown rules and hidden print crap.

6 since many countries have started to use electronic passports make the passports the same size of slightly larger than an ID with only important info listed all other stats can be on the chip inside. All countries should use same format for chips.

7 As many services as possible should be streamlined

All passports should have a map of the country on the first page highlighted within the continent.

Things should be idiot proof

Drop all the different type of visas there should be

1 you can stay here for x amount of months/years
2 you can stay and work here for x amount of months/years.
3 you can travel back and forth between here and x country x amount of time.

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