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Perspective on the parent races.

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:56 PM
The Pleaidan message? Is their message the answer to humanity?

I was asked to create a thread on the Parent races that we are been guided and sometimes mis guided by. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it does not.

But the important aspect, is for you to be aware of what you can do to grow and become the individual you are destined to be within humanity on earth. For you assigned to come here from many worlds that are inhabiteted all over the universe.

The Pleadian perspective. Is something that I do not agree with. It is because this race does not take consideration for the whole universe in both hands. It is because the dark entities cannot take the universe in both hands. The battle of time and distance is always apparent. It has always been the way before this world. Now you have the extremes of both energies living on this world. The battle continues. For it was the same as before.

Now what are we to do?
Are we going to repeat our parents mistakes. Everything here in your life is a teacher to your own growth and development. Your parents can only guide you so far. The Pleadian perspective has always been about you do good if you don't your bad. Your not like us, your like them. The lovely dovely view of the light is great, but it is nothing without darkness. The same pattern problems persists on this world. The system consists of good and bad as it exist in us all. To many people are focusing on looking good or appearing good in order to falsely block out your doppelganger dark self. The pleadian message does not teach this on earth. The danger here is we are only going to repeat the same mistakes as they did.

Put it too you this way. To all the "so called mystical great pleadians out there with blue light coming out of their ass"

How come your one of the only races still conflicting the Reptilians?
Your still attracting the conflict, for your actually still in conflict with the self. The appearing good looks good, but will it last. Does it look better for our parents to look good or better been honest with oneself? I want to add I'm not attacking the Pleadians, for they are another aspect of me, just like the dark entities. Everything in this universe is you. So if one souls self has learned this, why are they attracting enemies?

To finish this first post. I said on another thread of the importance of understanding the wisdom of the snake. It is crucial that you be aware of what it symbolizes rather than been in fear of it. The order of the divine and supreme light source created the reptilian entities to create evolution of the self. Or it can also be interpreted to be two dense pre big bang universes colliding together and thus creating the big bang chaos to order hypothesis. Basically it' like you and me running into each other. Our different aspects of each other merge when we connect. We eventually become one simply. The polarisation on earth was a very well created reality within this universe. For all the parent races are in actual fact learning from your beginnings till now.

The key awareness here, is learning to accept the dark and light aspects of yourself, regardless of how fearful and powerful reptilians are regardless of how bright and mystical some races are such as the pleadians are. For both are still struggling to control their polarised energies. Either way they both have to face each other. And Using us is not going to work.

We are here to be be. We are here to be the "aspect of the one" on this universe. I would like as many people to post their views on this, for it is you that is incharge of the universe now.

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 03:24 PM
If i am in charge how do i change it? Thats all i want to know.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:06 PM
The First race I'm going to discuss is the Annunaki.

These are the parent race of humanity. There are other races involved with "homo sapiens" But this race has been the most involved and closest to us for a long time. They are an interesting race because they are very like us in many ways. They are very simalar to us in many way physically and mentally. We did inherit pretty much all the traits from them. They are quite different to the other humanoid races of this galaxy. For they are rebels of the universe and this galaxy. Extremely advanced and evolved to mainly 6th density. They are not evil as such, but they are domineering and maniupulating. They understand the laws of the universe and they do play by the rules always. There weakness is love. The logic and thirst for power is the backbone of this race.

Now I'm going to tell you something not many people will say. For I am connected to them. They do love you desparetly. Think of your upbringing and think back of the good and bad times of your existence. Think of the abuse and pain you endured and the pain your parents to inherited from theirs. Notice that even on earth things aren't always so simple and happy family. I respect the Annunaki because it was their path to rule other worlds and make reality as they percieve it to be for their existence.

The special thing about this race, as I understand through their ways and needs they created this world because they wanted a race to do what they didn't want. As time went on and things changed into a new perspective. Their thoughts about you changed. They realised that enslaving you was enslaving themselves. Creation was something they just took for granted. The beauty of creation made this race felt such deep emotions running through them as our planet has evolved and grown so much. They love you so dearly. They are feared throughout this galaxy for their conquering ways. But the flowers that they threw in pot blossomed this world in many colours also made their hearts radiate.

I know they will truly be glad I gave you this message as much as you are.

But the reality is, It was all meant to be. The most feared can really turn into something loving and truly amazing.

It's like the story of creation.
Mother and father created you
Mother and father knew all growing up, but didn't know themelves.
It was through their children their attitudes and beliefs on their lives changed as creation came into their own lives. It was their children that helped them remeber who they are all along.

Creation. That is what you and I are.

The whole galactic federarion have been waiting for you.

You are so despararetly loved in this universe. It is you now to show the love in return.

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