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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 11:25 AM
Ahab Star leapt to the stage, sinking the claws of his hands into the shoulders of the werewolf threatening Zoe, Tootles and the others. As his feet landed, he jumped up and over his head flipping him into the crowd below. Ahab Star added a slight twist mid-flight to land gracefully on his feet and spoke, No, no, no. No! Must I teach you how to hunt as well? You have got to toy with your prey to get the full satisfaction of the kill. Let them run a little bit to make them think that they got away before you pounce. Hurt them a bit and let them think they got away again before you get in the killing blow. And always let one, wounded and suffering, escape to tell the others of how fierce and frightening you are.

Ahab strode over to the doorway to where the old king had departed. Pulled out a cigarette and inserted it into a long black holder before lighting it. Am I not right? Is that not the perfect way to show your cunning and prowess, King Melchoir?

Melchoir studied Ahab Star for a moment. The way he stood there in that purple coat, swishing his tail back and forth. He noticed it took a whole second for it to reach the right and another to reach the left. He was calm and confident. “That odd cat has absolutely no fear in anything he does or says. Perhaps his ruthless reputation is well deserved.” he thought. Ahab Star is right. We will not allow this intrusion foul our sanctity. Allow the Black Dogs to exit. We will give them a ten minute head finish their prayers. He turned to speak to Ahab only to see the door close.

With the door closed, Ahab withdrew a string of M-80 firecrackers with several missing from the strand and lit them with his cigarette and tossed them down the hall. And began counting the swishes of his tail aloud, 883...884...885... After the first three pops of the firecrackers he let out a bloodcurdling scream that sounded like a bobcat having the last two inches of his tail cut off with a dull, rusty knife. 891...892... Switching to full cat, he appeared as a sleek black panther with a crescent moon of white fur were the chest was just below the throat. While somewhat majestic, that patch was a reminder of an old injury. Ahab blazed down the hallway at full speed and turned a different way from where the others had headed in order to reach the outside before them.

898...899...900... The explosions rocked the inner halls of the mansion. While small overall, they accomplished their purpose. To seal the werewolves inside the grand room. It would take them at least 10-15 minutes to clear the debris. More than enough time to escape. He would miss that long purple leather trench-coat left under the rubble. But knew between the “gunfire death” and its placement under the pile of debris he wouldn't be thought of as the source for years to come.

Seeing John emerge from the mansion and heading towards the woods, he slid down from the rock he was sitting upon and began applauding Now that was an exit. It is good to see that you have developed some style after all these years. Now are you ready for what is ahead and to do what must be done? And let me say, you are simply going to love America.

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 02:04 PM
After we entered Johns chambers, I could hear a series of explosions coming from downstairs. Sounded like the meeting hall. Damnit I thought. We have to make this fast I said.

I looked over at the queen and handed her a grenade.

Your Highness, this is a special grenade. Pull the pin and set it against the door. Make sure you put something on it to hold the lever down unless that door gets rammed. It is equipped with silver shrapnel as well as a bright flash to induce temporary blindness. It will buy us a few seconds and maybe take a few Lycans out if needed

She looked at me confused and said "I will do no such thing! I will not be an accessory to the murder of my own kind!"

FINE! I will do it! I said.

In the meantime, we need to know about werewolf elders. They are awakening as well. We need every releveant document you can find on them. They have to be stopped

I set the grenade down just right. I turned around and began rummaging through old documents and books when Zacharia jumped back and let out a small yelp. The queen stepped in before he could say anything

"That is the secret chamber you just triggered. I was about to get to it. It contains all the documents you will need. It also has a secret passageway out of this mansion. You will have all the time you need to find the information".

With that being said I turned back to Zoe. Go straight for the exit down there. Go find Skyler, Ruth and Margaret. Meet up with them and make sure they make it back to the High Rise in one piece. Me and Zach will be ok.

As we were running down the stairs I began thinking to myself. We need to find Kaelus and get him to hear us out. He would help us exponentially

The door closed behind us and not a moment too soon. I heard the grenade go off and loud screams. I nearly panicked when I heard it My queen, are you ABSOLUTELY sure no one can get down here? Zach triggered it accidentally you know

"Do not worry. They are in an adrenaline rush and will not think twice about finding anything like this". She said. As soon as we got down there Zoe transformed into full vampire form and took off for the exit. It only took a matter of minutes for us to find all the books we needed.

Alright Zach. This is it. We can bet they have already picked up Zoes scent. And as soon as we exit, they will pick up mine as well. I hope you can keep up cause they want your blood too.

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Magnus listened to Dieter with intense interest. In everything that had transpired, Magnus knew the days of ruling with an iron fist were gone. It was not time to listen to his fellow clan members, and Dieter was smarter than most.

He'd taken his military training in the SS for granted all this time. He was a mountain of information and for this task, and most likely many more to come Dieter would prove himself exceptionally useful.

As Dieter finished giving his recommendations, Magnus walked over and poured him another glass. Magnus was almost enjoying this time drinking with an old and trusted friend.

You make some very good suggestions Dieter. I am grateful to you for your services. According to records which I researched years ago upon finding the diary of Lilith there were numerous Wendigo sightings south of Lake Superior in the years before and after her journal entries.

This would be a great place to start. I have some business in New York to attend to as well. For too long I have neglected the New World and the advantages it could bring. We shall leave together, whenever you are ready.

Magnus clicked on the intercom and Mariah answered immediately.

Mariah, please inform the New York compound that I am en route and will arrive tomorrow evening. Also, please tell James he is to put together a small detail of men to accompany me, himself included.

I also would like to know where Zaio is, I have not heard from him since this little shenanigan ended.

Yes Sire, standard preparations apply I assume?

Indeed. With the addition of our latest biological testing results and vials of blood from subjects X045 through X049.

I will gather those immediately. I will keep you posted

The intercom clicked off and Magnus found himself with an empty glass, staring at Dieter.

How will you go about finding our information Dieter?

Mariah had scribbled her lord's requests down on her pad and made her way to the second floor armory in search of James.

She'd been serving Magnus ever since he took control of the compound all those centuries ago and walked with presence within the ranks. She was respected among Vampires and humans a like and performed her duties with the haste of hunting Jaguar.

A beautiful sight to behold for any man, or Vampire, Mariah had never payed much attention to the comments and looks she'd receive every other day.

Often times getting and hold of Mariah was harder than requesting an audience with Magnus himself. It was not uncommon to see Mariah being followed by a dozen or more other residents while performing her other duties.

She swiped her card to the armory and was greeted by several of the security team members. James was nowhere in sight.

Where is James? Magnus requires a team to escort him to New York.

One of the hunters, George was his name, or so Mariah thought. She didn't have time or the interest in remembering such trivial things. George looked up from strapping in his vest and muttering.

We have not seen him since the attack. He was not among the bodies of the fallen either.

Mariah pulled her PDA from her vest and began typing away.

He hasnt been cleared for any sort of operation. Not according to my records.

Maybe your records are wrong? George replied with a sly look on his face.

Dont be ridiculous, my records are the same as your Lords. I should hope for your sake they arent wrong.

Mariah stared a them for a moment before deciding she would need to find him herself.

Leave it to you jar heads to loose your own commander. Mariah said under her breath as she left the room.

Turning a corner that led down to the lab, Mariah remembered she would have to find Zaio as well. As the thought finished crossing her mind there he was,standing in front of her.

Master Zaio! Magnus has been worried, where have you been?

What does my father need an escort for?

He is going to New York, but how did you know he needed an escort? You could not have heard me from the Armory.

That's when she noticed his eyes. A deep purple. They seemed to swirl when he tilted his head.

It is not of your concern Mariah. His demeanor had changed. Zaio had never been one for compassion, but he had showed some signs of whatever humanity he had left in the past. Now he seemed vacant of all emotion or expression.

I will take him myself. I sent James off on an errand.

It was not cleared with Magnus or myself.

It does not have to be. Again Mariah, I need not explain myself to you.

He did not give her time to respond, he simply walked past her on his way to Magnus' chamber. It took her a moment to realize what had just happened. Continuing on to retrieve the samples from the lab, Mariah could feel a chill coming on and could not help but wondering what sort of mission James was on which would have been kept from her, or Magnus for that matter.

She would report with him in private at a later time. It was not her place to judge or mingle in Zaio or Zoe's affairs, but this time something was different. She would get to the bottom of this.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 05:16 PM
The run to the woods was fast and adrenaline packed avoiding those swarms of werewolves. Apparently, Skyler had provided cover with some sort of weed that masked the Vampires smell.

Zoe, Margaret, Toodles, Skyler, and Ruth were all around Zach as Zach was thinking.

Zach lets start our way back to Magnus. Toodles urged.

Toodles, you, Margaret and Zoe go back to Magnus. Skyler, Ruth and I will catch up with the King and fix whatever mess he is in. Zach said, as he stopped talking and looked around him.

Someone was there with them...

Suddenly, the hooded man appeared once again clapping.

Go Team. The man said, That was a classic escape, not bloody enough though.

Who are you? Toodles and Skyler asked, at the exact same time.

I am neither alive nor dead. I am thought in the persons mind. I am neither good nor bad, but thinking makes me so. The man replied.

What? Zoe asked.

I am here for you Zoe. To return you to your parents, they are not dead my child. And Toodles I am here to grant you more power than Magnus and Lilith Combined. Margaret I stand before you to offer you a chance at mortality once again. Zach I am here to grant you your wish of your life. And Ruth I am here to make you mortal. Skyler I am here to grant you whatever you want. The hooded man stated as he raied his hand.

His hand glowed and ancient writing appeared in the blue liquid floating around his hand.

He lies Skyler said, He is an elder, just like Samantha. Your a Vampire elder.

I am not just an elder. I am a thought of the elders. I transcend even the elders themselves. I am the soul embodiment of all of them wrapped into one. All you have to do is bow before me and the elders will spare all of you. The man said as the liquid began to become brighter and brighter and the wiritng more visible.

I will pass. Zach said, the man began to laugh immediatley.

Of course you PASS. Your the only one who actually can pass this offer and live in the end. After all you are one of them. The man said, Zach thought that he meant Zach was part of the werewolves, however, Ruth and Margaret knew otherwise. Zach was part of the elders.

Shame, in a few more days the next elder for the Vampires will rise and as I stated before Zach and Ruth... Wait until you meet my daddy. The man turned and said Oh and my sister is far from dead. An elder of the same species cannot kill an elder of the same species. What a shame. Only a werewolf or werewolf elder can kill a vampire elder and the same vice versa. Of course I think I just told you the biggest secret of all. You will not find that in any book. The man laughed and began to disappear, Toodles ran for him trying to grab him, but the man had vanished before he could reach him.

Zach looked around. The plan is still the same! Toodles, Margaret and Zoe will return to Magnus with new information. Skyler, Ruth and I will go after King John to help him. Stay safe and stay alive... Zach said, as he walked over to Zoe and told her to be careful.

The road ahead would now be a bumpy one and the both the Vampire and the Werewolf world was about to be thrown upside down.

Zach, Skyler and Ruth ran toward King Johns scent. Toodles, Zoe and Margaret disappeared into the east. The safe way out of the forest and the darkest part of the forest as well just incase they did not make it out during the night. Each had to hurry, because both sides carried urgent news...

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:44 AM

Next stop, the Hallow Halls of Academia

He looked at the recently filled glass by Magnus, and took a sip, as the elder carried on about further developments of Lilith’s journey to the New World.

You make some very good suggestions Dieter. I am grateful to you for your services. According to records which I researched years ago upon finding the diary of Lilith there were numerous Wendigo sightings south of Lake Superior in the years before and after her journal entries.

This would be a great place to start. I have some business in New York to attend to as well. For too long I have neglected the New World and the advantages it could bring. We shall leave together, whenever you are ready.

He was enthralled about how well Magnus was receiving him. He thought, “So, south of Lake Superior, would be the place to start. Maybe around Duluth, Minnesota? Since it is a major metropolitan area that straddles the lake. That would be a fine place to set-up shop. Perhaps, finding a university professor with knowledge of the region and the Native American influence would be in order, and hopefully as a result, the ability to make contact with a tribal elder who may be familiar with the tale in question from their ancestors.”

The elder also mentioned travel to the New World as well. He would have to advise him on this measure so that his general safety and security was maintained at all times. He thought: “The Lilith clan took a major blow with the recent hit to the establishment, and maybe Magnus’s adversaries would use this situation as a means to submit undue influence and circumvent his rule piece by piece until he is completely devoured.”

He sipped his scotch as Magnus activated the intercom system and spoke to the attractive vampire, Mariah, whom he stormed past earlier with Reinhardt, to hasten an audience with the elder. He couldn't help but overhear the conversation.

Mariah, please inform the New York compound that I am en route and will arrive tomorrow evening. Also, please tell James he is to put together a small detail of men to accompany me, himself included.

I also would like to know where Zaio is, I have not heard from him since this little shenanigan ended.

Yes Sire, standard preparations apply I assume?

Indeed. With the addition of our latest biological testing results and vials of blood from subjects X045 through X049.

I will gather those immediately. I will keep you posted.

How will you go about finding our information Dieter?

Magnus’s glass was now empty and he proceeded to pour himself another, as he awaited Dieter’s response.

Thanks, Master, for narrowing my objective. I have something to work worth now. Again, I make now guarantee on the results and may result into nothing. However, I shall pursue this lead with the utmost attention and persistence. First, since it is highlighted that the general area of interest is south of Lake Superior, I think I will base my operations out of Duluth, Minnesota, since it straddles the particular great lake in question.

Please, see to it, that arrangements are made when we arrive together in New York and I will proceed. From there, I will find a university with someone familiar with Native American peoples of the region, both past and present, and hopefully, as a result of my engagement, the ability to find a tribal elder on one of the reservations in the area who can help me understand the legend.

Now, you are traveling to the New World as well, and as such, your personal security is paramount. Keep ever watchful of those around you at all times, because I believe there are individuals who aspire treason against you and your governance of the clans. Just the assault from this evening should raise the alarm! My associate and I are ready to depart when you are ready. I hope your stay in the New World is as pleasant as mine, nothing beats the taste of new and exotic blood. Like you, I have mostly fed on European stock since turning, and I must say, the feeding in America is quite exquisite. By all means, partake in a hunt and have a taste while there, because you will not be disappointed. With that, I must depart and let you take care of whatever it is you need to get done. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and look forward to more in the future.

He finished his scotch with a gulp and placed the glass on Magnus’s desk. As he walked out of the chambers, Zaio passed, making eye contact with Dieter. Reinhardt was standing outside leaning against a wall as the clean-up crew carried out their efforts. When Reinhardt saw Dieter, he abruptly approached.

In German:
Master, did everything go well with Magnus? Yes, Reinhardt, everything was superb! We have been reassigned and will accompany Magnus to New York, and transit from there to our next assignment. I have highlighted what we need to Magnus, and now we await the green light for departure. When we are in the privacy of our rooms, I will fill you in with the details, because I fear these walls’ have ears. Very well, Master.

After finishing their conversation, they went about their way to secure rooms for the remainder of their stay in London, before departure.

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 12:01 PM
John headed deeper into the forest, still in his werewolf form he leapt from tree trunk to tree trunk twisting and turning as he went. Thoughts ran through his mind as he made his way to a clearing in the centre of the woods.

John, where are you? He heard in the distance, it sounded like Ruth he thought.

Where are you, sir? Said someone else.

I have to keep running he thought as he changed back into his human form. But he was tired and so very weak; he couldn’t run anymore. Slowly he walked into the centre of the clearing. He felt a surge of emotion rise through his body as the reality of what he had done finally hit him. He had given up his throne to protect a secret, a secret that he could no longer keep to himself. The old king fell to his knees in the middle of the open grassland.

Father He shouted You promised me. You said we would fight them together.

He collapsed on the ground, upset and tired. A single tear fell from his eyes.

Father He said quietly You promised me.

He closed his eyes and remembered the day his father told him about the elders.


“Son, there’s something you need to know. Something thats been kept a secret in our family for many generations.”

“What is it father?” Said the young boy.

John mouthed the words as he lay there on the wet grass.

“You promise you wont tell anyone else?” said the King.

“I promise father, what is it?”

“Many years ago, we did a terrible thing, a very terrible thing. Our race once lived in peace with its elders. We were happy and content with our lives and the way things were. But things changed. The elders changed. They wanted nothing but war, destruction and chaos. They became greedy demanding gifts of all descriptions. They were Gods and should be treated like Gods is what they said. So we tricked them, lured them into a tomb we built deep underground and sealed it tight. They were left there to sleep for thousands of years.”

"What happens when wake up, father?" Said the young boy.

"On that day son, we will stand together and fight them. You and I, together, we would be unstoppable." He said laughing.

You promised me. Said John still laying on the grass. You said we would fight them together.

John could hear the others getting closer and closer to him now. He continued to lay there on the ground waiting for them to find him. Soon he would have to tell his secret to his friends, tell them where the elders were hidden and tell them that they would want revenge on all the bloodlines. He closed his eyes once more and waited.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 11:29 PM

We were making our way through the forest as fast as possible. Making sure Zoe stayed farthest behind since she was the strongest of us. We had to make a few pit stops to catch our breath and fend off a few werewolves.

We stopped again and I was too winded to keep going. Zoe and Margaret kept yelling at me to "GET UP AND RUN!". No.... I said, out of breath. We have another 2 minutes or so before they catch up. You guys take off. I am going to catch my breath and surprise them. Do not worry about me. I can handle myself.

Being the youngest and weakest of everyone around me was finally beginning to show. No amount of gadgets or technology was going to make me keep running. I would make a stand here and destroy these werewolves. I have proven myself against whole units of Vampires much older than myself. A few stray dogs will be nothing.

Zoe was impatient and took off. Margaret looked at me for a second before I shouted GO! You two are more important than me. GO! and she took off.

I could hear them coming and fast. I pulled out another handy grenade as I shouted into the woods EAT THIS! and then BOOM! I heard what sounded like 5-6 Lycans yelping and screaming.

4 Lycans made it through the explosion and I found them charging me. By this point I had caught my breath. I pulled out two specially designed handguns that I modeled after my vampire killing gun. Except this one fired silver shots and was fully automatic as well. I opened fire with both and managed to 2 of them. I could hear the shots echoing through the forest.

They were not mortally wounded but it would buy me time. As one of them charged me, I ducked and grabbed his throat and slammed him into a tree trunk. Temporarily stunning him. Before the other got to me, I knelt down and leapt as high and fast as I could. I pulled out my guns again and opened fire once more. I knew that once those two wounded ones healed, I would be finished. So I took off running once more. Hoping to gain some ground.

As I was running I could hear werewolves closing in from all sides. I pulled out my last two grenades and through them to the sides of me. BOOM! BOOM! Just then a werewolf jumped in front of me and knocked me onto the ground. His claws went straight to my face and ripped my cheek wide open.

I could feel the cold blood running down my neck. And just before he got to my neck, I side swiped him in the ribs. Two more jumped on top of me. I'm done for... I thought to myself. So I pulled out those guns once more and unloaded the rest of the clips into all the werewolves that were surrounding me. Once out of ammo, I unsheathed my dagger and started slicing. They were too fast though.

I felt my cheek heal finally and charged at one of the Lycans and hopped onto his head and used it as leverage to make another super jump into mid air before taking off for another run. Two clips left, then I'm screwed I thought. I was almost out of ammo and gadgets.

I could see London just beyond the forest everytime I made another super jump. But this last jump...I could see where I was falling. It was a clearing that had enough werewolves waiting for me to devour an entire city in one night.

If only I had kept up...I thought to myself as I descended.

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 11:41 AM
Zach, Skyler and Ruth burst through the foliage and into a clearing where King John was kneeling on the ground with his hands over his face. The trio stopped suddenly and wondered what to do next. King John, without turning around stood up and addressed them.

Well I knew you would come after me. There is more to this story than you all know about. I had to do what I did to free myself up for an inevitable encounter. Have you found the archives? John said absently. He never even turned around. He just knew who was there.

Sire we have retrieved the documents but we did not have enough time to take it all in. We know that there are werewolf elders. We know that this problem has to be dealt with. The masses will only encourage the battles of old and all will be lost. We must stop them. Zach said as he closed the distance between the group and John.

Look we have alot of backup. My guys will definitely help us with whatever is needed. Toodles Zoe and Margarette are working toward this end as well. We can do this. I am certain that whatever comes our way we will be victorious. Dont ask me how I know I just do. Look at what we have overcome already. We have been either very lucky or we have been helped. Something wants us to succeed. I just have a feeling. Skyler added. He had been meaning to mention this and inquire about it so he figured now was a better time than ever to bring it up.

There may be more truth than you know in what you just said young blood. In due time. Zach said quickly. He moved toward King John and reassured him.

Skyler still wasn't sure of the big picture but he was ready to resolve any problem that had to do with keeping the peace. He felt rage and anger over how such stupidity from the past could endanger everyone's lives. He couldn't wait to end the mess the elders created actually. He felt his fangs lengthening inside his mouth. This was strange because he had taken the belt off and the moon was not visible.

Suddenly he heard explosions coming from the east. Where Toodles and the two others had taken off to. He listened intently and heard fighting. He strapped the belt around his waist and ran through the forest as fast as his lycan legs could afford. Trees blurred past him as he sprang under and over fallen logs and brush. He wasn't tiring either, he was actually getting faster.

From behind him he could hear Zach right on his heels. This was a good thing. He surmised that Ruth was left with John and awaited their return. Skyler could suddenly see a large group of werewolves with their heads turned skyward. They were watching a lone vampire fall from the sky. The vampire was wielding a dagger and was injured. He realized that it was Toodles. Skyler was ready for this fight. Oh, he was ready willing and able. He roared and lunged toward the unsuspecting lycans.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:37 AM
A few seconds before I came to the ground, I heard a loud roar. Suddenly, at least 12 lycans went flying to the right. They turned their attention to the surprise attacker and I landed safely. I looked over to my left and saw it was Skyler. I gave him a glance of acknowledgment.

He roared again and I pulled out my guns and final clips. He began slashing at the attacking wolves and I unloaded every round I had into the mob 1 2 3 4 5 6 Lycans down. Clips were empty and their attacks were not letting up. So I unsheathed my dagger again.

Me and Skyler were encircled by this time and we were rotating with our backs turned to eachother just like the fight back at the high rise. Except this time there were ALOT more to take out.

After a minute and a half of slashing and killing, I was hit. I took a massive blow to my right arm and dropped the dagger. Five werewolves pounced on me all at once right when another force came out of no where and started slaughtering them. It was Zoe. She beheaded eight of the beasts before they took off for the woods.

I looked up from the ground when I noticed my right arm was severely injured and I had a stab wound very close to my heart and almost as deep. I couldn't move. Zoe, you disobeyed an order. I am head of operations. I ordered you to keep going. I said. "You are in no position to be telling me what I did wrong. I just saved your life". she replied.

That remains to be seen. I said. These wounds are not healing. Those were no ordinary werewolves. I need to get back to the highrise before I lose consciousness. I may be able to figure out what was done to them

"Alright. I will carry you. You had better thank me at some time. I could have left you two as doggie biscuits".

We took off for the high rise once again and then stopped in another clearing. What the hell are you doing? I said. Zoe replied "It just occured to me how those werewolves injured you so badly. No worries". She sliced her neck and said "Drink my blood" so I did. And immediately I felt myself begin to heal.

I gave her a look of confusion and before I could say anything she started talking. "You see. The primary bloodline of all Lycans is a Vampire. Those werewolves were direct and pure descendants from that Vampire. Something you have never fought. And they are rare. That vampire had the power to kill other Vampires like they were mere mortals. Those werewolves had that power as well. Their blood disables your healing ability. But my blood is a little different. We will discuss that at another time".

She picked me back up and took off again. All the while I was thinking there was still a ton I did not know. Seems I got myself involved with something much bigger than I even thought when we were at King Johns mansion.

By the time we got to the high rise I was fully healed and got up on my own feet again. We walked into the place and got a lot of stares. Apparently, being soaked in blood that stank of werewolves was something they were not used to. Much less walking with a werewolf at the same time.

We made it all the way up to Magnus's chambers and entered.

Sire. We have retrieved something of importance. I hope Mariah gave you my message. You will need these documents. This is much worse than we initially thought.

I handed him the documents detailing the werewolf elders. One passage that Magnus read aloud was

Anubis was believed to have died at the turn of the millenium, two thousand years ago. Many believe it was the Messiah that destroyed him. Although that has been disproved over the years. Anubis was not an evil God that many egyptians believed. Rather, he was a werewolf. One of the first werewolves. Anubis was at war before his downfalling. Him and another werewolf elder were at odds about how the old world was to be run.

The other elder was Sekhmet. Sekhmet sought to destroy all the impure bloodlines in the world whilst Anubis wanted to Unite them all. In the end Anubis won and hid away all the documents regarding Sekhmet, leaving only legends and tall tales. It is not clear as to why Anubis hid the documents. This archive is designed to detail the dealings between Anubis and Sekhmet.

Anubis was known as a war monger. He sought to Unite all Lycan clans and eventually destroy the Vampire bloodlines. It is believed that this war is the reason for the continuing degradation between Lycans and Vampires to the modern day.

Interesting I said.

As Magnus was continuing to read in his head, I turned to Skyler.

Thank you again, Skyler. Did you get any new information from John? I said.

posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 02:50 PM
Never a moment to myself? Magnus asked under his breath. Just as Dieter took his leave a weary looking Zaio came through the door, soon followed by Zach, Tooles and Zoe in tow.

Magnus had not finished pouring himself another glass of scotch before Toodles began spouting something.

Sire. We have retrieved something of importance. I hope Mariah gave you my message. You will need these documents. This is much worse than we initially thought.

Anubis was believed to have died at the turn of the millennium, two thousand years ago. Many believe it was the Messiah that destroyed him. Although that has been disproved over the years. Anubis was not an evil God that many Egyptians believed. Rather, he was a werewolf. One of the first werewolves. Anubis was at war before his down falling. Him and another werewolf elder were at odds about how the old world was to be run.

The other elder was Sekhmet. Sekhmet sought to destroy all the impure bloodlines in the world whilst Anubis wanted to Unite them all. In the end Anubis won and hid away all the documents regarding Sekhmet, leaving only legends and tall tales. It is not clear as to why Anubis hid the documents. This archive is designed to detail the dealings between Anubis and Sekhmet.

Anubis was known as a war monger. He sought to Unite all Lycan clans and eventually destroy the Vampire bloodlines. It is believed that this war is the reason for the continuing degradation between Lycans and Vampires to the modern day.

Well, first thing is first. Welcome home Zoe, I hope you enjoyed yourself?

Zoe was covered in blood, her clothes were torn and dirty covered her face.

Never a dull moment father, but from the looks of things you have had your share of troubles today as well?
Right you are my dear.

As the two spoke Zoe abruptly stopped when she noticed Zaio standing in the corner. Even she could tell he had changed.

Brother! I am glad to see you are ok. What happened?

Now is not the time to discuss this Zoe, I will fill you in on the flight.
Zaio shot back, a tone of discontent in his voice.

What flight? I have just returned.

Unfortunately Zoe, we have matters to attend to in New York. I am leaving shortly with Dieter and James..

You mean Dieter and myself father.
Zaio interrupted.

Where is James? Mariah was suppose to prep a team for me.

I do not know where he has gone. Mariah said something about a mission she sent him on. I will lead your escort. I am all the protection you need.

Fair enough.

It some what troubled him that James was MIA, however it was not time to think of such trivial things, he would simply deal with him upon his return.

Now these Elders you speak of Toodles. I am off to New York to deal with some matters there, and I trust you to run things in my absence. This place best be in better condition than I am leaving it.

Magnus turned to see Skyler standing there as well.

Skyler. Your services have been much appreciated and I would like to extend an invite for you to continue working under Toodles command. Take it or leave it, however if you decide to refuse, I cannot guarantee your safety on these premises.

In any case we are short on time and I am especially short on patience.

As he finished his sentence Mariah came through the door carrying a box filled with the requested test samples and documents.

Thank you Mariah, everything is set?

Yes Sire, James in unavailable at the moment however...

I heard. We will deal with that later, for now Zaio will accompany me.

As everyone began dispersing, Magnus began to gather his things and made his way to the garage for what should hopefully be an uneventful trip.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 02:56 AM
As we were walking out of the Chambers, I turned to Zach and said That invitation is extended to you as well.

Skyler if you decided to take up the invitation, I could use your assistance. We need to be better prepared for another attack by either Lycans or Elders....or elder lycans. Whatever. I want you to personally oversee the security in this place. At least for now, I will make you head of security. Your assistance has been invaluable.

Now, Zach. I have a mission for you. Magnus will not tell us why he is going to New York. But I have a good guess as to why he is. There is an old werewolf there that might possess more knowledge than King John himself. Her name is Akkhina. There is a possibility that she will be accompanied by another old werewolf. Someone whom we have heard nothing of since he was turned over 1000 years ago. His name is Caanin.

Zach, I want you to go to Akkhina and find out what she knows. If possible, try not to alert Magnus that you are in New York. But do not make it as if you are hiding from him. I do not want him thinking I am going behind his back again. I simply want info just like he does.

Zach walked away and Skyler was still standing there. I began walking toward the main hall and he followed. I could not help but think about this whole James situation. What on earth was Mariah thinking? I turned to her and said We are on high alert. We cannot afford to have anyone repairing all this damage. I am authorizing you to hire some humans to repair this building

Follow me I said to Skyler.

Just before the whole thing with Magnus exploded, I had been working on a new technology. Highly experimental and had never been released for use. I called it "The Static Array". It was a giant electromagnet coupled with an electron gun that shot lines of electricity down the magnetic lines. When properly calibrated, it had the potential to match the neural electrical frequencies of living organisms and paralyze them from a distance. There were 2 problems though.

The first problem was the scanning and computing technology required to get a frequency match of the organism before it was too late. The second problem was power consumption. It used way too much juice.

I picked up my phone and called the server room.

I want you to setup a new computer lab. Non web connected. I will send you a list of components and I want it setup in 2 days. I will do the programming myself.

Me and Skyler came to a door and it had a computer voice on it. "State name and Rank" it said . Mr. Toodles. Head of Operations. Security code 2218639562631894. "Voice print and clearance match". And the door opened.

Skyler. This is the battle room. We have real time readouts of current satellite tracking systems and full control of them. As well as real time updates on every department, compound and clan that exists and is Loyal to Magnus

I walked up to a console and showed him a layout of the planet. I zoomed in to the London area. This is London. The red dots are Werewolves. Their nuimbers have quadrupled here. And all of them are en route to this high rise. Most of the Vampires of this house are out on missions at the moment and we will be decimated if all these Lycans attack. If that happens, then no one will be able to win against ANY of the Elders.

He looked at me with wide eyes. And I stared at him back. You and your men destroyed my Genetically enhanced Vampires. I am asking for your assitance as well as your teams. At least until I can personally get hold of Melchior and end this idiocy of his. Oh, one last thing. Get me some info on that Bastet. I like him.

With that, I walked out of the Battle Room and typed Skylers info into the computer. Giving him partial access to some of the non-risk systems. At least this way he will have live tracking info to work with.

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A Little Small Talk

After the meeting with Magnus, Reinhardt and Dieter, made their way to the front desk for a key to a private room in the lodging quarters of the complex. As they walked, workers were scurrying about sopping up the remains of deceased vampires. One thing Dieter disliked about killing his own, is the mess they left in their wake. Some exploded, some bleed out over everything, while others are consumed in flames. Such messy deaths and far more gruesome than the death of humans he witnessed on the Eastern Front.

Someone was now manning the desk in the lobby and Dieter procured a key card for a room. After acquiring the key, they made their way up stairs to the lodging quarters. As they walked they passed a large security presence, obviously, patrolling the interior of the compound after the attack from earlier. Finally at the room, Dieter, swiped the key card and opened the door. The two men entered and took seats across from each other at the table at the end corner of the room.

They took their seats and Reinhardt took a mangled Cuban cigar out of his pant's pocket and passed it along the table to Dieter seating across from him. Dieter took the cigar and examined it in all its disheveled glory and lit it, taking a puff followed by a sigh of relief as he exhaled the smoke. The robust smelling smoke billowed out of the vampire’s nose and mouth, slowly blanketing the room with an aura above their heads.

Reinhardt, you did very well today, assisting me as we made entrance to the compound. You are a valuable companion. I don’t know where I would be without your loyalty. Thank you, Master. said Reinhardt listening attentively and making eye contact with his master sitting before him as the tobacco smoke made its way to his face and nostrils.

So, what is our next mission? We are off to America again, and in company of Magnus. We are to offer any assistance he requires on our arrival in New York. After assisting Magnus with whatever he needs, we are to travel to Lake Superior and investigate the legend of the Wendigo. Master, isn’t that just an Indian legend? Yes it is, Reihardt, but our assistance is required in that regard, and so we must go. I have some ideas on how to begin, and we will go over it when we get official orders from the top. Very well, Master. after finishing speaking Dieter and Reinhardt turned their heads in the direction of the door after hearing a series of knocks. Dieter gave a nod to Reinhardt to get up and see who beckons them. Reinhardt got up and made his way to the door.

After opening the door, Reinhardt saw the attractive aide, Mariah, standing in front of him holding a clipboard in her hands.

You and Dieter are to gather your things and meet down in the parking garage. Lord Magnus is ready for departure. Very well, I will relay the message to my master. said Reinhardt as he watched the woman descend down the hall and shut the door. He made his way back to Dieter and saw the vampire blowing smoke rings with each exhale.

Master we have been summoned below to the parking garage. Very well Reinhardt. said Dieter as he butted out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up and proceeded to exit the room with Reinhardt following behind.

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Perhaps pretending to be a werewolf wasn't the smartest idea Akkhina ever had but it had gleaned some much needed information. North American werewolves were very cautious about who had access to their archives. Not only did you have to be a werewolf , but you had to have a high social standing amongst them. Though Lycans and Bastets were friendly towards one another they still would never trust her with their most guarded secrets. So she disguised herself as a werewolf almost a century ago. At first she applied heavy amounts of perfume to mask her scent, but later she used synthetic musk that made her smell like a wolf. She even went so far as to create a clever background for herself that matched her actual age of five centuries. It wasn't long before she became well known to both factions vampire and lycan as a very knowledgeable werewolf for all things supernatural.

However this guise would not turn out to be her biggest mistake. She had been studying the elders of both races in depth about 12 years ago, when a source brought her intel about a possible Lilith sighting right in New York City. Akkhina began investigating further claims that eventually led her to an old warehouse district near Brooklyn. Very close to a place she used to store all her accumulations, and it was here that she was captured. Hit on the head from behind she dropped like a rock.

She awoke to find herself strapped to a chair and staring at a group of vampires, that turned out to be servants of Lilith. All the claims had just been a lure for her capture. They tortured her for information about the elders of both races, but she refused to be broken. She learned that Lilith's current goal was to start the old war anew by awakening all the elders. Akkhina could not let this happen. Waiting till all but one guard left to feed, she turned her hands into cougar paws and slipped them through her restraints. Then going half cat she lithely snuck up behind her guard and proceeded to take his head off. Spitting on the corpse of the dead vampire she made her escape. There was no time she couldn't let this happen, gathering all her information on the elders including things she had not yet read herself she sent it all to Caanin. Not knowing who to trust anymore she went into hiding.

Standing atop a ten story building she now watched the black dog below. he seemed to be following her. Akkhina knew about his kind spawn of Samantha the Lioness, who knew which side he was on, or if he was just another Lilith recruit. Only one way to find out she thought. gripping her silver dagger she leapt down behind the dog.

Your a hard one to find Akkhina and an even harder one to track, I suppose it did not help that I was told to look for a Lycan. So why the facade for all these years?
How about I ask the questions she snarled Like who are you, what do you want and most importantly how did you find me?

My name is Zachariah Valentinus she had heard this name before perhaps read it in her studies it wasn't important what was is his age, only an old dog could have made it into the archives. He continued I mean you no harm I am only here on a mission to gather information on the elders, do not be alarmed. I am not with Lilith I sensed her taint as soon as I entered the city and I know she could be the only reason for a Bastet your age to be so on edge and elusive. This gave Akkhina some slight reassurance, she put her dagger away and let him continue. I found you using satelite technology that the vampires in London left at my disposal lucky for you Lilith is too nostalgic for such things.

Wait you said the vampires sent you.

Yes, but calm yourself there have been a great many changes taken place that you would not yet know about such as vampires and lycans working together. If you are as knowledgeable as I have been led to believe, than you would know the elders are awakening and that it is not good for either side. We must work together to survive.

Yes, I am aware of the current state of things, but the information you seek is not with me. I sent it all to my companion Caanin, after giving Lilith the slip. It has been a decade since he heard from me last. I could not risk Lilith finding him. I will take you to him but first you must help me get some things from my warehouse. I warn you though we will be going right under Liliths nose. These are my terms take it or leave with nothing more than what you came with.
with that she turned and began walking quickly down the darkened alley.

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In a moderately deep voice This here is a story about a famous dog, dancing dogs, funky dogs, nasty dogs. and then in a higher voice, Why must I be like that? Why must I be a cat? Nothing but the dog in me. Ahab Star leapt down to the alleyway bellow. Dressed in a silky purple duster with a wide brimmed hat to match with a tiger striped band. A white silk bloused shirt tucked into a rather form fitting black slacks. Looking for all the world like a bad caricature of a pimp. Welcome to America, where all the cool kitties rule. Tell me that there is more than just us that is taking this seriously.

Akkhina rolled her eyes and glared at Zach Tell me that you did not bring this brain dead...gigolo with you.

Gigolo? Well yeah maybe Ahab replied as he cocked his head in contemplation. But did you tell her that King John abdicated the throne after seeing that I was in. Just so he could freely join us in the adventure of a lifetime? But of course not all the dogs were up for it. singing again mixing lyrics from different songs But the dog that chases its tail will be dizzy, the house dogs, street dogs, counting dogs. I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee

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As dusk settled into night, Magnus and his convoy were on their way to Heathrow Airport to take the 10 hour flight to New York. Dieter and his assistant were riding in the car behind Magnus' with two adjoining vehicles ahead and behind.

The trip to the airport was relatively short and uneventful. Magnus could sense some unease in his son however. There was something changing in him and Zaio was either too afraid or too proud to discuss it with his father.

No matter.. Magnus thought to himself. All will be revealed once we reach New York.

One of the reasons Magnus had not denied Zaio's request to accompany him was that he would have time to put him through tests to see exactly what had changed and how Zaio's new found elder power could be used for the benefit of the Vampire community.

Magnus could only hope that Zaio's mind was still in tact.

As they boarded the flight and the plane lifted from the ground the lights of London were a breathtaking sight. Magnus had never liked flying. Not out of fear really but he felt vulnerable in the air. No matter how strong he was, a thirty three thousand fall would kill him just like it would any human.

How sobering... Magnus thought.

The flight landed and upon leaving the tarmac, Magnus signaled to the driver to make any stops on the way to the compound. He wondered if Dieter would follow or if he would go on his way.

Dawn was fast approaching.

Reaching the compound Magnus entered and made his way to the front desk. The receptionist seemed preoccupied on the phone and did not look up, she simply waved her hand in a motion which seemed like stop.

Magnus stood, quickly becoming impatient.

I doubt you would like to have your Lord Magnus wait much longer. Zaio said in a dead tone.

Upon looking up she let out a gasp under her breath and immediately stood up to great her Lord.

My apologies Lord Magnus. We are not use to having such high profile visits from London. What brings you here to New York?

Nothing that you need concern... Zaio began, but Magnus interrupted him.

Now now, Zaio. There is no need for hostility, we are all friends here. Joan is it?

Magnus inquired reading her name tag.

Joan, first thing I will require will be the keys and directions to my chambers. I will rest for a few hours and then expect things to be ready shortly thereafter. My assistant Mariah has forwarded my instructions, you should receive them shortly.

Yes Sir, right this way.

They continued down the hall way towards the single elevator.

Your chambers is on Level 8 my lord, Zaio and other company, you may all take up quarters on Level 7.

That will not be necessary Joan, Zaio does not sleep. He is here as my protection and will do exactly that on Level 8 with me. One more thing. You are to lock down this facility. Nobody gets in or out while we are here. Movement is to be done only by those who have Alpha clearance, understood? My security detail will take care of the specifics and set up shop on this floor.

Yes Sir.
She replied as she hurried to her desk to collect her new instructions.

Magnus chuckled a bit as he and Zaio, along with the rest of the team into the elevator.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 02:11 AM
With repairs to the high rise underway and Magnus and his crew gone. I decided it was time for a little R and R. I headed to my quarters and pulled my phone out of my pocket and noticed I had a missed call. There was a text message as well.

Zach has arrived in New York. He was greeted by the bastet you wanted to know more about.

The message was from an unknown source. why would an anonymous report to me? I thought to myself. No matter though. It was time to depart for New Orleans soon. The new mansion should be ready by now. I headed to the armory here in the high rise to gear up for the trip. No doubt Lilith will be tracking our movements. Luckily Magnus had all the protection he needed.

I walked into the armory and went straight over to the body armor. Our prototype suit that was completed and never used. More durable and damage resistant than any human created armor. Made with organic materials that were bioengineered with Vampire DNA for regenerative enhancements.

As I was putting on the suit, I had a flashback to 10 years before. When I underwent the first genetic enhancement Developed completely independently by the Marcus clan. To enhance my strength. It was an agonizing experiment and we weren't even sure I would survive. But I did and it had worked. If not for that, I would have been destroyed with recent events. That test data was never given to Magnus.

The armor felt comfortable and light. It was equipped with an infrared scanner and a few Werewolf killing devices. So I took it upon myself to put 1000 UV rounds into the backpack it came with and put a few of auto pistol models into my belt. The same model that Skyler is currently carrying.

I put out an order to everyone in the Marcus clan. We depart for home in 1 hour. We are traveling by ground vehicle. I am providing the coodinates to the new mansion. Gear up and prepare for possible fights

I took a stroll down the halls of the highrise one last time before we departed. I came across Mariahs desk and she was there. I know I am supposed to be in command here right now. But I am leaving. As soon as our convoy leaves the premises, I want you to get everyone into the Basement and seal off all entrances. A com line will be open down there for further instructions.

Clear out the armory and have everything taken down there. Make sure everyone is geared. And also, make sure the human crews continue repairs while you are down there. Magnus wants this place in tip top shape when he returns and I do not expect to disappoint him.

I walked away when I heard the vehicles pull up outside. I pulled a gun out and walked out slowly. It was the contact. I put out another order to everyone in the marcus clan.

Convoy is here. Everyone to the front courtyard and prepare for departure. you have 15 minutes to respond

And with that I waited.

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Off to take a bite out of the Big Apple

Dieter returned his key to the front desk, and continued on his way with Reinhardt to the parking level. Clean-up continued around them with the efficiency one would expect in a bee hive or beneath an ant hill. Roving security was at the ready, armed to the teeth, making rounds throughout the compound. Force protection would be at its highest in Magnus’s absence.

Things seemed to be under control. They came to double doors and passed through, entering the stairs, which led to the parking level, below. They walked in complete silence, and upon entering the garage, they noticed an entourage entering black sedans, some were their security blanket, and others, Magnus’s ,entourage. He noticed two familiar faces entering a vehicle, one was Magnus and the other his son, Zaio, the person he made eye contact with earlier when exiting Magnus’s chamber. Then Dieter, saw a driver, a rather tall gaunt looking vampire who was standing at the front of a car gesturing them to come forward and enter. They took seats in the back of the vehicle. No words were spoken with the driver as he started the car, and reversed, to follow the vehicle Magnus was in. As they exited the parking garage, the two vehicles stopped, as two black sport utilities emerged from below as well. One took the place in the front of Magnus’s vehicle, while the other took its place behind Dieter’s.

The convoy made its way to Heathrow without cause for concern. Boarding went off without a hitch, and the entourage took their seats en-route to New York. Magnus took his seat along with Zaio and some aides at front of the jet, near the cockpit. Dieter and Reinhardt took seats near the mid section. Dieter welcomed Magnus’s lack of interest in his company at the moment, because it was always a luxury in his line of work to remain a silent partner. In other words, he relished the idea of being anonymous as long as it permitted itself. He would follow Magnus to New York and remain as long as his services are required. After business is settled in New York, he would embark on his journey to the mid-west in search of the Wendigo.

The flight was rather smooth and uneventful. Dieter motioned for the stewardess to bring him a tall glass of AB- , since his stomach was yearning for the satisfying red liquid which sustained life and immortality. When receiving his glass, he took a big gulp and took a napkin to his lips to wipe the excess around his mouth. Reinhardt looked out the window with utter disinterest at the activity of the other passengers in front of them. Inaudible conversation could be heard, but nothing of any merit could be deciphered. Silence was paramount among the two colleagues, since their travel was accompanied by many unknowns, besides Magnus.

The captain made his announcement of landing at JFK, followed with the succession of a series of clicks, which signaled the passengers fastening their seat belts. Landing was followed by a subtle bump as the jet made contact with the earth. As they did in London, Magnus entered a vehicle that drove ahead of their’s to the vampire headquarters in NYC. Even at this early hour in the morning as most of America would be in slumber, activity was as busy as ever in and around Manhattan. “The city that never sleeps is an understatement,” Dieter thought, as he heard extraneous noise outside the vehicle, through the cracked window. This city breathed as others slept. Reinhardt looked out the other window most likely taking in the sights. They finally made it to their destination. Magnus and his crew exited their vehicle and entered the building. Dieter and Reinhardt refused to follow directly, but waited until the crowd had scattered to their lodgings as dawn approached. After a brief wait, Dieter and Reinhardt made their way into the compound and approached the reception desk. A woman was standing behind, rummaging about on her desk. I would like a room for my associate and I, preferably near Magnus’s quarters. said Dieter in a thick German accent.

The woman looked up and responded in a thick New York accent, And, who might you be, if you don’t mind me asking? Who I am is of little importance to you. Just give me a key and we will be on our way. My name is unimportant, but rest assured, I am a friendly. as he reached into his shirt and removed the gold pendant which was, now, around his neck. The pendant is a symbol of the Lilith Clan which Magnus had given him earlier. When the woman saw the pendant, she gave a nod of recognition and handed Dieter a key card. After arrangements had been made, they went to their room which was near Magnus’s.

Dieter swiped his key and entered the room with Reinhardt following behind. After entering, Dieter, went to the windows and the panel which controlled the steel shutters that shielded occupants from sunlight. He pressed the button, as the shutters followed, to cover the windows. After securing the windows from the vampires’ greatest enemy, the sun, he turned and saw Reinhardt passed out on the other bed. Now, completely exhausted from his business in London, and undressed, he collapsed on the adjacent bed.

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The trip out to the ship yards were uneventful. We were able to board our cruise ship without any problems. A few of the guards gave us odd looks as we passed them by in full armor. No doubt they were suspicious of who we were. No matter though. I had more important things to worry about than a few human guards. The sat track had picked up Massive vampire movements in our vicinity.

I smelled a werewolf presence nearby as well. that had better be skyler I thought to myself. But it was not. The smell was much older.

I had only a split second to react when a giant paw flew at my head. I ducked and yelled at all the other marcus vampires near me to unload.

They all fired but not a single shot hit the dog. He swung at me again but I was too slow. A paw to the face and I was on the ground. It took off for the other vampires and destroyed them all in only a few swift movements.

I got back to my feet and pulled out my dagger in one hand and the silver loaded glock 9 in the other hand. I did the usual transformation and took off at a faster running pace than I had ever known myself capable of.

I gashed the wolf in the neck with the dagger and it fell to the ground. Before I was able to unload though, it was back up and coming after me. Again, I was too slow. It hit me in the right arm and I flew into the side of the cruise ship, leaving a huge hole in it. what in the **** is this thing I thought.

The wolf transformed into a human and started walking towards me. I slowly got up and aimed the 9 at his heart. "That would be futile" he said. "You know who I am. I am the first. Your distant cousin. Werewolf and Vampire alike. Your precious Magnus will see his demise very soon". And he was gone in an instant.

I pulled out my phone again and called Mariah back at the highrise. She picked up and I didn't even give her time to greet me. Mariah. Contact Magnus Immediately. He is in danger. I just met someone...Someone who will dwarf Samantha should he be tested and I hung up.

Everyone, get up NOW and get on the boat. I yelled at the other marcus vampires who were still laying on the ground.

New orleans better be in tact when I get there I said under my breath as I boarded the boat finally. I ordered the captain to leave the dock immediately. He protested because of the hole in the side, but I didn't care. It was not under water and would have to be dealt with en route.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:26 AM
Name - Lothario Maggini
Race - Vampire of the line of Lillith
Born - 1607
Appearance - 5'11, Dark Hair(length varies) Piercing Blue Eyes

I would like to introduce myself.

I am Lothario Maggini. I was born on a warm summer night in 1607 in the beautiful town of Cremona, Italy. My father was a master violinmaker, one of the greatest in the world, its what our town would eventually be known for in every forgotten corner of this world. I was learning the trade, how to manipulate the supple spruce, willow and maple woods and turn it into one of God’s most prized possessions. In 1628 the plague hit Cremona, my entire family fell ill. Cremona became a ghost town, all that could leave did, and the ones who couldn’t perished. The plague did not affect me in the same way as the others, I was very weak, but I didn’t die.

That is when Nava found me. She was hungry, but she saw something in me and saved me. She took me as her partner, and the world was our oyster. She was my maker and I loved her. We lived like others could only dream. She taught me how to hunt, how to be a companion and how to love. Before her my life was devoted to violins, how poetic that it took death to teach me to live.

Nava and I traveled to the new world home of our kind in the early 1800’s. It was a good time to be alive, things were simpler and one had the time to appreciate life. We lived in a cloak of anonymity for nearly a half of a century. Nava was insatiable, she fed daily until she was caught draining a slave on a tobacco plantation, by the owners wife. A group of locals followed her to our nest, when she told me what happened I begged her to hide beneath the floorboards with me, but she was nearly 2,000 years old and every inch a proud Vampire Princess, a descendant of the Great Lilith. The locals stormed our house when the sun was at it highest, found our caskets and brought them into the scorching Louisiana sun. The men smashed in our caskets and I heard her scream, if I still had a heart it was broken by the sound. The men set both caskets on fire sang songs of sweet victory. My love died under a gently swaying willow that day, more than a part of me died along with her. When night arose, I exacted revenge. I killed more than I care to remember that night without knowing or caring about their level of involvement. Louisiana was no longer home for me. I returned to Europe, my home embraced me once again.

I turned my back on my kind; I left the world behind and wandered. Never knowing where I was going, never caring. I would cross paths with others from time to time but I became an expert at stealth and was never subjected to cruel realities of conversation. The lingering sting of her death was more than I could bear. I rejected life and became a nomad.

I heard the call of my brothers when war broke out. At first I rejected it, but one day during my slumber I heard the voice of Nava. She told me I must heed the call and fight these wretched hounds. That I was key in a Vampire victory, and she had chosen me because of the role I was to play in the wars. As a vampire it was my duty to hunt these creatures, Nava made sure I knew that early on. We would relish the times when we would run into a pack. I was a proficient killer and my brothers called out to me again, this time I listened. I loathe the stench that penetrates my mind when I think of the beasts. War progressed as wars tend to do, casualties were massive on both sides. Eventually truce was called and treaties were signed. I like many of my brothers and sisters was unable to fully suppress my innate hatred of them. I was lead to believe that it was for the good of all, I bit my tongue and stifled my will. Pure blood runs through my veins but I am not royalty, and my words mean little. I will wait and see what this truce brings, I have my doubts that all will be clear. I will be ready when the time for me to once again unleash the warrior arrives. Until then I remain stagnant, untrusting and wits sharp. I will rise to take the throne if necessary, its not my desire, but I will not let my kind fall because of an err in judgement.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 03:53 AM
The cruise was quiet. Not even a ring from Magnus or Mariah. Much of the Clan was very apprehensive during the entire duration of the trip. That creature had us all uneasy.

It seems that Magnus was out of contact and for reasons unknown to me. That being the case and the fact that I am the highest commanding officer still in contact with all of the clans, I decided it was time to take control. We will lose this war without some kind of leadership.

It had occured to me that I hadn't heard from Skyler in a while either. No word about the King either. And Ruth refused to carry any of the new age gadgets. So contacting her was less than easy. This was going downhill and much faster than I cared to admit to myself even in the sanctity of my own mind.

The purebloods are warring with eachother and the ones who aren't, are being commanded by one of the youngest Vampires in the world to date. Not to mention the current rising tensions in the Human political world. I could tell that it was only a matter of time before the entire planet was lit up with war.

On a side note. Why hadn't it occured to me to just fly to America? For some odd reason, a cruise seemed like the only way to go. And by far, the much less efficient way. But it was too late at this point.

I was out on the main deck of the boat, watching the horizon begin to brighten. The sun would rise soon and it was nearly time for us to lay down for the day. As I watched the sky brighten, I heard a voice in my head and a loud ringing. He shall meet you soon the voice said. And when I tried to ask who it was, all I got was a letter. The letter N. But this would have to be dealt with tonight. So I headed down to the bottom deck and entered the sarcophagus that was my bed.

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