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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 02:43 PM
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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 04:03 PM

“A war is coming..”

Kaelus stood in the hallway near the tech lab in total darkness only being lit by the red flashing beacons. He looked down the hallway and saw dark shapes moving towards him. Five, ten, fifteen maybe twenty dark shadows moving across the floor, the walls and the ceiling all heading towards him at great speed.

Werewolves he thought as he looked on.

He stood there motionless and watched the shadows moving closer. He unfolded his wings and leant back. With a loud scream, he shouted the words.

Bring it on!

The werewolves stopped in their tracks. Kaelus lifted the black case and swung it across the polished hallway floor, it passed all the werewolves as it slid across the smooth surface. Eventually the case came to a stop hitting the door at the far end of the hallway.

Kaelus clenched his hands and relaxed them again.

I will make this quick but I cant guarantee it will be painless.

All around the mansion the lights were flickering on and off. The intruder sirens were now screaming louder than ever.

Time to die said Kaelus standing ready looking at the werewolves approaching.

With that he rushed past the first werewolf slicing its neck with his finger nails. He twisted back around and grabbed a sword hanging on the hallway wall. Quickly he spun round with sword lashing into three werewolves in one go. He then shoved the sword upwards towards the ceiling and another werewolf fell down from above him.

Are we having fun yet? He shouted.

The werewolves started to rush towards him faster and faster. Kaelus slammed the sword into the ground and looked up at the creatures speeding towards him.

WHAT.. you think you can take me, do you not know who I am?

He waited and watched the werewolves getting closer and closer. Any second now he thought. The werewolves were almost on top of him as he reached out picked up his sword. He crouched down and swung the sword around cutting the legs off the creatures around him. Their bodies fell to the ground as Kaelus continued his massacre. He raised the sword above his head and kept hacking into the werewolves on the floor.

My name is Kaelus, my name is Kaelus. He kept repeating over and over again as he mutilated the werewolves below him.

He then stopped.

Remember me.. He said looking at the butchered bodies on the floor.

Covered in werewolf blood he looked down the hallway to see how many of them were left. Only five remained now, this shouldn’t be a problem he thought. He quickly despatched the werewolves one by one. Lunging, stabbing, swinging his sword in all directions until only one remained. He looked at the werewolf that stood in front of him, he was holding a battle axe in each hand.

I know you. said Kaelus.

Kull stepped forward out of the shadows.

I couldnt believe it when I heard your name on the intercom. I thought you were dead, killed in the last war. Said Kull in a stone cold voice.

Kaelus edged backwards, he remembered Kull from the last war. They had fought each other and Kaelus barely survived that fight.

Whats in the case? Asked Kull.

Nothing, Its mine said Kaelus it belongs to me.

Looks like your gonna have to get past me if you want that case Said Kull raising both of the axes.

I wish you hadn’t of said that Said Kaelus pointing his sword at Kull.

The two of them edged closer with their weapons raised. Kull looked past Kaelus and smiled. Which made Kaelus wonder if there was someone behind me, he turned slightly to look behind him and diverted his eyes away from Kull. Kull threw a battle axe towards Kaelus it spun through the air and hit Kaelus on the shoulder plunging deep into his flesh.

Arrggh Shouted Kaelus, he dropped his sword to the ground.

That was unfair werewolf, you fight dirty. He said holding his shoulder.

Wounded, he knew this was a fight he wasn’t going to win. Kaelus rushed towards Kull leapt onto the floor and slid right passed the werewolf grabbing the case as he went. He continued to slide and crashed into the door in front of him. The wooden door broke in two as the vampire went through it. He came to a stop just as the power returned to the mansion and all the lights came back on. Kaelus looked around the large room that he had entered and at the hundred or so werewolves staring at him whilst he sat on the floor clutching the case.

Youve got to be kidding Said Kaelus. Theres so many of you? He said laughing.

Ok said Kaelus getting up and brushing himself down I will make this quick but I cant guarantee..

Suddenly the lift doors opened to the side of him.

The werewolves stood there in shock not really knowing what to do with this vampire.

Kaelus ran into the lift and shut the doors as quickly as possible. The lift started to move upwards. He turned around to see Butler standing there with his fists raised ready to fight.

Not now old man said Kaelus Im not in the mood to play games.

Butler punched Kaelus directly in the face.

Ow.. what did you do that for? Asked Kaelus in shock looking at Butler right, you leave me no choice old man.

Kaelus reached forwards and grabbed Butler’s arm but noticed a symbol tattooed on his wrist. It was the same as the ancient text on the tomb that had imprisoned him. Kaelus let him go.

Who are you? Said Kaelus are you one of the ancient ones, an elder? He said stepping back.

No replied Butler but I am a “Keeper” we dedicate our lives to the elders. We keep them asleep and protected. But now they are returning, and we cant stop it. Kaelus, know this, theres a war coming and you need to decide whose side youre on. What you have in that case may be our only hope to stop them.

It was the Keepers who gave order for the experiments to begin a hundred fifty years ago. We knew one day the elders would return and we needed a weapon to defeat them.

Hang on a minute, you imprisoned me, kept me locked up for a hundred and fifty years and now you want me to help you.. this has to be a joke. Said Kaelus.

No, its not replied Butler you could be our only hope, for the vampires and the werewolves.

Then it looks like you will all burn in hell said Kaelus looking up at the hatch at the top of the lift.

Kaelus jumped up smashing through the lift hatch and stood on top the lift as it moved upwards. He unfolded his wings and flew up the lift shaft and broke through the mansion roof at the top sending tiles and debris scattering down below.

Kaelus shouted Butler his words echoing around the lift shaft please Kaelus, we need youre help.. save us Kaelus

Kaelus flew away from the mansion and into the night still clutching the case and blood pouring from his shoulder.

Save them he thought to himself whilst laughing. That’s a joke. But the old man got one thing right though, there is a war coming and I’m the one bringing it.

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 07:41 PM
There was an uproar surging through out the entire mansion, but Zach was to worried about something else. Zach was thinking about what that man had told him and Ruth about his dad being worse than his sister. Just who was this person? Zach should be thinking in the present, but he could not help himself from allowing his mind to wander around the idea. And where the hell was King John?

Zach was extremely hesitant to take Toodles along, there was something about him that bothered him extremely maybe it was just his prescence, but none the less Toodles was among them. Zoe was a stranger in a strange land, the werewolves did not know what to do with her, to snarl or to smile. Ruth was a sight that many have not seen, but for those who could remember her it was a very confusing moment. But there were no time for formalities. They had to find King John and explain what the hell has been happening and of course to find out about these elders. If King John knew where they were, this would help them to kill them or at least to imprison them further.

Zach, I have done my reading on your background. Are you sure you and the king are on common ground? Margaret asked, as she walked up to Zach who was walking pretty fast among the group.

We have had our issues, but that was in the past. If I were to be worried, it would be because of Ruth. The King has no idea that she is still alive and that is really going to throw him for a loop. Zach said, But do not worry Ruth and the King were very good friends, I do not see that changing.

I am sorry Zach, but I am not sure. Your background is so detailed, except for your early days. If my conclusions are correct the King will do what he can to kill you, you slaughtered his nephew and some of his most loyal friends. Margaret said, looking at Zach as he stopped walking.

Margaret, reading and living are two very different things. The King knew I was going to blow up his nephew and some of his friends. I had no choice, they were trying to kill the black dogs. (Explained here) Zach said, as he continued walking and Margaret went over to Ruth.

You know what Zach is dont you. Ruth asked, looking at Margaret.

Of course, he is a black dog. Margaret said, looking at Ruth who looked back at Margaret with concern.

You know what I am talking about. You know about his mother and you know who it is. That is why you must remain quiet, Zach must not know. Ruth said, as Margaret looked down.

He will not find out by me. But that only explains who is mother is, not WHAT he is. Care to explain yourself? Margaret asked, grabbing Ruth by the arm as the two stopped. Toodles and Jack passed, confused as to why they would stop.

Zach is different, his mother actually cared for him as opposed to what she may have seemed like. But she did not know that she was giving birth to a reincarnated elder. Ruth said, looking Margaret in the face.

Zach is an elder? What? Margaret said, but Margaret seemed even more surprised by the caring factor of Zachs birth mother. You mean to tell me that Samantha the Lioness actually cared for her one and only son? I thought she was a pure feminist.

Margaret, please do not tell Zach that his mother was Samantha. He does not need to know and he must never know that he is the reincarnated elder. There is one other like him that I know of. Ruth said, And I know that you know who it is.

It is Zaio. Magnus son. Margaret responded, as the two continued to walk with the werewolves looking strangely at them.

Are you sure Zach does not need to know? I am pretty sure that would answer a lot of his questions. His mother was Samantha and that Zach is a reincarnated elder. Ruth, does that mean Zach will join the elders? Margaret asked, looking really concerned.

Let us hope not, because the alternative will bring much pain to everyone. I do not want to talk about this anymore, lets keep going and talk about this later. King John must be nearby. Ruth said, as she began to remember Zach as a baby and Samantha giving Zach to her. The first and perhaps only honorable act ever made by Samantha. Margaret was incredibly smart, she knew all of this by reading the hidden archives in Magnus's compound. Of course Zach would find out one day, but not any time soon. It was not time...

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 07:52 AM

Bear gifts before the King

Fellow vampires. We have been attacked and an attempt on my life has been thwarted. I am safe. However we have casualties. We will end the lives of any remaining intruders and will imitate lock down procedure 0. All personal please enter the compound as nobody will be able to leave or enter once the process is complete.

Skyler gave a smirk and walked off.

I am Toodles I said. Glad to finally meet my stalker. Too bad you missed out on the party. No worries, I will be explaining to Magnus just how I got your number.

I handed him one of the special guns and said You and your friend here might need these. Take whatever you feel you may need.

After the brief exchange with Toodles, Dieter picked up a UV gun and looked at it and placed it on the table with the other weapons scattered about. He thought about his initial observations of Toodles, and knew that he was one to be watch closely. Why would Magnus allow this upstart to walk around freely? He had to get to Magnus as soon as possible and get to the bottom of what transpired tonight. Dieter never like getting deeply involved in any assignment.

Reinhardt was still admiring the tech of the weapon's before him, and brought his head up to address his master and began to speak in German after Toodles and Skylar had left.

So that was Toodles, the guy we came to assist and get out of a jam, and all he could say, was, but, a few words? Maybe it’s to early for judgments? But I think he is one not to be taken lightly? Yes, Reinhardt, my sentiments, exactly. He is quite an insulant scum, but if Magnus has dealings with him, then my personal opinions have no bearing on the matter. Remember, Reinhardt, we are still loyal employees, and under contract! If Toodles, turns into a problem I will stake him myself!

Dieter's face shook violently and his personal appearance changed to his human form. He placed another weapon held in his hands softly on the table, with the rest of the arsenal.

Reinhardt, leave the weapons, order has been restored, and if we need anything we can always return. Now, for more pressing matters, we will have audience with Magnus and go from there. But first, we go below, and get our prisoner who is still locked in the van. He will be a gift to Magnus. No one goes before the king without bearing gifts. Very well, Master. as he put down whatever it was that captured his interest and turned around to follow his master who was now exiting the armory.

As they exited the armory, a guard hit a key-pad and the doors closed and locked behind them. The security presence on the second floor had now dissipated and the compound staff began to gather up the debris and bodies into wheel barrows. With the power on, the devastation was appalling. Limbs and heads scattered everywhere, blood over everything, in an arrangement of such melancholy, it looked as though Jackson Pollack was the interior decorator during the melee. Looking at the horror show before him, Dieter shook his head and shrugged. As they continued on their way to the parking level, Dieter thought: “How could there have been a breach of this magnitude, at a place that some vampires would consider as their Mecca or Vatican City? Someone is responsible for this desecration? I don’t care if it is a vampire or a werewolf or both, it’s of no matter. They must be dealt with by callousness and extreme prejudice. Magnus should have never let his guard down. The blood of these vampires are on his hands.”

Finally, in the parking garage, and standing at the rear of the van; a loud pounding could be heard coming from the contents inside. Reinhardt removed the keys from his pocket, and began to jimmy them into the lock. With the doors unlocked; he swung them open.

Looking at the two men now standing before him, the man began to speak in a thick cockney accent: Mate, I blacked out and found myself locked in my van. I don’t know who is responsible for this bloody b*ll**ks! Thanks for letting me out. Can you blokes take me to the filth (police)?”

Dieter, responded in his sharp German accent Sorry for any misfortune your present predicament might have caused, but it was a necessary evil for us. Please exit the vehicle now. You are a dinner guest for an old friend of mine. We are not going anywhere, and you are at your final destination. The man jumped out of the van and looked at the two standing before him, and with anger setting in: I don’t know what you w**k*rs are up to, but I need to see the bl**dy filth!

We aren’t the authorities and we offer you no assistance. You are meat for the beast. In an instant, Dieter’s face changed into a vampire and smiled with all fangs showing. In shock at the sight, the man hastily scrambled in the opposite direction, screaming for help and kicking car doors; thus sounding the alarms. The two just looked at each other for a moment as the man ran with car alarms going off around them. His cries echoed throughout the parking complex.

Don’t worry Reinhardt, I got him. He took flight and descended upon the man with unparalleled quickness. In an instant, the vampire was on the man with a knee dug deeply in his back, and a weight holding him down, which felt like a thousand pounds. With a knee in his back, he quickly grabbed both arms and held them up from behind. Reinhardt came from behind pulling a zip-tie from his pocket, and put them around the man’s wrists. With the prisoner under control, Dieter got up as Reinhardt forcefully brought the man to his feet. The three made their way to the stairwell with the man’s hands held firmly by Reinhardt.

Don’t bother calling out for help or escaping, because you are but a lamb walking into the wolf’s den. You will see what I am talking about very shortly. To hell with you! Responded the man, in utter defiance of the now unknown fate before him. Their prisoner looked around the corridor leading to the lobby, and gasped at the house of horrors around them of mutilated vampires.

They were now entering the lobby, and at an instant, the vampires stopped what they were doing, like a shark does when blood is in the water. It captivated the vampires as though they could smell the blood of a human in the air. The man shrieked in fear as the vampires descended around them from all directions. Dieter looked at the vampires who were now in the process of encircling them like a pack of wolves around an injured bison on the open field.

This is not for you, but for the master. Go about your business or your blood will blanket these walls, like from before. I have no problem dispatching any one of you. Plus, I think Magnus’s wrath will be far worse than mine. When they heard Magnus’s name, they scattered like roaches when the light comes on and continued with clean-up.

They made their way up the stairs, pass the second floor with the armory. As the prisoner walked up the the stairs with his captors, he thought: "After being descended upon by demons in lobby and seeing what appeared like hell, he had succumbed to whatever fate Dieter and Reinhardt had in store for him."

There was nothing he could do. They finally reached Magnus’s chambers on the top floor. Looking around, it appeared like a battle of epic proportions took place and the damage was quite extensive. There was an entourage standing around near the entrance, some security and others must have been advisers or assistants.

A woman stopped talking after noticing Dieter, and came over: You must be Dieter? I’m Mariah, we have been expecting you. As you can see we have been rocked to the core. Cut the crap, I need to see Magnus immediately! So get out of my way!

The three made their way pass Mariah in haste and into the large chambers. Before them, all that could be seen, was a figure, dimly lit, sitting at a desk, hands over the face in an appearance of bewilderment, and looking down at something. This was not the confident man he remembered seeing before, this was a defeated and shaken man.

Dieter took the man from Reinhardt and pushed him forward so that he was between them and the desk. The man stood up and looked ahead at the darkened man sitting before him.

Let me begin, no one goes before the king without presenting gifts. My gift is before you now. However, your reign seems a little erratic at the moment and that concerns me, greatly! Why was Toodles given free reigns to come and go as he pleases? Why did he contact me and not you? I told you to keep my involvement quite, but now everyone knows I am involved? I met Toodles, but only briefly, while in the armory; and I can tell you one thing, watch him at the very least. I have my reservations about his candor. My gut tells me that he can’t be trusted and will stab anyone in the back to meet his own ends. Perhaps, you should look into compound 3 a little further as well? Now with the recent chain of events, your problems have become mine, and my neck is on the line as well as yours. I don’t like being used as a pawn in your grand chess game, that will make me angry. You haven’t had the privilege of seeing me angry, and I hope you never do. With that in mind, don’t test me! Now tell me everything, since I am now knee-deep in your affairs.

After finishing his monologue, he stared intently at Magnus awaiting a response . . .

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 02:44 PM
There was noise. So much noise around him. Magnus had just finished fighting for his life, to be saved by his own son. His empire was crumbling around him. He'd placed a young blood in charge of the most important aspect of security, another running around collecting intel
that is outdated before being handed in and the Lycans were foaming at the mouth for war.

Yet there was so much noise. The attendants, construction workers and his personal aides. All around him babbling at the same time. Incoherent phrases. Magnus simply wanted to rest, and be alone to contemplate his thoughts.

He was shaking. Magnus laughed to himself. So is the price of power. He muttered under his breath.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mariah making a bee line for him, Dieter in queue behind her. Also following them was this young man, a look of sheer terror in his eyes. Dieter had brought himself a meal had he?

Let me begin, no one goes before the king without presenting gifts. My gift is before you now. However, your reign seems a little erratic at the moment and that concerns me, greatly! Why was Toodles given free reigns to come and go as he pleases? Why did he contact me and not you? I told you to keep my involvement quite, but now everyone knows I am involved? I met Toodles, but only briefly, while in the armory; and I can tell you one thing, watch him at the very least. I have my reservations about his candor. My gut tells me that he can’t be trusted and will stab anyone in the back to meet his own ends. Perhaps, you should look into compound 3 a little further as well? Now with the recent chain of events, your problems have become mine, and my neck is on the line as well as yours. I don’t like being used as a pawn in your grand chess game, that will make me angry. You haven’t had the privilege of seeing me angry, and I hope you never do. With that in mind, don’t test me! Now tell me everything, since I am now knee-deep in your affairs.

Magnus stood from his chair.

Everybody out. NOW!

Everything in his chambers came to standstill.

But Sir? Mariah started to say when Magnus pounded his fist on the desk, causing the leg underneath to fly forward and impale the poor man which dieter had brought with him to the adjacent wall.

Pity. Magnus said gazing over at the man's lifeless corpse but for a second before glaring at the rest of the room.

Not clear enough for all of you? When the last word left his mouth, the room was empty, save Dieter.

Dieter. I will not remind you who I am, and will forgive your obvious frustration. Insults are not on the menu tonight friend. Please sit down, have a drink.

Magnus poured two glasses of Glen Moray 1984 Glenhaven scotch. He'd never really liked liquor, even as a human, however this kind of predicament warranted a stiff drink. He passed the glass to Dieter and sat down in front of him.

Now, I see that you are disgruntled and are looking for answers. I will give them to you Dieter as you are trusted. I first will apologize for the compound. We were caught off guard. We never planned to be attacked by an Elder of all things.

Secondly, Toodles is being kept very close. He may think he has a long leech, but let us put it this way. It is attached to a choke collar. One wrong move and he will end up in the Sun rooms. As for contacting you, he is director of special operations, your file would have been available to him.

Seemed like a good idea to look up those who had previously hunted him. He is the only one, save Mariah who know of your involvement. I know you value your privacy and it will certainly be kept close.

This whole ordeal has been played loose and fast and we both know that is not our way out doing things. Fate is guiding my hand however and these series of events will only continue.

We must prepare. I am not extending your contract Dieter. You now have a choice in front of you.

You may return to your original duties and contracts with various organizations. Or you may return here to your rightful place as a member of the Lilith Bloodline. I know of your past, even more than you think I do.

Dieter looked up front his glass at this remark.

If they label me as something after my departure from this world Dieter, it would be informed. Magnus grinned.

If you return here you will be given the same position you have now. That of a ghost agent. Come and go as you please, work directly under myself. Your skills are greatly needed.

This is an invitation however. No bad blood will exist if you decide to go about your own way, but just know that eventually this conflict will come to your door and you will have to choose sooner or later.

Magnus stood up to poor himself another glass, patiently awaiting Dieter's response.

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 03:58 PM

Render under Caesar

Dieter nervously sipped his brandy and looked at Magnus with utter shock at the virulent language aimed at him, and began to think, soaking in every harsh word, and statement presented. It was as though an arctic chill had entered the room.

Dieter had never seen someone so vehemently agitated, and was taken back by all of it. He just continued to pull out all stops in his remarks. Magnus continued on with his tirade as if the fires of hell burned in his veins. However, his strong language from before, had gathered the attention of his employer, which was planned.

Now, he was alert and presented with all angles of the case, and hopefully, a strategy on how to proceed. Magnus presented him with the prospect of going off on his own, and the prospects of treasure was enticing, but his loyalty was questioned, and that didn’t sit well with him. He would have to knuckle-down on this one, and risk his neck to protect the thrown, and the supremacy of the Lilith clan in the vampire hierarchy. Magnus’s anger was expected, and a requisite to bring things under control.

The thing, which struck him, was when he mentioned something about my origins and secrets? Did he know of Albius and his rightful title as an elder? Did he consider him a threat, and my allegiance to him a threat as well? So many questions, but it would be suicide to bring them up to Magnus in this state. Besides, my master would be quite upset if I aired his identity to the reigning supreme leader. So his identity would be kept confidential for the time being. He knew that he would have to get in contact with Albius for advice.

Thank goodness that he is aware of Toodles and his seedy disposition. He is, one, to be watched very closely, and it appears, Magnus is aware of that. However, with the current predicament, and the seriousness of it, he would have to sacrifice his principles, and render under Caesar this one time.

He took another sip, as Magnus finished his part of the conversation, and he knew that his next remarks would have to be with the utmost subtlety as to not upset the elder before him.

If you return here, you will be given the same position you have now. That of a ghost agent. Come and go as you please, work directly under myself. Your skills are greatly needed.

This is an invitation however. No bad blood will exist if you decide to go about your own way, but just know that eventually this conflict will come to your door and you will have to choose sooner or later.

As Magnus stood up to pour another glass, Dieter began his response with thoughts still fresh in his mind.

I am sorry I upset you, Master, but I don’t enjoy being moved around on a chess board. You can respect that. My employment was contingent on my credentials and professionalism, where they not? Please, don’t treat me like an amateur. I have laid waste to both vampire and werewolf alike. In addition, I have done work for both races as well. I have no loyalties and that is why I am more effective at my job. So if you will, I am a moderate, for lack of a better word.

You contracted my services and I have carried out all duties as specified in the agreement. So, I go to whomever pays the best, and as such; you can consider me a venture capitalist. However, if you have concerns about my loyalty, know this; my loyalty rests with you for the foreseeable future. Yes, I am what one would refer to as a free-lancer, but this insult to you and our bloodline is unconscionable. My services are yours, and I will perform whatever task you request. The most important thing is that we reestablish order and harmony among the ranks. So how do we proceed, Master . . .
as he took the glass to his lips for another sip with absolute fear, awaiting a response . . .

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:03 AM
The king sat at the back of the large conference room watching the werewolves enter through the two doors. Some of them were in their human form whilst others had decided to remain as werewolves. The room was big and constructed like a theatre. It could house over 500 people but today it was overflowing, there was some pushing and shoving as many tried to find the best positions to listen to the king speak. Quite a few were having to stand up at the back. There were representatives from all the bloodlines and all the countries around the world. This was going to be an interesting meeting thought the King as he sat there waiting for the people to settle.

The king stood up.

Quiet please he said raising his voice over the general chit chat everyone please, settle down now.

Kull entered the room through a door near where the king was standing. He looked out across the room.

Everyone, SHUT UP! He shouted and the room went silent.

Erm.. thank you Kull. Replied the King a little embarrassed.

Ladies and gentlemen, representatives and ambassadors of the bloodlines, I thank you all for attending this meeting at such short notice. There are many here today that I am glad to see, there are some that I am not , then there are others that I don’t even remember. He said laughing.

The whole room started to laugh and cheer. At least they haven’t lost their sense of humour he thought. He continued.

Some of you may already know why we are here today but before we get this meeting started is there anyone here who would like to address the room regarding other matters. If so, now is the time to speak up..

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:05 AM
Well-ll Doggies! rang out in a voice sounding like Jed Clampet from The Beverley Hillbillies as did the echoing boot steps from the hallway as Ahab Star strode into the crowded room, paused and sniffed the air. And Deadheads too. How delightful. As he deftly strode through the tight crowd towards the stage amidst sniffs and low growls. Yes, yes. There is nothing wrong with your noses. It is just I tend to bathe regularly.

As he hopped up on the stage he smiled widely Hey King. How is your Queen?

You watch your fool head, cat and show some respect before I rip it off!
roared Krull.

A slip of the tongue as all female cats are queens, old dog. And unless you learned some new tricks, I doubt you are gonna take my nine he paused in a moment of lost thought, six lives. Noticing Zoe he grasped her hand and rubbed it with his head before kissing it. Ahab Star, and I only can wish that I had met you before.

Turning to address the crowd I am here because if you could look past the moon, you would notice that the stars are right. And some very dear old friends are going to be coming to town. Maybe even more than I can handle. And to add to the fun, there is a human. Yes, yes. But he is unlike any human I have ever seen before. Almost as good as any one...well some of us. He needs to join us. Willingly or unwittingly, which may actually be better. The cheese for the rat, so to speak. And it would save us the problem of killing him later should he wish to thin our numbers.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:07 AM
--Forgive the pause in continuity for a short character bio--

Name: Ahab Star
Age: Tells a story of transformation in the late 1960's, but is around 2000 and is natural born
Bloodline: Bastet (Were-cat)
Notes on Bastets in general: Similar to Black Dogs as they are not slaves to the moon for transformation, yet are inclined to be aligned to Werewolves as their amount of transformation can vary from 100% cat to 100% human. While not as strong as werewolves, they are more agile, swift and stealthy. Hearing is lesser but quite acute especially closer to the source and have articulated ears for tracking. Vision is excellent in very low light and can detect subtile movement. Whiskers are articulated and can sense vibrations and air disturbances. Bastets can be created from external sources similar to werewolves but can also be born via mating by bastet linage and sometimes even human-bastet couplings. Bastets tend to be fierce hunters and assassins and usually hunt alone, occasionally in small groups for difficult targets.

Bio: Ahab Star is a bit of a wild-card and loner. He associates more with humans and encourages and seeks out more eccentric behavior among humans. Always well groomed and attired and possesses a quirky and often insufferable demeanor, taking great self pleasure in imitating various humans and telling bizarre tales that no one is sure of their validity. His true nature is deadly, calculating and usually extreme in effectiveness, ruthlessness and creativity. The flashes between demeanor and nature may be the only warning given before he pounces or formulates a secret plan for later when least expected.

He often tells of the night of his transformation happening one night in 1968 while trying to pick an exquisitely beautiful woman that was actually trying to pick him up. The bar was hazy from the smoke of a thousand thai-sticks blazing away as Jefferson Airplane's “White Rabbit” blared through the cheap house speakers. Using the song as guide to stagger out to the street and make our way to a secluded spot for an impromptu expression of free love, a small calico alley cat streaked across the street and leapt into my arms and began rubbing and licking my cheek. My sufficiently seduced companion peered over her pale blue rectangular framed glasses and grinned widely at this kitty's sudden affection and said that she was so jealous. Well, I AM the cat elder god, you know.

No, not quite yet.From there everything went black and I awoke the next morning in a wet gutter with a dirty grey cat licking the fur off my teeth from the previous night's drinking.

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As we were walking through the Mansion, I looked down one of the Aisles and saw King John stand up to address the entire Congregation.

Some of you may already know why we are here today but before we get this meeting started is there anyone here who would like to address the room regarding other matters. If so, now is the time to speak up..

Zach stepped forward to address King John. All of the Lycans including the King and Kull looked at him intently. He cleared his throat and began to speak

"Sire, there is more than one war going on here. I think it would be prudent if..."

Before he could finish his sentence, I stepped up and interrupted. The entire congregation gave a loud roar as if getting ready attack me all at once. Kull pulled his axe out right as I shouted:

I am NOT here to fight. I am here ONLY for your ears, after which I will leave. Please hear me out!

Kull shouted

"Let the Vampire speak! If his words are not chosen carefully then we will dismember him!"

I stepped up on one of the chairs and began my speech

The last time most of you remember seeing me, was at the High Rise in London. I said some things that I should have refrained from. I am not here to apologize on behalf of myself OR the Vampire community, however. I am here as a simple informant.

Five years ago we detected what looked like a Vampire entity. One that did not show up as a normal Vampire. It was too fast, and the heat signature much lower. Long story short, we have concluded it was Lilith herself. The first Vampire. The most powerful. We have seen a number of Vampire elder awakenings and had an upfront encounter with Samantha the Lioness. Some of you may have been present when she was awakened by our friend Zacharia here. He was under her mind control influence.

Samantha has been slain by our very own Ziao and Lord Magnus.

I come to you all today to inform you that it is not just the Vampire community that is at stake here. It is the entire world, including all Were creatures. To address King John himself, I ask that our two parties work together on this matter, as both of our Existences are at stake.

The entire congregation was silent by this time. I looked around to see the looks on everyones faces. It was as if they were just waiting for Johns order to dismember me. I knew at this point that the only hope I had of surviving this was the support of Skyler, Zacharia, Margaret and Ruth.

I was already anticipating King Johns reply and before he could say anything I said: Lord Magnus has sent me here himself. I am the newly appointed Director of Operations in London. I hope I have the support of Skyler and Zacharia here. As both of them fought beside me during the attack on our compound. I have slain my own kind in order to preserve this world. I would hope you at least consider this proposal.

If you accept, I will authorize ALL relevant data transferred to your hands King John. Everything we know regarding the situation, you will know as well.

I could feel the massive tension rising in the room. I awaited a reply from the King while at the same time, hoping either Zacharia or Skyler would pipe in at some point.

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Skyler could see that Toodles was in trouble. The lycan rage was building and they were becoming all too hostile. Skyler knew that something bad was about to go down.

Here him out! Skyler shouted loudly as he raised his hand to silence the crowds and began walking toward the front. Do you think he would be dumb enough to stroll into the Kings mansion by himself if it were not something important?! Skyler was in front of the assembly now. He withdrew the weapon from under his jacket that Toodles had given him earlier.

Do you see this? It is a weapon designed by Toodles himself to kill vampires. If I were to turn it on him he would die instantly. He gave it to me to protect myself and all of you. Ask yourselves if you would be so generous with an alternate technology to kill werewolves. He has a message to impart. Listen dammit! Skyler let the words sink in as he put the weapon back under his coat.

There are things going on right now that I believe we all need to know about. I do not know anything at all. I do know that I was tricked into delivering Samantha the lioness to the vampire compound. She attacked Magnus and nearly killed him. Her minions swarmed the compound and Toodles and myself were nearly killed. I fought side by side with him in our endeavor to bring you this message. Put away your hatred and pride and open your ears. All of our lives depend on it. Zach may be able to clear a lot of this up for us. Skyler stood down. He watched his words take effect.

He stepped down from the front and joined the ranks of the other werewolves. It seemed his little speech had a positive impact as the other lycans now were eager to hear what was really going on. The answers that everyone needed now depended on those few who knew.

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Zach stood up again and turned to face the lycans. Zach could see that the lycans were furious with both Toodles and Skyler. The lycans would not show a Vampire or a young werewolf the proper respect, but they would respect a commander and leader of old. Zach cut past Zoe and Margaret and grabbed the hand of Ruth and pulled her up to stand next to him.

What is this! A lycan shouted from the crowd.

Its some sort of trick! Ruth died! Another lycan shouted.

Ruth brushed her hair back and presented her sword. The ancient sword used by Queen Rachel during her last battle many centuries ago. And Ruthw as teh only one who could wield it, because the sword had to choose its wielder. The lycans went silent and Ruth began to speak.

I will explain everything to King John in private. But you must listen to Zach, he brings urgent news. Ruth said, as she turned to face to King John, who's face was in utter shock as if he had seen a ghost. It must have been a shocking surprise to see a friend that was said to be dead, now standing infront of everybody very much alive...

Where to begin... Zach began as he looked around the room. Alright.. I will start from the most recent recent events. Samantha the lioness has been killed, she attempted to gain control of Vampires. But she failed. Now Werewolves and Vampires are faced with an enemy. A Common Enemy, that we all fear; for those of us wise enough understand the enemy that we face..

Is it true the elders are alive! A lycan shouted from the very back.

Yes, the elders are being awakened. And we all know that they are still in war mode with each other. I am here to plead on behalf of the Black Dogs that you King John tell us where you have hidden the elders. For there extermination. And my King, I will not accept an the answer that you do not know. I know that you know. Zach said, turning around heading to his seat as he stopped again.

This lycans, Skyler. Should be rewarded greatly for his bravery and actions. He should be considered as a commander among the youngest werewolves. With King Johns approval of course. Zach went to his seat and sat down.

Zoe leaned over, Nice job, now I really feel that we are going to die.

Zach smiled, Do not be ridiculous. No one is that stupid to harm the friends of Ruth.

The lycans began to enter a further uproar over the issues of the elders and some still had issues over the Vampires being present.

One lycan stood up, a lycan by the name of Romolus Lowell. Romulus was a very high ranking Werewolf who had an extreme hate for the Vampires and an even stronger hate for the black dogs. Romulus is a member of the Ruth bloodline and is incredibly powerful.

I call for the immediate termination of the entire Elizabeth Bloodline. Romulus said, looking at Zach and smirking.

The entire werewolf meeting erupted into division over Romulus's words.

For far to long this vial race of an experiment must be put to death. They are the Vampires creation and who is to say who they are loyal to? Zach and apparently Ruth have been mingling with the Vampires. For all we know they are our enemies here trying to distract us from whatever they have planned. And whats even more upsetting is that they have corrupted a young Werewolf and they have commited the ultimate sin and brought Vampires on sacred ground. I ask you King John to kill this bloodline off and rid us from there potential threats. You of all people should know what dangers they bring. They have killed our brothers, which is why we began the eradication of the Black Dogs a few months ago, before it was called off. Zach is our biggest enemy here my lord, he has killed members of your family which is a crime punishable only by death according to the old laws. Let us finish with the eradication! We have a total of 17 black dogs here, lets end it and save ourselves. Romulus stated, awaiting the response from the king.

Damnit, this is not good. Margaret said, looking around in a panic.

Ruth gripped her blade awaiting for the Kings response. She felt that he would not harm them and silence Romulus, but deep down Ruth felt a very strange feeling... What if King John agreed...

His decision needed to come fast as the werewolves began to get even more fired up. It was up to the King now...

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I was staring at Zach in amazement. Werewolf Elder awakenings were new to me at this point. I had heard stories in the past about them, but most of the information was kept off limits. Even with my superior technology skills, I was never able to get copies of the legends and histories.

This is far worse than I thought I was thinking while contemplating what this means. Not only will the Vampire elders try to take over the planet, but so will the Werewolf Elders. There will be nothing left of this planet to rule once the two sides are done warring.

I was overwhelmed. I could feel the stress and tension inside me like I had never felt in my life. I had always been extremely confident. Always with a plan, a way out. A way to beat the system. And I have always made it through. But this....this I was unsure of. I could see no possible way we could win this war.

My mind strayed off to a vision of when I was a child. Our town had been victim to too many attacks from both Vampires and Werewolves. They were only stories, but even then I knew they were true. I saw one of the foul beasts with my own eyes when my best friend was taken from me.

While the meeting was still going, I pulled out my phone as slowly and unnoticeably as possible and sent a text to Mariahs personal desk.

Please forward to Lord Magnus Immediately: Werewolf elders...enough said

I put the phone away and continued to think back through the centuries. A story my mother once told me. She told me because she believed the stories as well and my father was furious when he found out what she had told me. But it stuck with me until this day.

"Many thousands of years ago, there were powerful creatures. They had many fights with eachother and almost killed all of the people we know today. The most powerful was a creature named "Anubis". He had the head of a Dog and feet of a person. But soon after he killed most of the people of the world, his own kingdom turned on him and put him to sleep, hopefully forever".

As I heard this in my head, it all made sense. Anubis was the supposed highest and most powerful Lycan. The Lycan equivalent of Lilith. But the story still made no sense as to how he was the MOST powerful. If the creatures fought, meaning Vampires and Lycans, then Lilith and Anubis would have to have evened out at the least. He could not have been more powerful than Lilith, else the werewolves would have enslaved US all this time.

Unless...the werewolves were fighting amongst themselves I thought. perhaps there is more to lycan history than we know

I snapped back to attention when I noticed a Dog was approaching me, obviously looking for a fight. ahh crap I thought....

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SNIKT! No one saw Ahab Star leave the stage. But he appeared behind Romulus with three claws pressed to his throat stopping him cold in his tracks so stealthily and quietly some would have considered magic had they had not heard of his reputation. Have you ever read comic books? There is one about this human that identifies with a small badger-like animal. And that is the sound it makes when he pops out his claws, Remus. No wait, you are Romulus. Remus did not make it that last time you guys thought you knew another way to skin a cat.

So tell me Romulus, how do you feel about all those glorious humans taking over that little city you built? Did it make you feel like a god? Ahab Star whispered in his ear before slinking around to face Romulus. Changing the amount of human to cat ratio to look quite like an ancient Egyptian animal-god. It feels good, does it not? But more than a town, I have had whole nations worship my existence. But Anubis, he was the real deal. And he is coming. I wonder which of us he will remember or you?

I thought so...what is wrong? Cat got your tongue? And speaking of gods, Romulus, are you going to be the one to take care of Cain with that mark on his forehead? Because I am good and I am sexy. And I plan to stay that way, you dig? Because you know as well as I do that is like totally Gramps Vamps there, baby. And I do not think there is another jungle dwelling group of humans that want to build pyramids nor will there be enough humans to kick a pebble when he really gets his grub on. So save yourself for fighting the good fight. After that, I could care less where you want to lick.

Hopefully that vampire did whatever that was he was going to do without too many eyes on him, he thought to himself.

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The king stood there in disbelief as to what he was hearing. All he ever wanted to do was unite the bloodlines together and now it looked like they were falling apart. Why do the vampires always have to have the upper hand he thought, they are always one step ahead, always changing the rules of the game.

This is outrageous! shouted someone in the crowd. You believe this black dog.

You allow vampires in your house. shouted another.

I had no idea said the King in a quiet voice, but no one could hear him over the constant noise and uproar.

You promised us a war! shouted someone else.

I agree with Romulus Said another kill the Elizabeth bloodline, theyre traitors.

The king looked to the back of the room and saw Ruth standing there holding her sword ready to fight. She’s alive he thought to himself after all this time she’s still alive.

The French ambassador from the front row stood up.

The house recognises Monsieur Aglionby of the loup-garou. Said the spokesperson.

Sir, if I may, my people told me that this meeting was to discuss war against the vampires but now we seem to be discussing another peace treaty, is that correct.

I.. I dont know. Said the King looking towards Zach and Ruth for guidance.

You dont know. Who is charge of the werewolf bloodlines? You or them. He continued whilst laughing.

The room erupted with shouting and abuse directed towards the king.

The king stood there in shock. His eyes fell upon Skyler at the back of the room. What have you done to me young blood thought the King why did you bring them here? The young werewolf looked out of his depth as he watched the uproar unfold before him. The king gave Skyler a reassuring smile and then glanced back to the werewolves in front of him.

Enough, shouted the King I said ENOUGH.

The room went silent.

Melchior entered the room through a door near where the King was standing. He walked quietly over to the King and handed him a piece of paper. The king unfolded it. It only had six words written on it “Kaelus has escaped with the antivirus”. The king’s heart sank deeper.

What are you waiting for? Shouted a voice from the crowd.

The king has no idea what hes doing. shouted another.

Kull stepped forwards towards the crowd.

Silence you dogs shouted Kull with his axe raised.

The Slovakian Ambassador stood up.

The house recognises Mr Bencek from the Vlkodlak. Said the spokesperson.

I call for order in this house, let the King speak we are not animals. Lets keep this civil.

Thank you, sir. Replied the King.

I have made my decision and we will honour the alliance between the Vampires and Werewolves. We must work together if we want to survive in this world. Only together do we stand any chance of defeating the elders.

The room exploded into a rage and uproar.

The king is a fraud.

Give us our war, kill the Vampires.

Yeah, kill the Vampires.

Quiet.. shouted the King.

The room continued the uproar, there was pushing and shoving from the crowd in front of him. Some of the werewolves were heading towards Zach and his friends, whilst others were making their way towards the King.

I demand SILENCE Shouted the King.

The room fell silent once more as the werewolves stood looking directly at him.

You will obey my decision and if you do...

Youre not fit to lead us... Said a voice in the crowd.

And if you do... I will give you what you want.... I will resign my position as king.

There was a brief pause and then the room erupted once more, some started to clap and cheer, others looked on in shock and horror.

What the hell are you doing? Said Kull turning towards King John.

The king watched the crowd’s reaction to his news. He had been left little choice in the matter. He had to do what’s best for the people he thought and they don’t trust him anymore. He looked at Melchior standing next him.

Allow me to introduce your new King He said out loud.

All hail King Melchior! He said clapping towards his friend.

The room erupted with cheers and joy. John had given them what they wanted and so decided to leave through the door at the side. The crowd continued to cheer the new King as Melchior tried to take it all in.

John stood in the hallway with his head in his hands.

Oh, my god, what have I done. He said to himself.

The door opened and Melchior walked into the hallway.

What the hell do you think your doing? He said shouting at John.

What I always do.. Said John looking at the new King put my people first. You must keep this new alliance alive Melchior. This needs to work for all our sakes.

This is wrong, and you know it. Said Melchior they dont know what theyre doing.

You saw them in there, they dont trust me anymore. replied John.

I have to get out of here. Said John walking away, I need to find some answers.

You cant run away John, your people need you.

But it was too late. Melchior watched him walk down the hallway.

Youre the King now He shouted back You lead them. (Im off to find Kaelus) he muttered to himself.

Melchior watched his friend walk away.

What I am meant to do. Said Melchior quietly staring down the empty hallway.

He could hear the crowd on the other side of the wall still chanting the words “King Melchior, King Melchior”

Melchior stood there alone wondering how he was going to lead the werewolves. The survival of the bloodlines depended upon him now. John had given up and left them. The old king was dead and gone; it was time for a new King to take charge.

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As I watched King John step off the stage and demote himself, the worst of the worst dawned on me. Without the King, we are goners. We set ourselves up for a trap and now all the Lycans will tear us apart.

I must find and follow John. He is the only one who can give us proper information about the Lycan Elders I thought to myself.

I looked up to where Romulus was standing and suddenly he was at the mercy of a Bastet by the name of Ahab Star. I had heard of this creature before, but to see a cat amongst dogs was perhaps more amusing than the idea of a Vampire amongst dogs. Whatever he said, he had caught the attention of Romulus and by the look on his face, maybe saved our lives.

Before it was too late, I decided to stand up and address King Melchior.

King Melchior, you have heard all that I have said to John. You are the King now and we require an answer from you. Should you decide against it, I will put up my best fight here and know that I died fighting a noble war. If you accept, I will do my best to assure you that we CAN stop all the elders and restore what is STILL our world.

One of two things will happen today. I will either die where I stand, or we will save all of our kind. I am willing to accept my death should it come to that, but I sincerely hope that it does not come to that.

I turned to Skyler and stepped down while Melchior contemplated. I whispered in his ear Do not think me a fool, we will make it out of here should this deteriorate further. I have come prepared. If it comes to it. You, Zach, Margaret, Ruth and Zoe will have to all get behind me. Trust me on this one

I knew that if I failed here today, that Magnus would have my head. He knows as well as I do that we do not stand a chance if we are fighting two wars.

One of the Lycans stood up and shouted "This is the same Vampire that attacked his own kind in order to obtain power for himself. How do we know he hasn't already set up an attack on all of us here today"?

I stood back up to address him and look him in the face.

With elders on both sides awakening, I could never hope to achieve enough power to thwart even ONE of them. What would be my motivation? Truth is, Vampire numbers and Lycan numbers are too thin for either party to fight this alone. We need eachothers cooperation if we even have a hope to win

And with that I decided I had said enough. It seemed as though our fate was sealed, but I thought it prudent to at least give the new Lycan King the benefit of the doubt.

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Pouring his second glass, Magnus took in what Dieter had told him. He was right. Magnus had become a shadow of his former self. He would need to show strength in these times of great tribulation.

Thank you Dieter. Your services will and always will be appreciated in my house. You have shown yourself to be much more than an operative, you have gained my trust and respect as a friend.

I would ask that you stay in the compound and help assess the situation.

Magnus went to his desk and removed a pendant that was hung behind the wall.

This is a keepsake of our bloodline. A sign of royalty and power. I present it to you as a gift for your services thus far. With this you will be able to come and go as you please in any vampire establishment or Lycan establishment.

No creature will dare thwart any of your efforts if presented with this mark of your lineage. It also holds the power to keep any elder mind control at bay.

Handing the pendant to Dieter, Magnus continued.

For now we must regroup, assess the situation at hand a prepare to hunt the rest of the Elders. There is no doubt that Lilith is making her rounds to each of the sealed sanctuaries to complete her evil plan, and we cannot allow this to happen.

The com link on his desk sparked to life and Magnus looked to see Mariah on the screen with a very disturbed look on her face.

Excuse me for a moment Dieter. Yes Mariah?

Sire, I have received word from Toodles, the transmission was mostly garbage but I did pull a single sentence. He said Werewolf Elders, does that mean anything to you?

Magnus' eyes widened and his heart sank.

Yes Mariah, thank you. I want a status update on the compound in a half hour.

Yes sir.

Turning to face Dieter again, Magnus drove his fist into the desk.

Another problem arises Dieter. I think I have found a mission for you.

Dieter looked up with obvious fascination.

It seems Lilith is also attempting to raise the Werewolf Elders from their tombs as well. I do not know much about them, it is one of the most closely guarded secrets of their kind. I need you to find out more. I only know of one such Elder, but the location of his tomb is vague at best.

Magnus began sifting through the rubble looking for Lilith's diary. Finding it torn and wet from the rain, Magnus flipped through it hoping the quote was still there.

Ah, here it is. Finding the proper page, Magnus began to read to passage that had been written so long ago.

March 26, 1654

My travels had taken me across the ocean and into the new world. The people here are strange, yet I respect them. They are of nature. They not only take from the land, but nurture it as well, making sure there are resources for the next generation.

A people like this will make a fine addition to my army. If only Magnus were here. He had always been better with words.

The Lycans seem to have gotten here first however. The stories of a savage beast eating villagers whole cannot be attributed to a bear or mountain lion, something far more deadly is here among the ranks.

I doubt it a regular Lycan either. It seems this one is attacking in broad daylight. My only guess is that it is one of the ancients, such as me, come to make a new life for themselves. I have tracked the origins of the myth to small village south of the great lakes.

This is my next destination, I need strong souls for my plan of....[ilegeble] come to frution.

Magnus closed the book and placed it within his robes. He'd since removed the armor and had it brought to the armory for repairs and some upgrading.

So you Dieter, it would be important for us to gain more information about this place and the series of events that led Lilith to their door. What do you think?

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The Royal Treatment

Listening to Magnus’s response, he was at ease for the first time during their exchange. He had earned the old man’s trust and that filled his dead heart with joy. Then Magnus went to his desk and removed an amulet of sorts from behind the wall.

This is a keepsake of our bloodline. A sign of royalty and power. I present it to you as a gift for your services thus far. With this you will be able to come and go as you please in any vampire establishment or Lycan establishment.

No creature will dare thwart any of your efforts if presented with this mark of your lineage. It also holds the power to keep any elder mind control at bay

He took the pendant from Magnus’s hand and placed it around his neck. In thought about the unexpected gift, “This trinket, would come in handy down the road. Now I have the official seal of the Lilith clan and the muscle behind me to carry out my efforts.”

After handing over the pendant, Magnus looked at the monitor on his desk with great interest. Moments later, his aide, Mariah, arrived.

Magnus excused himself from the conversation for a moment to listen to Mariah. The woman began to speak:

Sire, I have received word from Toodles, the transmission was mostly garbage but I did pull a single sentence. He said Werewolf Elders, does that mean anything to you?

After Mariah’s report, Magnus looked disturbed and at general unease. The burden of command was like the weight of the world on your shoulders, he thought. He remembered it well, when he was in the SS, and in charge of an infantry unit back in the war which seemed like a thousand centuries ago, now. He remembered insubordination, making split second decision which usually cost lives before assessment, dueling egos of his men, and more. Command and cohesion was paramount, and thus far, Magnus had shown the willingness to lead.

Magnus left Mariah with instructions and slammed his fist on his desk in infuriated rage.

Another problem arises Dieter. I think I have found a mission for you.

It seems Lilith is also attempting to raise the Werewolf Elders from their tombs as well. I do not know much about them, it is one of the most closely guarded secrets of their kind. I need you to find out more. I only know of one such Elder, but the location of his tomb is vague at best.

Still soaking in Magnus’s words, he was taken aback at what he was hearing. This old folklore had Magnus really upset and alarmed. He was unfamiliar with the Elders, but knew they had existed at one time, and the only one’s he knew for sure, was the one standing before him, and his elusive Master Albius. He would have to track down Albius, and gain a second opinion. It would be as the mortals do when discovering they have a date with death as a result of cancer. But that was for another time, and now Magnus needs whatever assistance I could offer.

He then observed Magnus rummage through the debris scattered across his desk and picked up a worn book. Holding the manuscript in his hand, he began to look on it intently, obviously looking for a caption of interest for the occasion. After he found what he was looking for, he began to read out loud. As the elder began to read, he took another sip of his scotch which had been nursed throughout their exchange.

March 26, 1654

My travels had taken me across the ocean and into the new world. The people here are strange, yet I respect them. They are of nature. They not only take from the land, but nurture it as well, making sure there are resources for the next generation.

A people like this will make a fine addition to my army. If only Magnus were here. He had always been better with words.

The Lycans seem to have gotten here first however. The stories of a savage beast eating villagers whole cannot be attributed to a bear or mountain lion, something far more deadly is here among the ranks.

I doubt it a regular Lycan either. It seems this one is attacking in broad daylight. My only guess is that it is one of the ancients, such as me, come to make a new life for themselves. I have tracked the origins of the myth to small village south of the great lakes.

This is my next destination, I need strong souls for my plan of....[ilegeble] come to frution.

After Magnus finished reading, he was shocked at what he heard and the folk connotations associated with it. “This was just legend and nothing more, or maybe more?” he thought.

So you Dieter, it would be important for us to gain more information about this place and the series of events that led Lilith to their door. What do you think?

After Magnus had finished, Dieter took the last swig of his brandy and abruptly cleared his throat in anticipation of his response to the Elder.

Master thanks for the gift and I will wear it in your honor. Hopefully, it will help through thick and thin as you have said? I overheard your conversation with Mariah. So Toodles may be at it again? The only advice I can give you about him is to keep him very close, and maybe he can be used as a buffer of sorts for your enemies. Put him out there with relative hegemony, and if he should screw up, the blow-back will go to him before it comes to you. Give him free reign to do as wishes with subtly inklings of your true intentions. Let him put his neck out there for you. You’re the king, and with that, you have pawns, and use Toodles as such. Now, about the story you just read. Well, I find it interesting in a folkloric sense, but I don’t see any substance to it. I work in the here and now, and I am no archaeologist or historian. What I gathered from the read, is that Lilith was en-route to an Indian village in the New World, because to my knowledge, the only Europeans in that region were French explorers or maybe even some British, but no immediate outposts at that time in history. By now, the tribe is long gone, and fully integrated into modern American culture, either through disease, conquest, or relocation to a reservation.

However, the next step would be tracking down a tribal elder of a tribe that may be out of existence in the present. Native Americans didn’t keep records and most of their history is passed down from word of mouth to each consecutive generation, and if we are lucky, we can find some corroborating information in relation to Lilith’s account. I am familiar to a degree with Native American folklore which I have acquired from research in my spare time. The subject fascinates me, and I think what is referred to in the text, is that of the Wendigo, the Native American version of our Werewolf. According to Native American folklore, a Wendigo, is s a malevolent cannibalistic spirit into which humans could transform, or which could possess humans. It comes from Algonquin legend.

Now, it said, south of the Great Lakes, which one, Lake Michigan, Huron, Erie, Superior? That area spans for some thousands of miles, so I would need a definitive name of the general location to start with. I will take the mission, because it is of importance to you, but I can’t guarantee much of anything will come of it, because it just too vague. If you can come up with more information surrounding the subject, I can follow-up on that . . .

Dieter brought his glass up for a drink, and forgot that he had drank it all before speaking and gently placed it on the desk in front of him. He, now, awaited a response to his suggestions.

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Apparently a Bastet had snuck in on the seen and was helping us when he was far out numbered. Toodles was telling us his idea of escaping and it was a good idea, but we needed to split up. With all of us leaving at once they would surely see us, but if we went opposite directions we could have a chance.

Alright Toodles, I like your idea. But we need to split up for now. Ruth, you, Margaret and Skyler follow the King through the side doors. Toodles, Zoe and I will fall out through the back that way we disappear among the crowds.. And hopefully that Bastet can keep there attention for a little while. Zach said, as he looked around the room.

The new King was still contemplating his decision.

I need time to think this through. King Melchoir shouted, as the uproars stopped.

Drexel of Persia has the floor. The lady in the back said.

My king, this is the time to make a decision. Are you going to listen to your subjects? We want the Black Dogs erradicated. Do not make the same mistakes as King John, who did not listen to his subjects. Allow us our voice my King. Drexel stated, as he sat down.

When do we move Zach? Ruth asked, as she could see the black dogs walking toward them, gathering all together to protect each other.

Wait for it. Zach said, as he looked up at the blue cieling.

Zach looked behind him to see that the Bastest was gone and so was Romulus. A brief second later a werewolf had jumped from above them.

(**Fine the picture is that of a werewolf outside, but work with me here).

Ruth had raised her blade before the werewolf could swipe his claws at Toodles head.

NOW! Zach shouted, as he, Toodles and Zoe ran for the back door blending themselves in with the crowd around them. Skyler, Ruth and Margaret did the same except they headed for the side door where the King had vanished.

Zach had plowed the main back door down as the three of them had begun to run out of the Mansion. What a mistake this had turned into to. The rest of the mansion was extremely quite, absolutely silent.

Wait Zach, we need to find something. Toodles said, stopping.

What is it? Zoe asked, as Toodles could see fear in her face and the expression of urgency.

We need to find where King John hid the elders. If what you say is true, it must be in his private books, which are in his room. This is our chance to get the upper hand and ensure a victory. Now is the best time, the new King is busy, no one is watching the kings chambers, and we have free roam of this place. Toodles said, his words were extremly truthful and incredibly necessary. They needed to think about the long run and this was their best chance to look into the archives of King Johns Chambers and view top secret werewolf files.

We have 10 minutes and ONLY ten minutes. We grab whatever looks old and important. Zach said, as he turned to the stairwayFollow me.

They had begun passing up the stairs, taking the elevators were to risking and much slower. They had reached the 5th flight of stairs and encountered a women, but not just any women. A female lycan of royalty, Johns wife. The Queen... As long as she lived John, would still have much power among the lycans, but with the Queen dead, he would have no authority anymore. With the Queen alive all hope still remained, she could still command forces in the name of the old King. Of course, most of the past Queens have been killed after there first child; to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Zacharia, the exit is the other way. The Queen stated, confused.

We know your royality, but we need information while it is still accessible. Zach said, as the Queen smiled.

What are you looking for? The queen asked.

We need to make this quick Zach. Toodles said, as Zoe looked at him.

Who is the scared one now? Zoe said, nudging Toodles under his ribs.

Follow me, I will take you to King Johns chambers. The Queen responded, looking at Toodles. So what are you three looking for? And do not worry Vampires I will not kill you. I want to, but I will refrain myself from doing so... The Queen turned around to see Zoe and Toodles faces in shock. I hope you know I was just joking, any friend of Zach is a friend of mine.

The Queen opened the door with a special key that oozed silver and the lock emitted a concentrated version of UV light.

Alright what are you three looking for, I can help you faster if I know. The Queen said, locking the door behind them to make sure no one sneaks up on them; not to mention that the room was sound proof and virtually impenetrable, but their were other ways in and they needed to find what they needed quickly. Toodles turned to the Queen...

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Skyler, Ruth and Margarette's escape was flawless. In the confusion no one saw them exit out of the side door that King John had used before. The long hallway stood before them now and they stopped for a moment.

Alright I want to talk to King John. I know he went this way. Skyler said as he motioned to the long hallway before them.

Youre right. This is the way. We need to hurry though because I could hear him changing. I believe he is headed for the forest. Ruth offered as they now began to half run down the hallway.

Lets pick up the pace shall we? Margarette said as she and Ruth began transforming into their werewolf and vampire counterparts. Skyler placed his belt around his waist and transformed as well. They caught up with the prior King at the edge of the forest where he was in half transformation.

King John turned around quickly, ready to take on any one who dared stop him. He realized who it was and stood down. His was now in full human appearance as Ruth and Margarette transformed as well. Skyler removed the belt and changed back into human form too.

Sire please. Tell us why you have done this? Skyler pleaded. He knew that whatever the reason was, it had to be a good one. He felt that King John was about to try to handle whatever it was on his own.

Do you really want to know young one? I believe I would be here for an eternity explaining my actions to you. Ruth and Margarette both know what this is about. I believe our time would be better spent working toward my end goals. Can we count on your support? King John asked as he glanced over to Ruth and Margarette.

Of course. Zach and toodles and Zoe are on the same page with us as well. Together we can resolve whatever it is that needs to be done. They will be along shortly. We had to use different exits because of the situation but Im sure we will join up with them shortly. Skyler reassured the three elder members.

We need a game plan John. We need to get Zach and Toodles and Zoe. There is no way to go about what needs to be done without them. Ruth addressed the situation as she saw it.

I have no time to wait. My destiny lies elsewhere. I hope to see you all soon. Go find them. I will meet back up with you soon. King John said quickly. He transformed fully into a werewolf and sprang into the woods. Skyler Ruth and Margarette turned and looked back toward the mansion. They hoped that Zach and the others escaped unharmed. They needed a plan now more than ever.

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