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The Burden of Freedom

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 12:19 PM
In darkness reposed
The answer questioned.
But never the questioned answered.

A circle.
It always was.
Always will be.

The search continues
As the hunt begins.

Is this really what we dreamed of?
Sick machinations leading us to a darker tomorrow.

There never was a conspiracy.
It was right in front of our faces.
We begged for it.
Like witch's at the stake.
Death's arrival much anticipated.

I never asked to be free.
It just happened.
It's funny actually.
Freedom is more of a burden than anything.

I remember a day when I could just melt into the couch.
A zombie.
The only thing that might have woke me was a commercial.
Or the all too familiar sound of a yelling authority figure.

I never really got it.
It never really made sense.
But I could never really make much sense of it either.

You never realize how much people watch you.
Until you can't watch them.

It's always darkest just before dawn.
It's always darkest just before dawn.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:11 PM
These days, even commercials won't wake the dead.

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