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The Conquest of Eurasia: NATO's War For The World's Heartland

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 01:35 AM
The NWO is seeking the domination of the world again and this strategy is through the Central Asian republics like Azerbaijan and Khazakastan (Eurasia). Energy and NATO are the two issues that the US is using to dominate this geographic reigon. Energy projects are are an ecuse by the US to establish 'strong' relationships with these countries and then try to have the 'World Island' which comprises of Eurasia, Africa and Middle East.

Welcoming Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov to Foggy Bottom in early May of this year, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could think of nothing more original to say than "Azerbaijan has a very strategic location that is one important not only to their country, but really, regionally and globally...." [1]

But what Clinton's effusion lacked in originality it compensated for in accuracy. Azerbaijan is as strategically situated as any nation in the world within the current contest between Western plans for global military domination and control of energy resources and contrasting efforts by other nations to secure a peaceful and multipolar international order.

Azerbaijan lies at the very center of what 20th Century British geographer Halford Mackinder named the Heartland - Eurasia from Eastern Europe to China - control over which would guarantee domination of what he termed the World Island (Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East), which in turn would allow for control of the entire world.


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