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Government forced to deny Lockerbie bomber trade deal

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 01:34 PM
This is all very suspicious to me, I wanted to start this thread so we can all remember Blair and his dodgy political deals.

This was a deal carried out some time ago between Blair and Gadaffi over oil to the UK, and then the can was passed to the Scottish government for fair trial but in the end they would take the blame for it.

He has been released in his dying days, and ever since he has been locked up we have benefited from their oil reserves.

But aswel as this deal, I can remember watching a film about how it all works with the UK and the US when it comes to war. We provoke and almost incite others to attach our countries, but this has flipped 180 degrees but the backlash will still be the same.

Gadaffi is now once again a problem, the UK & US people will be angry about this and shout for revenge. The government will then answer that by cutting of trade first, then Gadaffi wont like that, he will call us all everything, and maybe an Embassy will be attacked, and hey presto we back at war again, and further un-settling the middle east.

What you think

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