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Abnormally weird evening.

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posted on May, 13 2004 @ 03:52 AM
This thing that happened in my life, I could never forget because it was too strange! I was living in Toronto at the time with a guy who was very loyal and disciplined. I lived with him for about six months and he never once didn't come home at night. Except for one night.

I had picked up a book at the huge book store they have there in T.O. and I came home after work to settle in for the night and read it. It was about how to read peoples future through regular playing cards.

It was about 4:00 pm. I read and understood it perfectly. I thought it was way better than the tarot which to me is utterly confusing. So I read and read and then I began to play with those regular playing cards. First I did my own future reading so that I could know if it's right or not. And after a few shots at that, I then did my boyfriends. Then I started reading everyone's future that I knew. I was getting so good at this. It was too easy! The only problem I think though was, no one was there to hear their future read to them aha haha!
That I figure is why the weird things started happening.

I'm not sure exactly what time I heard the muffled banging noise under the house. Sort of like a subway system. I thought to myself, Hey, there's no subway under this area. As long as I lived there for six months I had not heard that sound. Thinking back on it, it was a train full of demons on its way is what it was!

But I just went my merry ole way and kept on reading everyone's future. Suddenly I heard a gut wrenching screeching sound, which sounded like metal against metal. Right in the back yard where I was living!

Now I was listening. It got MY attention.

I looked at the time. It was 10:00 pm. That screeching, grinding sound turned into the sound of a cat screaming. It was awful. Like some wicked cat fight. I guess I was in a good mood for a cat fight because I was going like, yea, yea, which one's going to win!? But it then turned into the sound of a human voice wailing, crying like no tomorrow. It's voice trembled, tremendously in a mournful, sorrowing sound. Now I was freaked out. In fact, that's when I noticed that my boyfriend had not come home yet. And I was feeling frightened.

It continued. I heard the sound of a horse neighing which turned into a pig squeeling which turned into a donkey then sheep then dog barking and a cat screaming and at the same time in the middle of all these sounds was the sound of that human voice crying terribly. I was spooked so I turned on the radio and the song playing had animal sounds in it too. So I turned the channel and it was Pink Floyd "Wish you were here". I left it on that station.

I went to look out the window to the backyard and it was a calm summer night but one branch in the tree was shaking and moving. I went outside because I'm silly as heck, and daring...and I stepped on the porch steps a few down to see a white cat staring at that tree with terror in its pinkish red eyes. It then tore out of that place and I figured I should get out of there too. The electricity of the place was high.

So I went back inside. The voice and animal sounds stopped and started. They seemed to be longer rest periods in between. I began looking out the window around through the trees to the other neighbors home which had a light on their porch. A group of people had stepped on to the porch and were wearing long black and red robes and were trying to communicate with that screaming sound that was happening that night. Unsuccessfully. It kept on. They all headed out of the house and towards high park across the street.

I decided to go to sleep. As I lay there, I heard from where those people came, on their property a car which it's doors kept opening and closing. And the engine kept revving up and then purring. It was doing it to my feelings. When I felt scared, it revved up really high, and when I felt calm, it purred. And the doors too. I knew something was strange about that car when I heard the doors opening and closing all at the same time. No person would be doing that. I think those people left their habitation because they were being spooked. I wished too that I could leave. But I wasn't stepping a foot out of that place at that time. It was about 3:00am now.

I allowed myself to get familiar with the source of all those strange sounds and made friends with him. From what I deduct out of that situation. Because it stopped harrassing my ears after that. Then I fell asleep.

The next day my boyfriend came home in the morning and told me he had to get a work site finished and he tried to call but couldn't get through. I told him of the incident. He then told me not to go near things like that because it's dangerous. He then told me some stories out of his own experiences. After that I went outside, I think it was Saturday. My landlord was outside and I asked him if he had heard those sounds last night. He asked me if I was religious. I said yea. And he said, well those sounds were of racoons mating. They usually do that around here.

I remembered my good friend from Windsor who had a dream about me and had to call me in Toronto just to tell me about that dream. He's the guy who had experienced stuff like that with his friends before I even met him back then. And now I was thinking, that maybe this is what that dream had been all about.

Well after that, I just couldn't live there anymore. I just packed my bags and left for Ottawa.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 05:49 AM
Wow thats really creepy, do you think this had anything to do with the card playing? What do you think it was that was bothering you? I would have left that house so fast, thats some creepy stuff

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by SamaraMorgueAnn
...I allowed myself to get familiar with the source of all those strange sounds and made friends with him. From what I deduct out of that situation. Because it stopped harrassing my ears after that. Then I fell asleep.

Interesting story... But you skimped on the MOST important part!!!!! Just who was this entity that you were able to communicate and what were you able to find once you 'befriended' it? Your neighbors with the robes were probably trying to ceremoniously communicate with it in a druidic fashion, which is why they went to a park after their failed attempts on their porch.

But come on. Please do go on to talk about the experience with the deity. I like how you put details into the overall story, but don't appreciate this shortfall of detail on the most crucial part of the story. Surely you can understand what I am saying?

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 12:26 PM
I thought it was the future-telling-card-playing.
The next time I was at work I asked someone about that who knew. They told me to get rid of the cards. I did! What do I? think was bothering me? A fallen angel.

AlnilamOmega Yea, I did skimp. And you just HAD to notice! Lol. I won't tell it right now. There's a story with it. It manifested in front of me before I went to Toronto. So it's more than the cards. Though, if I would have kept going then just those cards would have got me in trouble!

[Edited on 5/13/2004 by SamaraMorgueAnn]

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 12:25 AM
how do you remember all those little details?

Also, do you/have you taken any types of hallucinagens or other types of drugs?


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