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A thoughtful counter discussion to the thread: Answers I received from my pendulum.

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 07:36 AM
I lost my cool, blah. Well on to greener pastures.

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by GideonHM

I cannot agree with you more, in my twenties I used to do all sorts of stuff to find out what happened in my future, conclusion, none of it turned out that way, and it wasn't real. I too used a pendulum and asked it once if my husband would get a job that year, as he was unemployed, it had a strong yes, he did not get a job until the next year. It lied basically, and I stopped using it. I feel people are asking it too complicated questions and getting answers they were hoping that was right. To me a pendulum is like taking a magic 8 ball shaking it and expecting it to be right. That's my 2 cents.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 07:40 AM
As there are people, even on this forum, who seem to believe anything they are told by anyone in ‘authority’, it could well be unwise to purport to have knowledge that clearly is not true. Did that thread start with ‘for entertainment purposes only’ (no it didn‘t)…which disclaimer in itself is often the true mark of fraud or delusion in the first place, as well as being a handy statement that abnegates all responsibility. If you had said, ‘I know nothing and am just playing here, so don’t take anything seriously’…then fair enough….although it should to my mind be in the BTS section.
I have seen people’s lives ruined by getting false info from so called professional ‘psychics’…and I mean devastated, emotionally and financially. I have never seen anyone able to predict a damn thing apart from possibly being able to see what is around the present moment and the past. So to declare that WW3 will break out is reckless at best. And the OP of that thread does not know who will take that thought into their subconscious and allow their behaviour to be influenced by that thought. Anyone who then says that it is not their problem what people do with any information directly given to them as ‘true’ from an ‘experienced’ person who states they are ‘dead on in accuracy most of the time’, needs to rethink, as that is cynical at best. Anything that comes out of our mouths that might influence anyone for the worst is our responsibility, full stop.
Most who set up shop as ‘psychics’ for money are either outright evil scammers, have some ability but it is very sporadic and not enough to work a factory line, what ability they had is dissipated by the mere charging of money, or they are totally delusional and should keep quiet…unless they are prepared to take emotional, physical, financial and spiritual responsibility for the consequences.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:19 AM
Someone above mentioned a magic 8 Ball. What is the difference between an 8-Ball and a pendulum? In all seriousness? If someone can use their energy holding a piece of string with a rock on the end and be able to get answers to universal questions, why can't somebody use the 8-Ball for the same effect?

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:30 AM
Wow... talk about "much ado about nothing"... that seemed a a fun and lighthearted thread... and people are getting all bent out of shape over it. Will you protest and raise a ruckus over fortune cookies next? Or maybe astrology?

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:33 AM
Nothing wrong with these threads. If it provokes people into thinking along different lines then I'm all for it. Both threads have a purpose and I'm glad ATS allowed them to be here.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by calihan_12
how do you know they were answered perfectly? no one knows the real answers to those questions.

So what's the point? May as well just pick an answer....without a coin flip, pendulum...just take a w.a.g.

My opinion is, the only divination that takes place is the "diviners" ability to "divine" which answer the questioner would most like to hear. Ironic, in that this response will be what many people "don't want to hear."

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:39 AM

Please keep the discussion civil and on-topic. Leave the personal insults at the door please.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:41 AM

This stuff should be long to some Mysticism forum.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by GideonHM

I posted on that thread twice and noticed I was ignored, both times.

I was curious to hear what the answer might be and not getting answers tells me everything I need to know.

It is not only important in what you hear as it is in what is not said.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by mysticalzoe

Yeah, just don't think of it as lying. It is a physical object, a computer that tells you there is an error that doesn't exist, isn't lying to you. However, the outcome is the same if it was.

If it had intelligence (it doesn't), then yes. They just aren't nearly as effective as one would like. At least your husband got that job! So it wasn't completely inaccurate, but that doesn't help you at all.

Magic 8 balls are only slightly less limited than a pendulum. Tarot cards can give rich answers, but require much experience to get the most out of them.

I have used my entire tarot deck in readings sometimes, and the detail is amazing. I couldn't understand the half of what I was seeing. What is the significance of the ace of pentacles/coins in conjunction with the five of rods, and the temperance card? Ugh.

Perspective, perspective, perspective.

Try looking at a daily horoscope for a sign other than your own, and you can still apply it to your life, and actually gain something from it, if you try.

I have a saying that goes "Good advice from an A-hole is still good advice, and bad advice from your best friend is still bad advice". A pendulum, Magic 8 Ball, or tarot deck are neither, they are simply methods to try to gain understanding. If you understand, that is. Or they are just the internal component to an old clock, a weird eye ball that sees nothing, and a bunch of cards that sit there.

I do get your point though. If someone truly wants to believe, they will see whatever they want to believe, and that can really screw up someone's life.
That is the risk.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

I didn't see your post. Please give me a second to check. I will look. Ok?

Oh, ok!! I misread your statement.

Often, silence speaks far louder than words. That was why I posted to a new thread because I felt I was going to be ignored.

At least that is what my second augury said! Well, sort of.

I try not to take too much stock in these kind of techniques, because randomness will count against even the best thought out questions.

As a joke, last night I took my contact lens case and flipped it four times and asked if it will rain at my exact location in six months. Lid side is yes, bottom is no. I got the answers of Yes, No, Yes, No!

That doesn't strike me as very useful, but is just as accurate as any long term weather forecast. So, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that at my current location in six months there will be a 50% chance of rain!

In actuality, that isn't the case, the percentage could be any variable. Not to mention, the first time I flipped it the case fell off my desk, tumbled on to my lap, then the floor where it produced the yes answer. What the heck does that mean? Calamity? A flood? Actual house pets raining from the sky? Or the more likely scenario that I am a bit of a clutz?

Probably the latter.

[edit on 22-8-2009 by GideonHM]

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by Gemwolf

Thanks! I will be more careful.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by Yossarian

Yeah, I am glad that cooler heads are prevailing. Although, I just got rapped for losing my cool. Better that I am reminded of my mortality, no matter how brow beaten I have felt over a majority of these posts.

It actually restores a good deal of my faith in the the ATS system. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, move on, and further steps are not required.

Yeah, at least this thread isn't making me feel like a pariah anymore, and that is what is important.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:11 AM
I beilve in pendulums. Attack me. Tell me I'm allowing an object to rule my life, and that I'm being ignorant. I don't really care, thats alright. I don't want there to be a World War 3. I the pendulum is wrong, I will be happy, but I wont discard it. Why? Because I LIKE IT. I LIKE my pendulum. It was given to me by a dear friend. Its not a matter of spreading lies and being gullible, its a matter of curiosity and awe. I think it is a wonderful tool.Tools can be wrong sometimes, or they can lead you to the wrong answers, like a computer. They malfunction and crash, but no one attacks others, calling them spreaders of ignorance when they use one. Its helped me find lost objects in my room, its helped me figure out answers to problems. Its like a prized possesion. Its not a rock tied to a stick, it is a beautiful figure tied to a chain that I have come to put value on.

So yeah, feel free to call me an idiot. seems ATS users take pride in bashing someone in these days.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by summerdreary

No more attacks, no more anger, no more arguing over pointless issues. As best as can be helped.

I loved my pendulum that I got from an SCA event, a kid of the stall owner showed me how to use it. Didn't even have the foggiest clue of pendulums until that point.

If your computer breaks or gives faulty info, people will blame Microsoft, or hackers, or Intel. If your pendulum gives you faulty information, blame can be placed on the diviner, or the asker of the question, but it is within the nature of the technique.

Weathermen/women don't guarantee what the weather will be, and if they are wrong, then people will simply say "Stupid Weatherperson" and usually will get on with their lives. Any good meteorologist will be able to tell you that many times lives are on the line, no matter how simple the forecast.

If you are told on the news it will be sunny, then it drizzles as you are driving to the beach, and you chose not to change your thread worn tires to save time because you believe the forecast, and you get into an accident, you can't sue the weatherperson.

They are estimating, and if you plan your activities around a probability, then there is a good chance eventually your plans will run contrary to the actual weather, and it could cost you severely if you follow a forecast religiously.

A grain of salt does wonders to avoid such problems.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by InTrueFiction

Why the panic?

I'll tell you why: it basically has to do with Gideon. He posted on Calihan's thread and got quite upset that people basically ignored him for the entire 30 pages - or thereabouts.

It's not so much panic as frustration that nobody in particular appeared to want to listen to what Gideon had to say.

If you look over his previous posts -you'll notice that he gets upset and quite nasty when no one pays attention to him.

By the way Gideon, can you state for the record that the entirety of your initial post on this thread is your own work??? I would like you to go on the record and state uncategorically that your post is totally your own work and not taken/stolen from any other source?

Be a good lad and do that will you?

[edit on 22-8-2009 by mckyle]

Edited as per Moderator's Request

[edit on 22-8-2009 by mckyle]

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by mckyle

I already called you on your current post. Please refer to previous references.

You are being hostile, and I am already making great efforts to maintain the peace.

This thread is about divination. Not personal attacks.

Thank you.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by GideonHM

That's funny. I seem to recall being the one Calling you out for dishonesty.

But, as per the moderator's request, I'll keep this thread on target.

So, my question to you is, was your initial post on this thread, written by you or somebody else?

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by GideonHM

I am sorry for being hostile. I'm just sick of being criticized for my belifes on ATS, sick of seeing people being bashed and being bashed by others.
You are an intelligent person. Peace to you.
And sometimes a grain of slat ruins the meal, I'm just saying that I'm young, and although ATS reaally doesn't want me to say this, teenagers should still be allowed to belive in pointless things. If I was a skeptic at 16, it would ruin my teenage years and I wouldn't be having much fun.

[edit on 22-8-2009 by summerdreary]

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