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What is Salvation?

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by Nyrossius Maxim

Do you think there was an actual Adam and Eve and Garden of Eden, or were all these merely metaphors?

Yes, they are metaphors. Adam and Eve is the story of all humans. We have all failed the same spiritual test. i.e. to see ourselves as ONE and not as a duality. This is the blindness that effects nearly all people, that they identifiy themselves with their body and the sex of their body, as oppossed to their being part of a greater spiritual trinty that inhabits a physical body for the purpose of self learning.

This is the meaning of my avatar. A complete Triune self consists of a Knower, Thinker, and Doer portions. It is the Doer portion that inhabits the physical earth body. This relates to the Christian concept of the Father (Knower) Holy Spirit (Thinker) Son (Doer).

The Garden of Eden is likewise a metaphor and could be compared to a 'realm of permanance' (or heaven) which is a state of being as oppossed to a physical place. This is the state of Immortality.

The Bible is full of Metaphors. Jesus taught in parables. These can be compared to the Zen 'Kones' designed to make us think and thus receive the answers from within (In-tution).

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by Nyrossius Maxim

to comment on what you stated
"god does not demand something of us,
absolute love is unconditional"

you are right, but there is a BUT

unconditional love means freedom
freedom is the truth in the end,
you have to become truth
truth is logic
and logic needs to be everything
god has to be everything
so in that logic there is a world
where all the lies are to be believed
that is our world

God needs to be everything,
including what he isn't
it's a paradox
and we are that paradox
otherwise there is no absolute truth
logic is easy but it sounds russian

and many people died for that easyness
many people made mistakes
and regretted them for that logic
many people suffered mistakes
and felt pain all their lives
for that simple logic

this is a 'minimal' pain god suffers for himself
believes do not have to be true,
but everything had to be believed to exsist
not by guessing,but in logic,
that's why the paradox is falling right now
(paradox = lucifer)
history made that possible

because he is One,
the cross is shared with everybody
who will belong to him
not to be god, but to be free
god is just a name for everything
but everything is one

so yes, he demands from himself to be true
so if you want to join him
you have to demand from yourself
to see the truth in stages
including other people
forGIVING is the name, or better
a newer name,

you will never start to understand if you don't share,
if you don't see god in your enemy

salvation is growing, that is care, honesty.

god's love is absolute,
but it has a cross.
they are both true.

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