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Hitler escaped death 3 times by DESTINY

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:46 PM
1) when he was a young soldier,he stood in the sight of a very good english? soldier who killed alot of his buddies right now....the guy saw hitler and just moved..he spared him...
and hitler lives
2) a night hitler was sitting with his soldier buddies eating,then he hears a voice saying "stand up come here" after seconds a bomb shell falls killing all other that stood in that place
3) during the loss of his lover and the losing places of power in the gov,hitler though of cuiside a lot,it was probably so easy to just push the trigger,yet he didnt.
it appears destiny just wanted him to survive,after that to consult the astrologist,to get the good charm luck,them himler comes with all his occult obssesions,but hitler claims he dosnt approve occult,yet alot of facts lead to belive that hitler was obbsessed to occult him self..probably using it for luck and guidance,and nasty experiments and rituals to bring success to his vision or aid of unearthy forces?
can u believe destiny allowed all this to chain so interestingly.
i found that on youtube,write "hitler and the occult" 5 parts


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