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(MSWC) The Shaman

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 01:15 PM
They call me a Shaman. I am this tribe’s ambassador to the spiritual plane. We call our home Waltham. In your language this means “home in the woods” and we are known as the Walponquin. We reside near the “Quinnebequi” or river. It is the river, the earth, and the Chiye Tanka that allow our people to thrive in prosperity and peace. The Chiye Tanka are our Big Elder Brothers. Our elders tell us the Chiye Tanka created us; we are told they wander the outer limits of this wilderness furtively and see that the forest and our tribe are not threatened

It was the Autumn Solstice. To celebrate, our tribe held a great feast to give thanks to the Chiye Tanka and the Gods for their protection. The celebration was started with what is known as the Thanksgiving and is followed by the Visionquest. The Visionquest is a Shamanic ritual where the Shaman has a vision that is given to him by the Gods and the Chiye Tanka foretelling the fate of his people.
My purpose in this tribe is to interpret the visions that are given to me during the Visionquest and translate it for the tribe to understand. The Visionquest is the most sacred custom our tribe participates in. To enable me to delve deep into the spiritual plane I need to be induced into a state where I am one with the God-- a state where the sun and the moon are still, a state where rapids are ebbed, a state where chaos and order are one and I receive the vision. The vision usually manifests itself in the form of a symbol. But what separated this Visionquest from the last was the vision I saw. I didn’t see a particular symbol but I saw men aboard a serpent. These men were the Chiye Tanka nemesis. These beings had very pale skin, while the Chiye Tanka had hair covering every part of their body. These beings also had light golden hair that reflected the light like the surface of the Quinnebequi while the Chiye Tanka had dark hair absent of all luster. Also, these beings in the vision wore masks that covered their face. The masks were made out of some kind of stone I have never seen, decorated with horns and the guise of beasts. In addition, unlike the Chiye Tanka, these men came from the sea aboard a serpent. I knew the riders of the Serpent were destined to arrive on our shore in the spring. I had two choices: break tribe tradition and lie about my vision or reveal the grim truth. Either way I saw death lurking around the bend and I had to figure out a way to help my tribe overcome the invasion of the Riders of the Serpent. I chose to tell the tribe the truth. It was my destiny to be the shaman of this tribe; I couldn’t allow my weakness to fail the Gods.
There was a moment of shock and panic when I told my tribe that their end would arrive with spring. The tribe did not know what to do with such a prospect. It was an unprecedented vision. Council was called into session and the elders discussed the possible solutions to the seemingly sealed fate. The council suggested the tribe migrate deeper into the Massachusetts wilderness. But, one elder came up with a better solution which was to approach the Chiye Tanka. The elder was then ridiculed by others for making such a ludicrous proposal. One elder asked, “How do you know they still roam our forest or even still alive?” The elder answered, “Our elders told us tales of the Big Elder Brothers and the protection they provide. If they have left or perished then it is our fate to perish as well.” The council agreed and it was decided. They would approach the Chiye Tanka. But who would journey deep into the depths of the great forest? The council decided it would be the Shaman’s responsibility to find the Chiye Tanka. The fate of the tribe was in my hands.
I followed the path into the great forest. I couldn’t shake the feeling of impending danger as I wandered aimlessly in the ancient wilderness. I wandered to three days until I decided to hunt for food which is when I decided to try and track any animals for food. While tracking I discovered a large footprint. It was not animal. The footprint was exactly like mine except much larger. I continued to follow the tracks to a cave on the other side of the forest. It is a rule within this tribe forbidding the exploration of the caves alone. But I had no choice. I entered the cave, torch in hand, in search of the Chiye Tanka.
As I explored the cave I came to find that the ceilings were painted.The paintings depicted big figures in a group on top of a mountain looking up at an object flying like a bird. The object was shining a red beam of light at the Chiye Tanka and in the next depiction there are suddenly these small figures beside them. The Chiye Tanka had painted this cave. They had illustrated the creation of my tribe with fire and earth. I followed the cave further and further until I came to an opening. I entered to opening to find that it was a hollowed a out clearing full of vegetation like a forest in a cave. I proceeded to wander in the Chiye Tanka’s “home in a cave”. It was exactly like Waltham but within a cave. Then, suddenly, out of the dense tree cover appeared a Chiye Tanka. He was much taller than I was; he was also covered head to toe in grayish brown hair. He then spoke to me and said, “There is no fear, brother. We are one flesh-- One Blood. The Gods made it rain fire and we created your tribe. What are you seeking?” I responded and said, “They call me a Shaman. I am this tribe’s ambassador to the spiritual plane. We call our home Waltham. I have a prophecy. Men will cross the sea in a serpent and destroy our tribe. We need your protection.” The Chiye Tanka spoke and responded, “Yes, there will be a serpent that crosses the sea marking the end of your tribe. But I will offer you protection from this serpent. I will see that the serpent will not harm you. But, your tribe has a fate that cannot be prevented. Other white men will eventually cross the sea. Some will offer gifts and provide commerce. Others with bring disease, death, and destruction. Your fate is sealed my brother. I cannot protect you forever. You must embrace the end. Death is blind and inescapable. Do not be afraid, death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven’s claws; the serpent always has the last laugh, brother.” He was right, I must return home with the news. I thanked him for his kindness and left the Chiye Tanka to journey forth back to the tribe. I found my way back swiftly; I made it back in about two days. I approached the council and revealed the news. I explained our fate, I told them, “We will be spared from being destroyed by the serpent, but there will be others eventually. White men will come and we will disappear. There is no reason to be afraid we will live together in serenity until death sails across the sea and makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven’s claws.”
Eventually the white man did bring about the end to the Walponquin and their fate was fulfilled. Although the tribe have long disappeared their Big Elder Brothers, the Chiye Tanka, still wander our home in the woods, Waltham and repopulated much of America; you know them as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch”, our Big Elder Brothers.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by Relentless.D

Very cool idea Relentless. I like the whole prophecy thing that you laid out. It makes me wonder if something along these lines actually occurred. It is possible...anything is possible. Good luck in the contest with this story my friend.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 07:18 AM
thanks. yea i was getting at the ancient legend theme with a twist and a "what if?". Thanks for the support.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 02:16 PM
I always enjoy a good Shaman story, even written a few in my day. Toss in a Bigfoot and you've won my heart.

It does make one wonder if a prophecy or any warning at all was given before the white man got the the gleam of manifest destiny in their eyes.

S & F for you and I hope you do well in the contest,

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