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Flu drugs 'not needed' in healthy

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 10:48 AM
The World Health Organization has said healthy patients who catch swine flu do not need to be treated with Tamiflu

Antiviral drugs should be used in patients who are severely ill or those in high-risk groups including the under fives and pregnant women, it said.

The cost of the drug and the potential for resistance were taken into account by the expert panel.

But the UK government said it was taking a "safety first" approach by offering antivirals to everyone.

Link to BBC Article

So are they just trying to get rid of the sick .....

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 08:06 AM
Thank you for posting this. The UK government have blaightantly IGNORED this advice however

That blasted Tamiflu is causing more trouble here than the flu its self!!!!

This link is exactly the sort of cases we're going to see more & more of as winter comes on. TV presenter Andrew Castle's Daughter almost died after taking tamiflu.

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