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Swine flu news in the media worldwide...

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:04 AM
I have been watching my local news media and those from US and Britain and noticed similarities in the way they present the news of the swine flu.
Ive been reading on ATS some of the comments about how the swine flu has been represented by the media in their countries. There are many similarities and i compared them to our local news too.

There seems to be similar story lines and similar ways its presented to the public. Now if i can find all the news videos i have seen to compare them its impossible to find them. Especially from my local news. I cannot find past history videos from my local news on the swine flu only current swine news,show up in search.

But i noticed in the first instance it started they showed panicked Mexicans with masks on, worldwide, and that was a given obviously. But as the virus spread to other countries in each of those countries they showed a nice loving family being sent and locked into quarantine. Ok so its a way to get the public a little panicked and not wish they were housed for a week away from civilisation. Then the news unfolds even more and then they show how the number of infected is rising. This obviously caused alot of talk and panick and sales for vaccines went up. Then they showed that people with underlying illness are more likely to die from the flu. Then every countires news showed how the swine flu arrived into the countries and quarantine suddenly could not handle the outbreak afterall. Now the same story everyhere is that its died down. Now this reverse psychology gets people even more panicked because they are not certain about the second wave mutation, the calm before the storm. Now all countries are racing to get the vaccines out due to the crippling story of the second wave. Played out the same way as 1918 the calm before the storm. Now this is getting everyone worried as they dont know if the calm before the storm is the mutation or the killer vaccine.

But every country is playing the same story like it is rehearsed. You make the connections and then you think hang on Joe Blow from the US is telling me similar stories our media is portraying in our country.

I just wanted to bring this the forefront as to me these similar stories are more likely being played out. If anyone can find old news videos on the past swine flu broadcasts you will see the similar reports in every country. Which unfortunately i cant find.

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