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A Question regarding Lucid Dreaming?

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 04:02 AM
I got a question for anyone who thinks they can answer it. Actually, I have two..

I have read from some sources that Lucid Dreaming can be used to improve your ability to do something such as say, playing an instrument. Is this true?

Example, I play guitar and have been for numerous years now. However, would practice time spent in a Lucid Dream (I always fantasized about practicing n a completely tranquil place, and so this is one of my goals for a lucid dream) would I then be able to achieve what I practiced or learned in the lucid dream in the waking life?

I've heard that when you play pieces that are beyond your reach, you are capable of playing them flawlessly in the dream world, so how would this really benefit your instrumental abilities? Or would it just help you get closer to being able to tackle the piece in real life?

Similarly, would you be able to compose music and then accurately replay it in waking life?

Another thing I read is that Lucid Dreams can be used to seek knowledge or wisdom. How can this be possible? Or is this just false knowledge?

I don't mean spiritual stuff about yourself, I can see how that'd be possible, but I mean questions about the world or how to do something. Anything from the big to the small. Is it possible to get answers to your questions. Accurate answers that apply to real life?

Thank you to anyone who can answer this. These are just the things I notice when I read about Lucid Dreaming that I just don't fully understand..

Also, my apologies I posted this in another thread but realized it's probably not the right thread for it, and for some reason it won't let me edit my

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