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Answers I received from my pendulum

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by -NewSense-

Originally posted by -NewSense-
I know you're getting bombarded w/ questions but I would like to ask a couple that are fairly relevant to our current time period.

Will something big happen this month, August 22-23 as predicted by the time wave zero machine?

Will something even bigger happen this year, October 25, also as predicted by the time wave zero machine.

And last, Will Hurricane Bill cause any significant damage?

Thank you for your time.

Bumpin for answers

I'm startin to think my posts are invisible :\ Still bumpin for answers..

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by dmorgan

excellent questions - i was trying to think of something similar

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:08 PM
1. is the mark of the beast real?
2. has the antichrist been born?
3. will there be a fake alien invasion soon?
4. are humans supposed to be vegetarians?
5. does evil reside in a specific entity?
6. were the beatles abducted by aliens?
7. is music used by the government for subliminal mind control?
8. is (a,d,g,c or e) the most influential musical note?
9. is dejavu the result of time travel?
10. is dejavu the result of reliving the same life over again?

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:08 PM
I often use the pendulum. I think it is more than likely my subconscious moving it. How its moving it is a curiousity though, I take as many measures as possible to keep my hands still (micromovements of the fingers and such).

Could still be imperceptable movements of my fingers, or telekenesis.
I do keep in mind it could also be things outside of my general influence (wont say the A or G word, but sure, that thought is also on my mind). Ultimately it doesnt matter much. I find its helpful in helping me make up my mind in things I am torn over that I cannot logically decide one way or another. perks me up at times, etc.
Your also correct in how it tends to be pretty accurate at times, even when I think its lost its damn "mind" in what its saying yes to. could say a personal story about that but dont want to reveal more about myself than what I need to.

But, also, it has been wrong...careful about desiring a answer so much that you influence it...(moreso than what you may already be doing in a neutral mindset).

Best to keep in mind though that no matter how it works, dont take it as fact, just as potential. aka, if you ask if your spouse is cheating on you, chances are the answer is coming from your suspicion and intuition verses the cosmic answerman telling you whats up. Nobody claimed they used a pend to find the winning lotto numbers, so keep it all in perspective.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by constantwonder
if not intruiging to fun to not get in on so CW will also bite on this one

Will disclosure happen in my (CW's) lifetime

Is my daughter an old soul

is life the result of probability and time

is string theory correct

is loop quantum gravity correct

is relativity correct

btw greatly entertaining OP

bumpin qs lol

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Interesting thread, OP! Thanks!
Food for thought - what is the scope or domain of that which causes the pendulum to swing?

For instance, as others have indicated already in this thread, can the 'force' which drives the pendulum know who 'joeshmoe123' on an internet forum is? Or does this 'force' channel through the host agent that is using the pendulum and asking questions and therefore does not know who the spiritual entity is behind a screen name?

Personally, I feel that if this 'force' exists and is not just your mind playing games with you then it is your subconscious mind accessing some sort of 'knowledge' in which you must be extremely precise in your questions.

In other words, in order to get good results, perhaps you need to personally know the person you are asking about? Also, if asking a general question like "will ETs come to Earth" you need to be really accurate so you may want to rephrase like "will beings not native to Earth ever come and walk on planet Earth within the next 5 solar years".

I am a bit skeptical but very curious as I have heard reports of other people having uncanny luck. These people I spoke to (another forum, many years ago) said that trying to test it will often lead to crazy answers. Trying to fool it or trick it will also result in bad answers. Asking precise, honest, true questions with an honest and pure mind yields the best results. Lottery will not work because the helps feed ego and the 'self' which is contrary to whatever force is being accessed.

Or it is just a bit of hoopla. In any event, I had tried it in the past with no luck at all but I used copper wire tied to the quartz and now I am not sure if that was good because the wire may have had little bends in it. I'll try again this weekend but with a new crystal and some string.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by calihan_12

Originally posted by SpartanKingLeonidas
reply to post by calihan_12

I have seen this done before by a now ex-girlfriend's (Australian's both)aunt.

None of the questions she asked has come true, I am not living in Australia and we have no children together, since those were two of the questions asked.

I will ask you a few question just for the Hell of it.

1)Did Osama bin Laden direct 9/11 to happen?

2)Did the media lie to us about 9/11?

3)Did Dick Cheney direct 9/11 to happen and blame Osama as a patsy?

4)Will President Barack Obama declare Martial Law in the next 5 years?

5)Will America ever be represented by a politician who is not a puppet dictator?

[edit on 21-8-2009 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

I am wondering why I never got answers to my questions.

Were they already answered becauase I perused through and did not see them asked?

I thought they were universal enough to be able to be asked.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:28 PM
I have a couple questions for the almighty pendulum:

Is Jim Morrison still alive?

Is Obama black?

Will my brother get into college?

Will I live past 27?

Will I be single in a month?

...These should be simple for the all-knowing, all-seeing almighty pendulum.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:32 PM
lol wow this is really entertaining.

im NOT hating on the OP, just some of the fans she has picked up recently.

you guys are going off the deep end quick.

i got a magic quarter than when i flip it tell me the answers to all things too!

only problem is its heads on both sides, but i know the difference between them!

ok now that i made myself look like a fool, MY TURN FOR QUESTIONS! y3y!

1) Did Homosapien kill Neanderthal into extinction?
2) Can People fly by only thinking happy thoughts?
3) Will sea levels rise beyond 20ft? 50ft? 1000ft? 2000ft?
4) Did life originate on Mars? Earth? Our Galaxy?
5) Will kids stop putting fake spoilers on front wheel drive cars?

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:35 PM
It tells you something about the state of ATS when some kid playing with a magical pendulum gets over 21 pages worth of replies.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:46 PM
Pendulums are pretty interesting. I have had what I consider moderate success with them for years. There are times that it just won't budge though. I find them very limiting since you can only do yes or no but may try and set up a board of some sort to try that out.

I have been reading Tarot for 30 years and started using the angel oracle cards a couple years ago. Tarot is the most effective and like someone said pages ago, sometimes it is too freaky especially when you do a cold read on someone you don't know at all.

All these things are really nothing but tools. We all have energy that surrounds us and varying degrees of receptivity so different things "work" better for some than others. The real goal is to get to the place where we don't need the tools and can get our answers from the energy and spirit around us.


posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by calihan_12
ask it if in 2012 will the world change because of bending? plz thank you

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:47 PM
Will China be the new superpower?

Will the American government become more secular (and follow the rule of Church and State separation)?

Will there be a one-world religion (as Nwo-philes claim)?

Does the Constitution still exist?


This is an either/or question broken into two:

Does the government control the people?

Do the people still have control of its own government?

Is the United States moving toward a more socialist government?

Will the Republican party become Whigs (lol, sorry)?

Will Sarah Palin run in 2012? (just curious, lol)

And lastly, if this socialist government is established, will it pave the way for the North American Union?


posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by ArMaP
Without a pendulum I can predict that your post may be edited by a Mod in the near future.

Edit: see, I told you so.

Star for you Sir

Ok I know 'no personal' but I only have one question, if you please.

Am I known throughout most of the world?

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by calihan_12

in short isreal is going to nuke iran waking both the dragon of the east and the bear of the north. both of which are almost equal to the US by themselves but on the same side there are not enough bullets to take on the communist juggernaut.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:02 PM
No ones questions are getting ignored on purpose. There are just to many to answer them all. Also personal questions aren't getting answered.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:04 PM
Okay - one more question = phrase it as you will =

Was Obama born in the USA?
Was Obama born in Kenya?

One should get a yes and one should get a no - which is which???

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by KnoxMSP

same, guys are not really prone to using objects like thus for some reason. rumor has it that ancestors on both sides of my family were mystics in the Caribbean though so at this point who needs an object to pull out the answers of the void.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by calihan_12


on behalf of all the posters on this board, thank you for being kind enough to answer the multitude of questions.

I am disappointed at the self-centredness of many here who not only stretch the proverbial friendship with a Gettysburg Address-sized question list, but also don't even offer a please or thank you.

Lastly, to the many who have NOT BOTHERED TO READ THE ENTIRE THREAD, please do so, and keep your questions to a maximum of five as per the request of the OP.

Thank you again Calihan for such an entertaining thread


[edit on 21-8-2009 by mckyle]

[edit on 21-8-2009 by mckyle]

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by mappam

if he wasnt born in the US, he could be from anywhere. If it happened to kenya, fine, but if the answer to both is no than he is more than what he seemed

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