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Different levels of awareness.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:40 PM
I just wanted to make this thread to talk about the levels of awareness of the world. I don't mean to talk about awareness- like in a psychological sense, but, awareness as to if you're really aware of the rest of the world, if you're not, and all that stuff. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject.

I think that awareness can be categorized into different levels. I've recently went through quite a few levels, and, I think I'm on the fourth level of awareness. I'll give a list of what I see as the levels of awareness are.

Level 1 of awareness- your awakening. During this phase you've just decided that the world you knew was a lie. That TPTB are controlling things, and, that there is a lot of truth to what conspiracy theorists say.

Level 2 of awareness- you disregard your old views. During this phase you shatter your old beliefs. Whatever conspiratorial views you've held you disregard. You then go on a search for truth of your own.

Level 3 of awareness- You are a truth-seeker. You try to learn all different things about the world. You come to your own conclusions.

Level 4 of awareness- You find out what people say about the world. You understand what things are. You understand what people mean by what they say. You can choose to agree or disagree with them.

Level 5 of awareness- You think back about how you were in step one. You then realize that these things that conspiracy theorists say should be investigated more. You look up what they say, and, think about it... and then you come to a revelation about what they mean.

Level 6 of awareness- You choose what conspiracy theories to accept or reject, and, you can become an independent thinker.

Level 7 of awareness- You have reached more of an understanding of the world, you know why the world is a lie, and you are more aware of all the propaganda that is in the world.

Level 8 of awareness- You know a lot. You have a lot of knowledge... and you can share that knowledge with other people. You have gone beyond the learning phase... you don't just learn anymore... but now you know the specifics about the history of different conspiracy theories... and you can tell others what's up.

Level 9 of awareness- You understand the power structure of the world. You know how it operates. You know how it keeps people in the dark. You think back about yourself at all the previous levels of awareness you've been and hope that people see the light for how it really is.

Level 10 of awareness- You have truly awakened... and you understand all the previous levels of awareness... and you peel away at the realms of reality and understand philosophy... and you know what different people will say, and, what they mean... you understand what they want, or, what they think they want, what will happen to each other, and the consequences of different people's actions. You don't look at the world like you used to... and it's tougher accepting this. A warning about being at this level- if you're at this level you can easily fall back and revert to a lower level if you reject these philosophies, and, then you start back at the level 1 of awareness.

Those are the ten levels of awareness as I see it. I'm still between level 7 and level 9. You can be at different levels of awareness at different times. And you can think you're aware but you're really not. That's what I call negative levels of awareness.

These negative levels of awareness are reverse awareness. I hope to help you identify with different levels of negative awareness you've been on with your life. The list goes from least worst to the worst levels of awareness you could be at. I hope you can relate. These are all different phases I've been through in my life before.

Level -1 of awareness- You think you're awake. You just accept these conspiracy theories at face value. You just parrot off of conspiracy theorists hosts like David Icke and Alex Jones, without understanding what they say.

Level -2 of awareness- You're a sheep. You think that it's fun just living life and not caring about the rest of the world... you think it's okay to not really understand what these things are. You just accept that the world is bad and think you've somehow won because of that.

Level -3 of awareness- You go on bothering people about how you think you're awake. You always tell people on different message boards that they need to wake up. You don't see how different logic could be used to get people to your thinking. You also don't understand really what being awake means... you just think it's cool to say it anyways.

Level -4 of awareness- You are a registered Democrat/Republican. You go on saying that you think your party has betrayed its principles and that the other side has also betrayed their principles. You fail to see the real power structure behind both parties. And you don't really understand that neither party is really against each other. You also tend to think that both parties have a different philosophy when it comes to foreign policy, when, in reality they don't.

Level -5 of awareness- You are a party hack. You think that people of the other party are always wrong and the people of your party is always right. This goes for any country- not just the USA.

Level -6 of awareness- You think anyone who doesn't share your point of view isn't aware. And you don't like their point of view.

Level -7 of awareness- You just accept whatever political pundits say without analyzing what they say critically. You don't think that they could possibly be wrong. If people accuse the media of being liberally biased you just scoff at them, likewise, if they say it's conservatively biased you just scoff at that idea.

Level -8 of awareness- You don't actually understand what conspiracy theories mean. You just like them because they sound cool. You talk about a shadow government without understanding the meaning of the word shadow or what these things mean.

Level -9 of awareness- You are on fringe ideologies. You seem to think it's cool to be a radical leftist, an anarchist, or, a classic conservative, or whatever. You just want to be different. You wish more people would like these ideologies.

Level -10 of awareness- You only look for selective bits of information that conform to your world view. You don't have definite views and you don't take time to understand other sides. You don't know how to debate and you act really foolish with political arguments and you don't understand what people mean by what they say. You just accept reality for what it is, and, you just don't care that it could be any other way.
Obviously party hacks are quite common in most places. Many of these party hacks don't realize the faults of their own parties.

The negative levels of awareness- are- meant to show different levels of awareness, where people aren't really aware but they think that other people who believe differently than others.

It's hard to be aware all the time. I know these aren't all the levels of awareness out there. There are more out there. I know that. But these are all that I could come up with. The others seem hypothetical to me because I haven't experienced them/observed them. There are two extremes for levels of awareness though.

On one extreme for the positive level of awareness- you have the truth, you know the meaning of life, you try to make the best of life despite TPTB trying to control your every move, and, you understand why people are in a constant trap.

On the extreme negative level of awareness- you are a complete fool, and, you just accept whatever the mainstream media tells you. You think that one side is better than the other. And you also are playing their game. You love slogans. You think things in a simplistic manner. And you don't understand how the world works or how TPTB works for that matter.

That's what I came up with. Feel free to add to the list of levels of awareness. What are your thoughts?

What do you think when you think of someone who is aware? What do you think when you think of someone who is unaware?

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:44 PM
The difficulty is knowing what information to trust. The governments are not always lying, and the alternative news sources are not always telling the truth. And to really be able to judge what is true or not, you either need to choose who else to trust or become an expert yourself. So the end result is you end up believing whoever you trust, weather they are right or wrong.

The only certain thing is uncertainty. I think we have a puzzle with a billion peaces, but several pieces fit in the same place.

So I guess Im saying that awareness on your scale needs to be defined. What is awareness? If its simply reading everything you can about why the world is not what it seems, its very easy to gain more awareness. But is it the truth?

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:46 PM
Some might say if all your awareness is based on the things "out there", then you aren't aware at all.

Are you really aware, or are you just trying on different boxes?

I think being aware that you are aware - and not just about "what" you are aware of, but that you can be aware at all to begin with is a pretty big step.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by badmedia

I agree with you 100%. One of the toughest challenges that I've faced lately is realizing that I'm aware now, and, to stay strong in light of all the propaganda that is in our day to day world. As you've said- just being aware is a big step. And it is. It's hard to be awake and stay aware all the time. But it can be done. You just have to recognize that you are an individual... and that you are your own person and that no one will take that away from you.

It took me a long time to realize that I need to take what I know with me wherever I go... and that I access my old ideas and old knowledge in new situations, and, at new times... and bring my old experiences with me and that I don't have to just be a sheep mindlessly accepting the world around me. It's hard. But I think once you realize that you're an individual... being aware becomes more easy for you. Once you become enlightened, and, you become awake, you can't ever turn back. You just have to have more hardened resolve... you may find yourself in different boxes from time to time. But if you realize you're an individual and not just something connected to the net and that you're separate from other people and from the chain of life... it's easier to see things for how they really are... you start seeing stuff from your own point of view, and, not just what others tell you. It takes a while... but you get there... at least that's how I see it.

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