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I just woke up from a really strange dream.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:58 AM
I just woke up from a really strange dream that sort of relates to the NWO and the SHTF. I'm going to try to type out as much as I can remember.

MODS: If this is in the wrong place, please move it.

I live in the Wilammette Valley in Oregon, about 70 miles from the West Coast. It's been hot lately, frequently in the high nineties and low hundreds, So some friends and I decided to have a beach party.
We were on our way to the coast, driving on a long bridge over water (which isn't actually part of the trip from here to the coast, but it was in the dream.)
Suddenly, it started raining a slimy, green rain. The "rain" went on for a few minutes, then the drops started to get bigger, until it was raining golfball sized, mucousy, green bubbles, with some type of whitish fiber in them. Cars were slipping all over the bridge, until the car in front of us crashed and we drove over the side of the bridge to avoid it. We all managed to get out of the car and out of the river safely. It was still "raining" when we got out of the water and made our way, somehow, to a nearby house where the people who lived there let us in.
We asked the people if they had any idea or any news as to what the rain was. They said they didn't. The TV was on, but no news. I flipped open my phone thinking I could look it up, but when i looked at my screen, it looked like someone defaced my phone wallpaper in ms paint, it reminded me of a hacked webpage, and none of my buttons worked. I asked one of my friends, and another, and everybody's phone had the same thing. Everyone was confused, and panic started to get to members of the group. The TV lost its signal for a second then came back with newspeople talking about the "new weather" and how interesting and entertainging it is - a great improvement over the old weather.. We changed channels, but on all channels it was these two newspeople yammering on about how great this snot-rain was. someone turned on a radio, and someone on the radio was naming all these weird chemical names and listing the ill effects of the rain; psychosis, delusions, dehydration.... Suddenly, everyone's phone starts ringing. People started answering their phones and anyone who answered the phone just got a terrified look on their face then sat on the floor.
I didn't answer mine, and after a minute of ringing, I got a txt message.
I read the txt and it said that the illuminati had lessons to teach humanity and that everybody on earth had been programmed with a key-word and thet my key-word was "discin". At first, I read it as a misspelling of "decision". I stumbled over it for a second in my head and looked at it again, and noticed the way it was spelled. At thet point, I was instantly overcome with a feeling of unexplainable panic and anxiety (I've never felt this type of anxiety in my waking life) and the rain stopped. The sky turned a bright pink color, so that everything had an eery red tint, and a loud buzzing sound started. The phones started working, but most everybody were still in a terror on the floor, some gripping their heads to keep the noise out, although I was sure the noise was in our heads. I managed to get a phone call to my dad, who would only say he didn't know what's going on, but I probably should try to get to his house(on top of a hill and set up like a fortress.
So I left the house everyone was holed up in and started walking toward my dad's house, all the while, having overwhelming waves of anxiety.
This is when I woke up.

I actually still feel a little anxious, but nothing compared to the panic attack when I woke up. I don't normally remember my dreams, so this is just so weird I figured I would share it here.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 10:15 AM
S & F, man. A premonition maybe? Your six sense telling you of the future? the "illuminati has a lesson to teach humanity" part sounds like they're alien, which would explain the green, slimy rain. We should keep this in mind for the future, so we know what to do incase this happens.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by nasdack24k

The "white fibers" inside the bubbles immediately reminded me of Morgellon's.

Very creepy.

Not to sideline your thread, but my daughter woke me up this morning to tell me about her dream. She said in it she was older, the rest of the family looked the same, but somehow she knew she was older....she said people were chasing us to give us a "booster". She was caught and never got a chance to see us again (?). Funny thing is, it's been quite a while since she's even needed to see a dr....let alone get a shot, so I'm not sure how this scenerio got into her head.. It's also her birthday today. She turns 6.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 10:59 AM
Think you've been on ATS too long thinking about the end of the world.... seriously..... If you're starting to get anxiety after being on this site it's time give it a break and realise that most of the # on this site ain't gonna happen.

Slime : To see or feel slime in your dream, represents your inability to place your trust in somebody

Anxiety : To dream that you are experiencing some anxiety in some affair, is a reflection of what you may be feeling during your waking life. You may have repressed thoughts, unexpressed emotions, resentment, and hostility that are triggering your anxiety dream. This dream also denotes that you are disastrous mixing business with pleasure.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 11:05 AM
That was an incredible lucid dream, very life like and filled with loads of symbology.

I will remember this one and know that if the time comes and we see this kind of weather I will throw down the cell and forget the TV, Radio and Computer.

Thanks for sharing, be sure and hydrate yourself and place protection around yourself.

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 11:06 AM
Green slime, loud buzzing noise, sky changing color, wow that's sounds a lot like a video game that I play quite a bit.

I been having strange dreams lately too but nothing like that, man you must be just shaking your head trying to come to a conclusion.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 12:29 PM
I read it and couldn't stop thinking about Swine Flu or some really bad variant of it that is going to cause a lot of problems. If everyone gets sick, who's going to look after keeping communications up? Those computers and all are still going to need people.

I thought the bridge was important because it had accidents on it. Maybe it's not a real bridge, but something like a period of time we have to get over before thiongs get back to normal.


posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 02:39 PM
Interesting replies, everybody..

Spitefulgod: I'm on ATS all the time, and you're right. Most of the things discussed here won't happen. I do spend a bit of time thinking about the PTB, how they operate and why they certain things are the way they are. But believe me, I also have enough other things going on to keep my mind occupied 90% of the time.

Antar: I have had a bottle of water with me all day so far lol.

Big Oil: Interesting you mention video games. I got the distinct impression once the anxiety started and the rain stopped that the rain and my whole perception of the coast trip up until when I received my key-word was meant to represent a manufactured, virtual-reality hallucination.

My lunch break has been over for 10 minutes.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by nasdack24k
Interesting replies, everybody..

Big Oil: Interesting you mention video games. I got the distinct impression once the anxiety started and the rain stopped that the rain and my whole perception of the coast trip up until when I received my key-word was meant to represent a manufactured, virtual-reality hallucination.

Halo 3

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 06:54 PM

Everyone has a closet and a phone line to the light switch..

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by chephzibah

That is a very cryptic reply. Would you care to elaborate?

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