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Joseph Moshe - Arrested in LA by FBI for Going Public about Vaccine

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by chiron613

So, maybe he didn't make any bomb threat. However, most of those responding personnel didn't know that. They had what they believed was a credible bomb threat, and the guy was near a Federal building. So you take it seriously. Personally, I think they were very patient with him, which makes me believe they didn't all think he had a bomb, but figured he was mentally disturbed. They let him sit in his car for hours. They could have just shot him through his window, and that would have been the end of the story. They could have broken out the window and tasered him during the first hour. Why did they let him sit so long, then? Probably because they were trying to give a mentally disturbed person a break.

When have you known the police to be 'patient'? When have you known the police give a mentally disturbed person 'a break'? They would have pumped 60 bullets into him had they not perceived a bigger threat. They were scared to go near that car....they probably thought he had a vial of this wonderful vaccine on him and that they and the city would get infected it if it broke.
Why did he just sit there? Either there is nothing to this story and he is just mentally ill...or there is something to this story and he wanted the media to see him so he couldn't be killed.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 07:54 AM
If you are not at least a little worried about the news the last couple of weeks, you should be! If you haven't read about all the dead microbiologists maybe you should research that too. When it comes to matters such as these I tend to listen to my own intuitions...

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by chiron613

Where did we get this idea that he was mentally ill? The cop who was being interviewed said he didn't even know the Moshe's name, and the media were relying on whatever these thugs told them. I can't say for 100% that it was spin, but maybe it is me seeing what I want, but it looked like over-kill on the spin. The "neighbor" saying that "he's a quiet guy until he's off of his meds." Umm, hello. The typical neighbor in this country doesn't know jack diddly squat about their neighbor let alone what the hell they are injesting pharmaceutically.

I can't prove they were lying to us, but when it quacks like a duck and looks lke a duck and walks like a duck. The chances are pretty high that it's a duck. Then again, the whole thing could be a plant to distract us from something even more sinister.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:30 AM

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:35 AM
In our newspaper they were talking about over 12,00 woman got sick from the gardisal vaccine and they said some side effects symptoms did not show until after 3 months the vaccine was administered. You can read it here:

What if its the same for the swine flu vaccine. That means theres a chance some will drop like flies early from it whilst for others it may take months. Which gives them a chance to lie and say it was the swine flu that killed these people.

I dont get the murderous brutality of it. Simply because they will have the blood of billions of people they killed on their hands. Then i would think why would these vaccine companies not have a conciousness but are totally psychopath. When i think of the amount of people taking anti-depressants most end up becoming psychopaths and hear voices. I was wondering with drug companies working around chemicals in their labs all the time is it the fumes or sometthing getting into their brains causing them to have psychopathic tendencies. Like a bunch of drones doing as their told for power and money. They certainly then wont be revered as heroes to the human race thats for sure, if its likely they want to suffer their own torments.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:25 AM
Just to let everyone know that this story is a non-starter. Go to:
and ask yourself whether the Joseph Moshe who was arrested at the Federal Building in Westward, West Los Angeles, is the same man as the Dr Bar-Joseph Moshe who is a micro-biologist. The former looks a much younger man and could never in a hundred years be confused with the latter.

The only source for the two men being identified as the same one is "HL Shanken," a notorious poster at the forum called "Godlikeproductions," who lives still in the Cold War era and thinks everyone other than his mother is a communist. None of the regular visitors to this forum takes seriously anything he writes.

I believe this connecting of the L.A. incident with the Dr Joseph Moshe is yet another example of deliberate disinformation spewing from that forum, which is notorious for its lies, disinformation and fantasies.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by micpsi

I want to add that the mistake was made when the photograph of Dr Moshe as a younger man at
was compared with the Joseph Moshe in the various photos at the scene of the siege. Dr Moshe was born in 1939, which makes him now 70. The siege photos show a man in his 50s or early 60s at the most. Therefore, the two men are NOT the same.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:39 AM
Im not sure I can totally go along with the conspiracy that the shot is the killer, just seems to easy to track down after the fact and be more trouble than its worth, I see it as more of a money maker and thats it.

You have to look at some real facts, and I do mean facts can make opinions based on the facts.

FACT - the current swine flu that is going around is nothing, not really dangerous and really not that big a deal for now.

Opinion - since its not dangerous now, I dont see a need for a vaccine for it.

FACT - This can mutate and then it can get dangerous, this is the real fear.

FACT - it takes a few months to get a vaccine created for a new mutation, so any current vaccine would not help you at this point, a new one would have to be created.

Opinion - they created a bunch of the first vaccine and need to use it or lose it(money) This does 2 things, makes big pharma and those involved alot of money, and appears to make the people feel better than the gov is trying to help.

Now as far as this guy "letting the cat outa the bag" I have no clue and Im willing to bet we will never know the truth on his story.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by micpsi

From what I can tell, the person being pulled from the car and Joseph Moshe are one and the same.

This is Joseph Moshe, the Ph.D. in virology:

This is the man in the VW:

Personally, I think they are the same person, but I am not a professional so I'll leave that up to you guys. But just as an observer, they share the same facial features and aside from perhaps a bit of hair dye, there is a remarkable similarity.

The facts that need to be considered here are that this person withstood 4 rounds of teargas without as much as twitching.. That alone should make you wonder who this guy is and why he would be resistant to something that is designed to take someone to their knees.

Asked how the man was able to withstand multiple rounds of what appeared to be tear gas, Villanueva said some people are able to resist to the chemicals. "I can't explain that, there's no way to explain that," he said.

I agree godlikeproductions has produced more garbage than real information, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

Just my 2c.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by Applesandoranges
The people who recieved the polio vaccine 50 years ago could still suffer side effects of vaccine some fifty years latter.
This is the problem what are the side effects of this vaccine, the cure could be worse than illness.

One other thing, some are saying some of the components of this vaccine, could cause sterialization, that one wayto control population.

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by daveinok

Has anyone considered the idea that the vaccine is really..................... just a vaccine?

All i know is this: When i was really young, I almost died from the MMR shot. and just over a year ago, I received the 5th of 6 anthrax shots, and was inthe E.R with respiratory distress, and a decreased heart rate, along with the most sever migraine i have ever had. like my brain was swelling to the size of a watermelon. The MMR and Anthrax vaccines both contain oil based adjuvants such as squaline, which is known to cause neurological and coronary disorders.

And on top of all that, there is this, from 1979, on 60 minutes, during the swineflu outbreak of 1976...

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by jtma508
reply to post by FlyersFan

Aww come on FF... this is all about Obama? Again? Give it a rest dude. This sort of crap has been going on for a long time. Have you forgotten about the Patriot Acts? Gitmo? People gotta get off this political partisanship crap. It's counter-productive and divisive. Exactly what 'they' want.

Of course this is all about Obama. Stop blaming those that aren't even in power anymore. This is his show, the great one's, the messiah, the ultimate world playboy who is the world's citizen and prez of 57 states. This is HIS show, his move.

You can't say just to "forget what he has done so far" as if you do, history has a way of repeating itself and well end up with another 4 years of this socialist. Maybe by then, der Leader will make sure the flavoraide many of his sheeple enjoy will grow to include more flavors then grape and orange. It will help us eat the give cheese, crackers and bread.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 12:32 PM
I have a very open and honest question that I would like to see answered. I recently created a thread about the vaccine and the more I research the swine flu, the more I don't get who would benefit from our gov wiping out millions and millions of its citizens. It would only make us as a country weaker. What is there to gain from killing 50% of the population? BHO is a douche but not sure he is a complete and utter moron. Seriously, thoughts or reasons?

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by JustJoe
If you are not at least a little worried about the news the last couple of weeks, you should be! If you haven't read about all the dead microbiologists maybe you should research that too. When it comes to matters such as these I tend to listen to my own intuitions...

If you can post any links you have on these bioligists dieing, please post them. I would love to include them in some emails to nay-sayers that send me their BS emails daily.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Roadblockx

"I don't get who would benefit from our gov wiping out millions and millions of its citizens. It would only make us as a country weaker"

You almost answered your own question..............Its not us as a country...........its the world as one government...........There are plenty of UN documents dicussing the Biodiversity and conservation which back up this statement...........

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by Roadblockx

New Thread with a link to all the dead scientists and their professions, as well as many great articles.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:02 PM
I am surprised at how many posts I see in which people have stated that they will agree to get the vaccine.

I'd rather DIE than let the government put anything into my body! They already have poisoned almost all of our food, air, soil, water- you name it, they crapped it up! Well, now they are bringing their pollution to the INSIDE of our bodies. This is the point where I give a direct N.O. You all should too!

Also, there are a lot of people out there who are refusing to get this vaccine. More so than I would have imagined. For example, my boss- a typical old Italian lady, obedient citizen- told me that there is no way in hell she is getting that vaccine. She was alive for the first round of vaccines in the 70's and she did get one then. After her whole life of never getting sick, she got pneumonia for TEN years after that vaccine! She was lucky though, others died or were left with debilitating nerve diseases.

To the person earlier who mentioned how his wife insists on vaccinating herself and their baby: I hate to say it, but your wife is asleep and not ready to wake up. My ex boyfriends were all asleep and sooner or later, things did not work because I simply cannot relate to closed minded people. It does become hard when a child is involved. I wish the best for you and your child. If there is any way you can make it so your child does not get that vaccine, I would recommend it highly. Maybe, if she won't budge, threaten your wife with something that is dear to her? Then she may know how it feels to be denied something that she feels is so utterly important. However, if wifey doesn't get her way, the schools probably will, and then the government perhaps. This could prove to be quite a fight, but it is nice to know that many sheeple out there are waking up and SO many people who I would assume would get that vaccine have told me that there is no chance in hell they're taking the jab.

To all of you who are feeling scared into getting this vaccine for ANY reason, I urge you to reconsider. Do not poison yourselves! The first go around harmed so many people- let's not let that happen again. I'd rather live a healthy and uncontaminated life, rather than screw up the quality of my life by giving in and taking that vaccine. If my choices are: dead, or alive with Guillain-Barre syndrome - I choose dead.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:15 PM
A thought I had when talk of a possible pandemic began making the rounds....
Why does this flu hate America?
Is it jealous of our freedom perhaps?
Follow. The numbers may be a bit off but the idea is still valid.
I am told there is some new nasty Avian flu in...?...China perhaps....12 dead
Then it appears in another country..Let us say Greece....8 dead
Again,....Spain....7 dead.
But then I am told when it gets to the United States, millions will dies?????
Wow. It must really hate us with a passion. Have we perhaps offended it in some way? Why will we not go on the list as...United States, 26 dead...????? Why will the death rate suddenly soar into the millions once it crosses our borders????? Where is the country in which swine flu has already been discovered which has a head start on us and so is already counting it's dead in the millions? the thousands????? several hundred???....would you believe a boy scout troop and a group of senior ladies involved in a bake sale?? Would you believe.......?????
What is wrong with this picture?????
BTW What is the annual death rate from common ordinary flu?
Swine flu has already appeared in a dozen countries all of which have had a death rate several magnitudes less than that produced by your standard run of the mill flu yet none of the media consider this newsworthy. I yam so confused.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by Mr_XIM
The only thing you should fear is if they the doc tells you to drop your pants to get the shot in your hip, than as you do this and you lean over, you hear what sounds to be a zipper, be aware that the doctor should have no reason to be dropping his pants also. This happen to me years ago, long story, horrible story, just trust ole XIM on this one!

Remember this!

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 05:13 PM
I think its a next scam, they (the powers that be) have come to realized the resistance is taking shape even though it is in its infancy. Let us not forget they have always been one step ahead but the internet granted lea way. Now they want the resistance to resist against taking the shot so the epidemic/pandemic hits who they really want US (maybe the vaccine does work to an extent)

The resistance. viva la resistance.

That hit me in the middle of reading that info.

But all in all this was an amazing find homie.


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