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Does NZ PM John Key Agree Explosives Were Used on 9/11?

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 03:21 AM
Does NZ PM John Key Agree Explosives Were Used on 9/11?

Looks to me even PM John Key has no problem believing there were bombs exploding at the WTC, or is he in the Denial Movement as well, as the debunkers would like us to believe.

How much more proof does one need when you have hundreds of eyewitness reports, reporting explosion and the News media capture the sounds of explosions.
I suppose all of these people just wanted to be caught in the lime light, while people where jumping to their death. One would have to be out of their mind to believe in the OS after watching this video; I think it says it all! When will the government stop lying about 911 most of it has been exspose now.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 05:02 PM
Sounded like he was saying that there explosives on the plane? If I heard it properly. I wonder why they didn't play imore of the interview, it did seem a little edited.

On a side note:

If you look at that link and scroll down, in the comments. You will see someone claiming to have been involved in the 9/11 thing. Of course, it is just someone on the internet, but the comments are interesting:


I was in a family for more than 26 years who are involved in a huge criminal system that was involved in the planning and destruction of the Twin Towers well known as 9/11. I learned about 9/11 back in the mid-90’s from the family in detail as well as other plans linked to what 9/11 was to be part of. Marty Didier Northbrook, IL ..... However please understand that comments made were at times as high level directives associated with a couple of major focuses. One focus is another White House Coup similar to what happened in 1993 only much more organized involving many world wide. Other focuses were in securing areas that supported their main focus (WH Coup). It’s important to realize that the proceeds of huge drugs sales are being used to FUND Black Ops in support of the WH Coup. The 1933 WH Coup was called “The Business Plot” because the Elite were amongst those involved in the Coup. It’s no different now except there are many more, they control much more and because of wealth they are able to afford anything including those in our Government and micro-snooping of anyone. There was so much going on while I was married that family gatherings were always busy with talk. At our level we knew a great deal but all of us including those in the family who were directly involved were paranoid. Scared stiff. War was all around us with using car accidents as a means to kill or harm. Buying a new car meant having family meetings to discuss what was the best vehicle to drive to remain safe. My oldest brotherinlaw drove a bullet proof car and his business is of being a property developer. Building homes can be a dangerous job it seems. Keep in mind that what I’m talking about isn’t a local crime system, it’s a world wide criminal system. Difficult to beleive I’m sure but how else can those who they call “The Gate Keepers” manage their goals? If I were to travel elsewhere from Chicago to India or Itally, I would personally find trouble there too. No one is really going to beleive who all is involved. Marty Didier Northbrook, IL

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 12:48 PM
Good post but you may not get much mileage out of it.
Why you may ask!
IMO the spooks here on ATS rarely, if ever reply to this type discussion. Probably because of Orders From Headquarters.
I haven't looked back much further than JFK in earnest.
But I am sure anyone taking a good look and taking names from say Northwood to the "birther" shenanigans can paint themselves a very convincing picture.
If you get back to Marx.---it looks like he is the manual for this trend.


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