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Greedy & Old Politicians!? - Lawmakers Get Pension Plus Salary From Taxpayers!

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Lawmakers get pension plus salary - Many U.S. states allow public officials to draw a pension while they still earn a salary. CNN's Allan Chernoff reports.

CNN Politics: - the video: Lawmakers get pension plus salary

Oh man!

Late yesterday evening I watched CNN International here in Europe and almost fell out of my chair when I heard how the old & greedy politicians could opt for a pension when they get 65 y.o and retire from office, but still stay at their work and have full salary!


I am amazed how greedy these old geezers really are, I mean all these useless old politicians should step aside for the next generation - but instead they are milking the system to the last drop with no remorse att all - and they are not ashamed about doing it! - stay at your work with full salary + draw pension after your 65 year birthday! no problem!

So these old geezers who can work until they die of old age, instead of passing it on to younger generations with new & fresh ideas (to take their places as it should be) is a good sign that Goverments are broken everywhere in the West - and for the moment, especially in the USA.

Doesn't this make people in the USA angry!? - the American taxpayers pay for all these useless geezers who has one foot in their grave and are refusing to leave their places for the next generation, and most are doing it for one purpose! - MONEY!!

Well it's not only an American problem! - many European politicians have similar dirty deals and it makes me wanna puke in their corrupted & wrinkled faces!

And now the taxpayers have to bail out their gold-plated pensions!

Now taxpayers bail out MPs' pensions

A fresh row over MPs' pay and perks erupted after taxpayers were asked to foot an £800,000-a-year bill to bail out their gold-plated pension scheme

Under the plans unveiled by the Leader of the Commons, Harriet Harman, the Exchequer will increase its contribution from £12.4m to £13.2m a year. MPs will each have to pay an extra £60 a month to help fill a £51m black hole in the parliamentary pension fund.

The package was published after government financial experts found a growing deficit in the pension scheme because former MPs were living longer.

The Government Actuary said that taxpayer contributions to the scheme – already one of the most generous in the country – would have to increase by £2.1m a year to cover the shortfall.

Steve Webb, the Liberal Democrat pensions spokesman, branded the decision a "spectacular own goal for MPs". "The pensions of MPs and other well-paid public sector workers have to be brought in line with reality. With members of the public losing their jobs and seeing their pensions plummet, MPs cannot insulate themselves from the harsh realities of the recession."

Susie Squire, the campaign manager at the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "Asking for more money to plug the deficit in politicians' gold-plated pensions is an utter disgrace. These pensions have been a bottomless pit for too long, and continuing to pump in taxpayers' money is no solution in the long term

"Why should taxpayers fund politicians retiring into the lap of luxury when they have seen their own pension reduced out of recognition? If MPs want such a generous pension, they must pay for it out of their own salary and not simply keep dipping into the pockets of hard-working people."

'A Huge Scandal'

Will Taxpayers Have to Bail Out EU Parliament Pension Fund?

The economic crisis has hit countless retirement funds, including that of members of the European parliament. They may take the controversial step this week to use taxpayers' money to top up the pension fund.

Despite denials from Brussels, EU taxpayers are to foot the bill for hefty and legally controversial pension supplements for many members of the European parliament. Their pension fund has run up a loss of €120 million ($156 million) as a result of risky share investments, according to an internal memo of the secretary-general of the European Parliament.

All of These pesky & corrupted politicians are clearly out of touch with reality and are living in a PipeDream world!

Don't they understand that these things need to stop before they get an worldwide revolution on theír hands?

People are now getting more & more angry and frustrated by the day all over the western world and when the SHTF - these greedy and corrupted & immoral politicians could be the one's in deep chit!

But no! they are not afraid! they are laughing in our faces! and they have apparently lost all of their common sence (if they had any to begin with?)


They don't even understand how immoral this looks to average people who are now struggling to keep their homes and jobs!

Are we angry yet?

When will they learn?

[edit on 19-8-2009 by Chevalerous]


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