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Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS etc - my theory.

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 07:43 AM
It is well documented that the planet is vastly overpopulated, nobody can deny that fact. However, I think a mass reverse psychological initiative is underway, and leading up to a 'cull'.

When we panic about these 'diseases' we do so to the point 90% of us begin to see that they are indeed a farse, and the facts outweigh the need to panic. People then ignore it, take their masks off & get on with their lives.

Anyone with a right mind will know by now swine flu is a load of tosh, more people in the UK are dying because the NHS's panic hotline is misdiagnosing seriously ill people with swine flu and refusing to allow them access to a doctor. Tamiflu is causing serious illness, specialy in children, most of who do not have Swine Flu.

There's a patten to it, about every 3-4 years we have one, I've seen foot & mouth, SARS, CJD, Bird Flu and Swine Flu in the adult years of my life.

This is part of the plan, they know we're not really buying the hoaxes, so when they've fed us a few hundred of them, they'll unleash a real killer virus that nobody will beleive, and nobody will protect themselves from. The boy who cried wolf was a prophecy, not just a fable.

This would be the perfect introduction for a global government too, if the new world order are plotting a takeover, then they are no doubt a part of this conspiracy, if it were to be true.

Nukes are old, and nobody is really afraid of them anymore, the NWO would look for something that would hit on a much wider scale, with a much deeper impact on humanity than nukes or war. They would also carry it out over a much longer period of time, with a lot more strategy and planning. Just take a look at the Georgia Guidestones.

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