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Odd idea. Survival Convention/Expo

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 01:50 AM
Ok, one of my friends was mentioning anime convention stuff and suddenly my mind ran with the idea, and after getting lost for awhile ended up at, What if there were survivalist conventions, Doing a quick look online I saw a brief mention on the first page of google search. Clue it a single survivalist blog. Anyways does anyone have information about the survivalist convention mentioned? Or what do people think of a public survivalist convention? Would you go as a guest? Support it? Be a vendor? Etc.?

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by furzball

i dont think you or your freinds deserve to survive if your into anime. you guys would probably benefit from a lemmings convention.

awww... but you seemed honest. so i wont just tear ya down.
go get a "US army survival manual". mines a reprint: ISBN 1-56619-022-3. you can find em on the internet, thrift stores and military surplus shops. but most likely on the internet.

it will teach you how to live in any part of the world in any condition if you bring the proper gear before hand. and it will even tell you what gear to bring and how to prepare for the area your goin to. ergo desert, regional forest ect. it also extensively covers how to cope if your lacking the proper gear.

as far as a convention gos... you... um... just get the book. just dont forget to bring it with you when your heading for the hills... its 300 pages or so of technical text, diagrams and reference pictures. as a hint you might want to study the sections that pertain to the wilds around were you live...


posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:28 AM
I think that would be so awesome. Not only could you have a ton of survival gear vendors, but you could have keynote speakers and classes to further your education in surviving the worst.

I personally love the camping departments in stores so I would really enjoy a convention full of gear and gadgets. I can imagine all the SWAG now.

Really good idea! Star and Flag.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:48 AM
I like it. Maybe things can be bought at "wallmart" prices and lessons taught to help innocents survive. S&f from me

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 04:33 AM
The cosplays, for starters, would be all boring and bland. There'd be too many people in army camouflage. I guess you'd get the one dude that'd go as the main character of Castaway, though.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 04:36 AM

Originally posted by acornco
reply to post by furzball
i dont think you or your freinds deserve to survive if your into anime. you guys would probably benefit from a lemmings convention.

Ouch, that's a bit harsh. I don't like anime myself, but damn, wishing doom upon someone for their entertainment choices? Yeesh.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 08:32 AM
Google "preparedness shows".

"Survivalist" is synonymous with "terrorist" now, so they prettied up the name.

Go forth, and be fruitful.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 08:55 AM
I personally think it would be a good idea, lots of countries could get involved but obviously they'd have to have variations as each country has different regions, for example the US has Urban, forest , grassland, swampland and desert, where-as the UK has urban , bit of grassland and forest and thats about it.

I know there's such things as 'sex' expo's, computer expo's and car expo's, as well as gun shows ( but not any more in the UK for citizens but only for the arms dealers occasionally). So why not survivalist expo's?.

Yes I feel there would be a lot of people in camo , but who cares?, if the prices are right from the vendors selling their wares, or giving seminars on techniques I think I'd go.

In the UK Earls court would be good or Canary Wharf's Excell is always up for conventions, but the biggest problem IMO would be the vendors selling such items such as knives or 'other implements of suspicion' I think the police would be there to 'monitor' the situation and probably would cause a fuss to get it banned, after TPTB don't want you to be prepared do they?

I know they search bags on the way IN, would they bother on the way out even with knowing knives are being sold in the expo? or would the police patrol the expo to prevent said purchases? And if the knife for example is well 'over'wrapped in a bag in a rucksack they'd probably still try to 'arrest' you for owning a knife.

And there's nothing wrong with Anime? after all YOU ALL liked Tom and Jerry cartoons didn't you? Just the Japs version of cartoon entertainment. and by the way Akira ( my avatar) is still the coolest and best of all anime IMHO.

[edit on 19/8/09 by DataWraith]

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 09:26 AM
I agree, it is a good idea. The ability to network, get fresh ideas, learn some new skills, and all in one place. But, the downside to would be pretty easy for local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, etc. to come to the same show, and get pics, and names and addresses ( "sign up for free newsletter" ). Then, all our info would be added to their list of "subversives" or whatever they call us people who are just trying to think ahead and plan.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by CaptGhost

Simply tell ALL the 'vendors' not to take names and adresses, and if there are police taking photos, all you'd have to do is say " Your infringing my personal liberties and right to move without fear of reprisals", if they had a few hundred people shouting " No pictures" and someone called the papers to say the police are trying to invade peoples privacy, you watch them scarper.
And if people are worried then all you'd have to do is find a convention hall big enough to hold 2 conventions ( like the survivalists expo and a PC / computer fair) , who's going to which?

The Excell in London can hold 6 conventions at once. or the spaces can be opened up to hold ONE BIG convention.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 10:26 AM
I have to laugh at the guy harping on me for being into anime. It was mainly just an idea starter. Datawraith gave good examples of other conventions. Calling me a lemming is stupid in of itself. I don't go to anime conventions. I only did it once after highschool cause the girlfriend I was in puppy love with wanted to go. I'm somewhat shallow and don't consider it worth it cause it costs money, and I aint paying unless I'm getting poon with it. And I got a shift ton worth of survival reading material already and consider the army guide version to be a bland guide that I've just read and toss in the pile never to be read again. Most of my reading material is the survival torrents from piratebay. Also whatever other websites I can pick up PDF's from.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by furzball


I'm married so I know where your coming from with that remark....

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by DataWraith

Joy's and luck to ya. I'm a going into bootcamp single T_T . Ah well, onto a better woman for me.

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