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Where is your God?!

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:59 PM
I read through your article, and I want to tell you this first. I am tortured daily under the Ghost Detainee project. Why, because of my faith in the LORD Jesus Christ and my knowledge of the Fallen Angels/UFO Aliens.

The cowards do not confront me openly, but do this is secret and it is extremely hard to get anyone to listen or help me. But by the strength of the LORD Jesus Christ, they do not break my faith, but only makes me more stronger and determined to maintain it.

Everyone in this world has trials and tribulations. I do not know the faith of these children, but let me say this, we all Sin and go against what is the written word of God. So if you do not believe in Him, if you refuse to search for Him, why would He want any part of you? He listens to those that seek for HIM with a true heart. If you know the scriptures, he visits the sins of the parents upon their children because of their disobedience to His word and His ways.

I am probably being punished for the Sins I commited against the LORD Jesus Christ, and I will accept that punishment. But the true free gift is Eternal Life with Him. As it is written, Offenses will come, but whoa until them that commit the offense. Also, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

He who was without Sin, took on the sins of the world for us. The more and more the world turns away from God and denies Jesus Christ, the more and more He gives people up as reprobates. We all become beasts in His eyes because we refuse to know Him, His word and walk in His ways.

If we did, we would not have murder, rape, torture, corruption..etc.
But instead, we chose not to have the LORD's word taught to us. He has been kicked out of our schools, our ministers are now being arrested. He is no longer welcome in our public meetings or sport events. People are kicking Him out of their lives, so why would He help or intervine to the faithless.

We, as in the world, are facing the worst time in History. As prophesied in Joel, Isaiah, JeremiahHosea, Nahum, Gospels, Epistles, and Revelation. The only ones that are going to make it through these days, yes, even we will die for our faith, but only those that believe in HIM, will escape the wrath of God and judgment for the wrong we have commited against HIM.

So next time you see the rape, torture, murder..etc, remember this, the LORD God is not intervening because we have rejected Him, as our Savior in the first place.


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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by randyvs

You've greatly oversimplified and completely warped the argument. Also, you miss a very important point.

Even if it is true that we come from and go to nothing, that doesn't mean our lives are nothing, or that they are meaningless. They are everything, in that case. They are all we have.

I believe in some continuity, that we neither began nor will we end. But it's only a belief; I can't say I know this. It doesn't matter. What matters is that, wherever I came from and wherever I am going, right now I am right here. This is the time that I have. This is the time that matters, right now. If I do this part right, the rest will take care of itself - assuming there is any "rest". If not, I lose nothing.

Live your life well, whether you are eternal, or the flash of a firefly.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by ljib777


fear is a state of mind, not a physicality.

control your mind, or it will control you.

best of luck to you on your spiritual warfare.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:06 PM
I know where my God is. But I do feel where you are coming from. There is some terrible things going on every minute. But thats not the workings of Him. Thats the deeds of satan himself.Just take a look at the few miracle stories there are and take a long look at some beautiful locations in the world. And you'll see God's work. Just the fact that a beautiful place can exist in a chaotic world as ours is proof that God isnt hiding.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:08 PM

Originally posted by sickofitall2012
I think that those who hide behind religion and commit horrible acts don't really, deep down, fear God. I think some only use it to hide their true selves. I feel the problem today is that the majority of people have no fear of judgment. Let's say if God was to strike down anyone that committed a crime against humanity, don't you think people may think twice before doing it?

1. You don't need to fear judgement to be nice.

2. Those who hide behind religion but commit atrocities are likely to not believe what they preach, so are hypocrites.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:08 PM
Truly I am sorry a lot of people are sad because they can't figure out why bad things happen... That's what it comes down to, right? Why do bad things happen?

I decided to not look at the OP's image, I said to myself, why would I want to look at something that would totally upset me? Seriously, if you know what it does to you, then why would you want another person to view this image? I know fire burns when touched, so I am not going to dare any of you to touch fire... I believe this picture put you into a major funk and I am sorry for that (and other very bad things, I do understand your point...)

Here is my childhood:

As a kid I felt close to God, I felt I had a natural antenna that would stick out anytime a person would talk about God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

I always inquired and still do inquire, I am in my late 30's by the way.

1. I lived in a car as a child.
2. I dealt with my father beating the you know what out of my mother.
3. I was hungry most times as a child.
4. I still inquired about God. For some reason, I never associated my hardships with God, that is the truth, it just never occurred to me.
5. My siblings and I were left alone for weeks at a time (Our ages were: 5, 7 9).
6. No food, stole food from Grocery stores as a child so my sisters and I could eat.
7. I'm still wanting to learn more about God.
8. More beatings than you can imagine.
9. Sexual molestation.
10. And I still want more of God.
11. So much more.

But now I look back, even my mother in-law says to me, you should've grown up and become a "Charles Manson"... Don't get me wrong, I feel sadness when a person passes on. And the funny thing, I remember when Sadam Hussein was hung, when I saw the news footage and they showed him hanging, I must admit, a shadow did cross my heart.... I can't explain, but there was some sadness there... And that goes for any death, the tragic ones do sting way more...

Again, I am sorry that you have become apathetic (I am using the term apathetic because that is how I take your posting, I am on the receiving end. So please forgive me if I am off base.)

What kept me happy and going as a child and still going in this hard life is God. Do I have hardships, oh heck yeah. Do I struggle with faith as an adult? I do find it easier to struggle with faith compared to my child days. Here is the kicker, I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything because my faith was 100% pure and remained that way for a long time. What I struggle with is I started to get smart, reading books, learning science, serving in the US Army for 6 years, started to drive, dating ahhh more dating and basically grew up with the rules that were around me. Thus I started to find out that things just didn't make sense even with the bible.

As a kid I use to see life this way, funny I actually thought of 'life' as a young kid... What I actually thought as a child: God was my safety net... Where is a safety net? Below you, right? I will fall (falling means any kind of hardship) but I felt God was always there to catch me no matter what. That is the feeling I want back and I will get it... I just can't let the world around me affect me emotionally, because deep down no matter what evil is thrown my way, there is only one way to go and that is into God's Arms!!!


posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by dimensionaljumper
Religion is a parasite. Its spreads among the weak minded.

:u p:

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by john124

"2. Those who hide behind religion but commit atrocities are likely to not believe what they preach, so are hypocrites. "

I think that is exactly what I said. Or are you also making fun?
  /ˈhɪpəkrɪt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [hip-uh-krit] Show IPA
Use hypocrite in a Sentence
1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:19 PM

You've greatly oversimplified and completely warped the argument. Also, you miss a very important point
reply to post by chiron613
excuse me ! i'm no devolutionist. i was merely pointing out thier
new ever over simplified that may be.

hence the

"devolutionists prevail"
oh hello o8 nice of you stop bye .

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by truthseeker718
I know where my God is. But I do feel where you are coming from. There is some terrible things going on every minute. But thats not the workings of Him. Thats the deeds of satan himself.Just take a look at the few miracle stories there are and take a long look at some beautiful locations in the world. And you'll see God's work. Just the fact that a beautiful place can exist in a chaotic world as ours is proof that God isnt hiding.

So, God creates man, then tempts him, and all the while, created satan. His own personal arch enemy, so that he can do evil things to us, rape molestation homicide torture.

God would have to be held responsible.

It's like if I created a robot, designed purely to kill people.

Then set it out into the world. WERE Lord and behold, it started killing people.

And they tried to blame me, but I say no, I only Created the robot to kill people, it's really his fault.

I can see one woman, conquering cancer, and blame it on her faith, and that god healed her. Although I can see thousand and millions, of people starving, The large majority of cancer fighters fighting a battle they know they can't win, even with a deities help.

Start looking around, how beautiful is it really.

I mean, some of the packaging is nice, but we certainly do hear the terrifying tick, tick, tick, tick....knowing it's gonna go boom.

Except each little tick is tortured, molested, raped, child beating, imprisonment, useless gang violence, mass death, holocaust.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by randyvs

How bout you think, man. Capital punishment is by the hand of humans, not God, and with a twenty year appeal process, why should they fear it.
When will people stop making such personal attacks and just discuss things like adults . Perhaps because people are the problem, not God.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:22 PM

Originally posted by sickofitall2012
reply to post by john124

"2. Those who hide behind religion but commit atrocities are likely to not believe what they preach, so are hypocrites. "

I think that is exactly what I said. Or are you also making fun?
  /ˈhɪpəkrɪt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [hip-uh-krit] Show IPA
Use hypocrite in a Sentence
1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs

Yeah you did say:

I think that those who hide behind religion and commit horrible acts don't really, deep down, fear God

What I should have said was: that maybe they stopped believing in god altogether or never did, rather than just not fearing one. Because it may be possible to believe in one and not fear it.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:24 PM
I agree totally, many do not understand the true powers that are being dueled out here on earth. The Illuminist which have always been around since the first origins of humans have studied what we call the ancient mysteries, they have infiltrated Freemasonry,and many of the churches now, including the Vatican....This is mainly the reason why most lost their trust in religions, which I don't blame them, since it was organized to do so, so we can eventually hate God. This world is much much worse than it was a 100 or 200 years ago....The hate keeps excelling, and the fact is USA WAS NOT built upon Christian roots, but pagan/ancient Babylonian roots! They are satanist, they hide behind closed doors, they pull the strings. Even the whole alien concept is just to have us believe that these entities or EBE are our masters, THEY ARE NOT! They are demonic beings, really from the higher plains in the universe, which I would call hell.....Not heaven, but they are the host of heaven, the wicked ones, cast out, and onto earth.....This is the great testament before all of us, this is the only way we can see how truly wonderful God really is opposed to Lucifer, otherwise our arrogance would get to us, like it has to many, all following Lucifers footsteps to reign over God....This world is in a state of chaos because we do not respect each other, and we fight over beliefs....I have mine, and others have theirs, but we do not infringe on others as to what is right and what is wrong...I came to my conclusions through hard research, and following all paths, and in all directions. I've looked on both sides of the fence, and studied some of the mythologies that these elites practice....The bohemian grove is one thing to hear about, but when you realise the extent of these monsters we call elites.....You'll believe there is a God, because for one, you'll be so terrified and disgusted, you'll know there must be something of opposition to that. And then you will see the evil and know that a righteous being must exist, and he came in name of Jesus Christ, the purest of all beings. The elites want us to get confused, they want us to hate god, and his son, they mix it up with babylonian references, and with documentaries like Zeitgeist to have the populace hate God further, and to have us think we can become our own God, such as a deity, which is what we see now, the new age philosophies that spawned from Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and other sinister leaders of our past.....I challenge anyone to debate this, it is evident our world is run by Satanist worshipers, so if these elites, who control the banks, military, and basically all power worship the sun God Osiris, or Lucifer, then we must believe the Holy Bible to be true......Everything connects when the pieces are put together, then you will see the picture. This is my opinion only, and the main thing is respect thy neighbor, and all neighbors, and to believe in no other God but the true God of all creation...The Father. And I'm not talking about the priests who call themselves Father....You see how it is...?

I conclude this with a little bit of science
If energy can never be destroyed, and the human body is full of this energy I call it a soul....Then what happens to it once this shell is no longer needed? Our choices make all the decisions, and this free will God gave us, is our testament, our realization to what and where we will go in this proclaimed afterlife. Our 'energy' will attract to whatever polarity we experienced on our life on the 3rd. I feel the pain of others dearly and I'd die to stop all of this madness, but someone already did, and we still choose to ignore his salvation....The suffering will end soon enough, I hope others are prepared.
God Bless YOU ALL, atheist or not, my respect and love goes out to all of you.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:28 PM
people who claim to be atheist really need to re-evaluate themselves. An atheist would have no cares in the world about anybody else's beliefs. They simply wouldn't care. they know there is no God, so why bother wasting any energy on it? An agnostic, now there is somebody who will have a discussion. They will question you profusely and test your patience with what if scenarios and faith questions. I never understood why so many self proclaimed atheists cared about making me stop having faith in God.

bad things happen. Bad people make bad things happen. God is there to help when asked and answer you when you talk to him. How do I know this? I talk to him. Am i crazy? yes. Do I care? no. I ask God things and I get answers. He doesn't send me a gold brick any time I have a hard time with money, but he does give me strength to persist in my work and keep an upbeat attitude. Nobody should force you into anything. And by that right, I will never be a bible thumper and attempt to convert anyone. Except my kids. And I am not trying to convert them, just guide them and hope they find their truth. Republican, you question God to the point I believe you want to know God, but think you would be selling out. That is not the case. If you want to speak to him, just do it. he will listen. And you don't have to tell anybody. It can be your secret.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:30 PM
As I struggled with this question I came to believe that we choose our circumstaces/destiny prior to being born based on what we need to learn on "this go around."

We learn and grow as individuals through the tests that are presented to us. We are scored based on the decisions we make. If we choose too difficult circumstances, such as being predisposed to addiction and acting out on that predisposition, we fail the test and must repeat the lesson in the next go around.

God wants us to be more God-like. We can only grow by being given free will to make good and bad choices. Imagine how boring it would be for God if he were surrounded by angels who had no choice but to do the right thing and love God. How can they appreciate how hard it is to be good and never commit a sin when they never had a choice.

That is why humans were created after the angels. God was bored.

At the same time, some of the angels were so jealous of the humans and the fact that God told them to respect us that some of them revolted.They were convinced if given the chance they could influence humans to revolt against God and worship them.

God said go ahead and do all you can to distract the humans. The ones who pass the test will be like steel tempered in fire. The ones who fail will be cast aside for eternity.

God gave the fallen angels a limited amount of time to pull off their influencing of the humans. Satan believes he and the other fallen angels are going to win and convince most of the humans to betray God.

Satan would like nothing more than to see billions of humans kicked out of heavan for ever and suffer for eternity.

The time is coming for the ultimate fight. That time is not important for humans. We simply must know that God loves us and all we have to do is make the "next right decision" on a day by day basis based on the journey we have laid out for ourselves.

God gave us tools. We are born with a moral compass. We know instinctively not to cheat, lie, kill or steal. You don't have to be a good christian or muslim. You just have to be good.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by Republican08

and by the way, anybody who thinks they know the answers to your questions are lost. nobody knows why things are they way they are. They just are. Some have faith that things will work out, and some don't care. Arguing with anyone about why God does what he does, would be like asking me how anti gravity works. I might give you an answer, but it will be wrong.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Republican08

Republican08, you're one of my friends, but your desire to push theists into confronting their beliefs is puzzling, since you possess one doozy of a belief yourself.

Why do you still believe in your creator, evolution?

Evolution demands us to believe that irreducibly complex biochemical systems somehow fell into place one moment in time along the timeline of the so-called evolutionary process. Have you ever investigated the coagulation cascade? This biochemical process is absolutely essential to prevent an animal from bleeding to death. All necessary chemical components of this process, of which there are numerous components, see here: coagulation cascade
must have been present from the very start of this process or an animal would not have survived if wounded, even if a very small hair-line scratch occurred (recall what hemophilia does). Since Darwin suggested survival of the fittest, only the fittest would have been "born" with the coagulation cascade.
However, how could the coagulation cascade have been built gradually over time if all the necessary components had to have been present from the start? Survival of the fittest would not have allowed an animal to have the coagulation cascade in fractured form- all biochemical components are there, or they're not there. So, evolution would have us believe the extremely unlikely situation of an animal being born one day with all the numerous, numerous coagulation cascade biochemical components all there at once. What are the odds of this???
See Dr. Michael J. Behe's book for more: Darwin's Black Box
Here's his university link: Dr. M.J. Behe

And speaking of odds, the odds of conserved proteins existing throughout the so-called evolutionary process is also a big, big stretch. For those interested, please read the chapters in this site that systematically explain how the mathematical probability of conserved proteins existing throughout the evolutionary process is impossible:
Does the theory of evolution explain the origin of life?

Some important points:
Yes, microevoution does occur. Microevolution is variation amongst the same species of a plant or animal.
But macroevolution, jumping from small single cell organisms to larger, more complex organisms (organized structures of eukaryotic cells), or jumping from one species to another species, in my opinion is impossible.

So who should question their belief structure more? Theists, who believe in a creator responsible for our lives, or atheists, who believe in a theory, i.e. evolution,
befuddled with impossible intricacies, responsible for our lives?

But do I have an answer as to "Where is your God?"? No, not really, not for all terrible situations. But if evolution is a fallacy, and certain religious doctrines could be fallacies likewise...well, then, that just leaves us in nowhere land...the plot continues, and thickens...
(I'm currently writing a novel about our existence, but I certainly don't have all the answers myself too...)

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:35 PM

Before mankind learned anything... before we were even self-aware, before speech and writing, before math and tools... we learned to kill. We had to for survival. For food, for defense, for territory to protect our young. Man is an inherently violent species. With that in mind, it's a wonder that we've evolved to the point where such natural urges and instincts are ridiculed and criminalized, but I'm certainly glad they are. We've come a looooong way.

No matter where you look in this world, you will see suffering. You can be the guy staring at those in pain with a dumb, slack jawed expression, or you can be the guy to go the distance and do something about it.

For every single violent criminal in the world, there are a thousand people who utilize restraint, logic, and compassion. For every murderer, there are a hundred doctors. For every wife and child-beater there are a thousand pacifists. For every rapist, there are a hundred police officers and detectives looking for him. And they will find him.

Quit seeing how horrible things are and start focusing on the things being done to change it. This world is never going to be perfect. But people like me. People like you. People who are influenced by God. We are the barrier against the horrors that you are focusing on. We are the living shield against it all.

Where is my God? Keeping me strong. Keeping me focused. Keeping me sane.

Sounds like you could use a little of that.

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by Republican08
So lately, i've been having some sympathy for theists, and 'almost' kind of seeing what they see, empathizing and what have you. Maybe feeling like there is possibly something out there.

Then today came along, and knocked me out of my terrible trance.

A Katy ISD Officer was kidnapped and is still missing.

Now I went through Elementary, Junior high in Katy, Texas. And High School in Dallas.

Then I started thinking, well what's happening to her right now, (not knowing at the time albeit that her boyfriend a fellow officer, had kidnapped her,) my imagination reigned over with thoughts of a illegal immigrant cartel member torturing a cop to death.

Then it got me thinking that turned into a somewhat of a rolling snowball of thoughts.

I can say that right now a girl is being raped by a sick pervert. And probably be right. And probably could dare say that there are 10 girls being raped by a sick pervert right now, and still probably be right.

I can also say that right now, a father is beating his son, only to make him take a 'Ice Bath'. And be right again, talking about this very moment your reading this at any given time.

A 12 year old girl (I can even go for distinction) is being molested by her father. RIGHT NOW.

Somewhere in the World be it Arizona (the capital kidnapping of the world) or Guantanamo, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, the list goes on, and could be all at once. Somewhere is being beat to death mercislessly

Those without weak stomachs, look at the picture above, and think to yourself, this is one of the very very few that we have seen, and probably accounts for only 1 percent of people being tortured. Put yourselves in the mans shoes, and honestly look at the picture, and feel it, and tell me that you were (Snip)ing about your meal at mcdonalds.

Feel the pain.

Right now, a car bomb, probably is being set up. An Assasination attempt on anyone is being conjured up.

A girl walking home from school, could easily be raped by a few young men, than have her jaw broken, only to be found dead. Reason only, for wanting to be ganglike.

These atrocities, are near everyday, once a year, to always happening at this very moment.

And all you Religious people, wake up with this (snip)ing smile on your petty souls. Praying to God, thanking him for being a loving and kind god.

It was almost religious the thoughts I had started thinking of.

I see people everyday with the happiest smiles on, and ask them why are they so happy.

They almost always reply, "Today is a good day". or "Because I know God".

And I think, these morons, (sorry for the barbs, pretty upset ATM) just aren't looking around the world.

What i'd like to know is.

Where is your God, where is your god when that 12 year old girl is being raped only to die afterwords for fear she'll speak out against the offender. Although 6% of rapist never see a jail cell.

Or for the Karma likers. Where is your Karma, Or your Rhonda Byrnes fanciers.

Did the girl deserve to be raped through I don't know a bad karma she had.

Did she have to many thoughts about being raped, so that the Universe made it happen.

Where is your god when this happens!

I for one, can't find him anywhere.

Just think about it, right now someone is being raped. Someone is being stabbed to death, someone may even be blowing themselves up in a coffee shop. Someone is commiting suicide.

And I can't even begin to think, that their is a personal god, a karma, or a Universe bringing this about.

you speaking as we living for eternity this way , its called balance there is good and evil and were created for a reason in my opinion its a test to see whos the purest .right now unknowingly you blaming god for such events leading you to a false theory which is if god exist then everything has to be good and perfect.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by Astarfaraway

not to mention the honey bee, who uses vector calculus dancing to describe the direction of the food source!

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