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one progressive sick and tired of the democratic leadeship

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 01:38 PM
i voted for obama, and i had high hopes.

after 8 years of bush i really believed obama would change the way things are done in the usa, and to a degree he has, but sadly he appears more weak every day. whats more, i don't see the push for the types of changes i believed he was going to make.

really this is not all about obama either, this is about the democratic party as a whole. they talk big and pretend they are going to be be bold leaders but they prove over and over they are just shills for corporate power and greed like the republicans who i criticized for 8 years.

as a progressive i believe in insurance reform, something the democrats obviously don't have the spine to do as it will go against the will of their corporate masters.

as a progressive i believe it is long past time we brought our troops HOME and quite pretending like we were policing the world for the world's benefit, something the democrats don't have the spine to do as it will go against the will of their corporate masters.

as a progressive i believe the money our government collects should be spent for the benefit of the people of the USA and not on the banks and corporations, but again this wont change as the democrats don't have the spine as it will go against the will of their corporate masters.

personally i am SICK of holding the short end of the stick. i am sick of standing up for representatives who are spineless shills who despite their job as a representative of the people represent the interests of big money.

while i hold tight to my ideals i am letting go of any hope that democrats are in anyway capable of making the appropriate changes. i know the republicans wont either. in fact i doubt almost ALL of the elected representatives of this country will do any for the people.

as much as i detest the actions of many extreme groups of today i understand, finally, the need to hold our officials accountable. it is long past time they were reminded of who it is they were elected to serve.

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 03:17 PM
As a progressive I am also disappointed in the Democrats in general but especially the Obama administration for its spineless backing down on health care reform. I overall favor a single payer plan but was willing to settle for a public option on health insurance.

Now it looks like Obama is ready to throw that away too in the name of bi-partisanship. He looks like he will settle for just a few minor reforms by the health care giants. The result will be a wishy-washy mess that will reform nothing but might funnel more government dollars into corporate pockets.

Obama is nuts to throw everything away for the sake of Republicans who will celebrate his concessions but won't vote for reform anyway. They just aren't going to vote for ANYTHING the Democrats propose, no way no how. Face it, Mr. President. Give up your efforts to appease those who are incapable of appeasement and go with the votes the Democrats already have.

Now it looks like 100 Democrats in the House are threatening not to vote for health care reform if it DOESN'T include a public option. I admire their principled stand but it looks like the party is just going to fragment more and more and leave the field to the forces of the status quo.

I hope Obama grows a pair and does the right thing, but I'm apprehensive.

BTW: Yesterday I posted a thread on here about how the left is divided among itself and not sufficiently supportive of a president who may not be what the left always dreamed of but is a lot better than what is in second place.

But if Obama is going to keep back-pedaling I may just join those I was just criticizing.


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