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royal media be distract you from happy

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 01:24 PM
royalty owned media distracts viewers from loving each other
and finding abundance and happiness in their lives

it be like snake handler, distract with motions of one hand, while grab at back of head with other.

the television produces alpha waves which relax people and remove ordinary thoughts
this be reason children stare opened mouthed at television screen they are being hypnotized

this alpha state can also be achieved with light meditation like satnam or concentration meditation alpha meditation
or by flickering of sensed things, like sound, or vision, or electro magnetic fields, sounds can be outside range of hearing and still produce effects on brain waves.

even deeper states can be achieved with vipassana of noting a part of the body like the inhale and exhale theta meditation
yet deeper states at thinking of nothing delta meditation

metta meditation with saying of "peace, love, harmony" "nature, beauty abundance" in repetition be choice meditation as you choose the words you think.

compassion meditation where you send love to others is higher than ordinary thinking using gamma waves

in any case, we with you have each other, your family,
your male or female or androgynous entity which you spend time with.
rock, plant, animal or human

experience interaction, this be true learning
royal teachings in education system of what royal men (mostly) wrote long ago be distraction

look outside, there be nature.
annual crops be reptilian teaching, reptilians like much sunlight to warm their cold blooded selves, they do not like forests, where shady and where warm blooded humans are comfortable at hiding.

by moving livestock to central location, surrounded by open fields, when the time comes for harvest, and people run across the plains, easy hunting. There was a movie about a flying draco reptile attacking school bus, surrounded by wheat fields, they try to run across the field, but it forms obvious lines where person be running, easily seen from flying air perspective.

human hominids like the "elves" which we earth homo sapiens be close genetic relatives naturally spend most of the time in forests, where food, life and safety is abundant.

plowing agriculture and city living gives false sense of scarcity, that need make hard work to live -- distract from spirituality by difficult farming practices.
Wild animals be live life of abundance, so can you.

we with you can move to the forest and make seedball gardens of edible woodland plants, though much of forest already be edible, even inner bark of most trees be edible.

the royal show of the royal or noble figures like the presidency and celebrities, a theatrical display like shakespeare. At the end of the show, nothing be different, no matter how much you email, or you yell, at performing actors.
You do not write their script, they do not write their script, they are only actors, in a play, to distract you from happy.

you are still with your loving family, nature be still your genetic home full of abundance.
live be happy

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 02:02 PM
Very true sir. Television is an enemy in my eyes for so many reasons.
Although I believe it is the brain which produces the waves not the television, the waves (for some reason know to TPTB) are a reaction in the brain from the TV. But you are so right... TV measurably slows the brain - Scarey piece of mind control evidence.

You bring up some good points here, I hope they're not missed by people.

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