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Truth Movement "leader" Jim Hoffman Debunks CIT Flyover "Hoax"

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:56 PM

First off, Cameron, as has been stated, there are no leaders in the movement. There are major figures within the movement, but it has no centralized figurehead, or even theory. And to take Popular mechanics quote as Hoffman being a "leading conspiracy theorist" shows you know nothing about the 9/11 movement or conspiracy theories whatsoever.

Now, Jim Hoffman does not believe the CIT spin on things. Thats not news. There are tons of people and figures within the 9/11 truth movement that do not believe it either. There are several different sites and individual theorists, who have different theories, who oppose and do very good counterarguments to CIT, as well as many other theories such as missiles hitting the Pentagon. Such as Arabesque:

The Frustrating Fraud

As for your claim that the debunker/9/11 official story acceptance crowd are in agreement, you are wrong. FEMA and NIST couldn't get their stories straight, various experts they hired have varying accounts of what they think happened, and there are many who believe the official story, but it was incompetance that caused everything, not conspiracy. I've seen them argue like children with those die hard "we couldn't have done anything" people.

I would learn a bit more about your enemies before painting them with the same brush, Cameron, else, you will look foolish.

For me, I do not believe the No-Plane Theories, nor the CIT flyover theories, but I have done so through objective examination, common sense, and critical thinking. I do not have any leader or guru telling me, and neither do plenty of 9/11 official story doubters.

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