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Aussie Police Sting Targeting Hackers Backfires Comically

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 10:00 AM

The sting was planned out meticulously. The targets were identified and the honeypot was set out. Things were coming along just swimmingly when the police realized that their sting was already detected and hackers had been playing within the police computer network. Whoops!

The hacker wrote "I couldn't stop laughing" on seeing that the federal police's server was running Windows, which is known among hacker communities for being insecure. Police had also "left the MYSQL password blank". …"All of this [hacking] had been done within 30-40 minutes. Could of been faster if I didn't stop to laugh so much"


Well, perhaps they should secure their servers.

Well, perhaps having your plans to go after hackers should not be on unsecured servers.

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