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Nothing Exists Without Perception

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 12:01 AM
Nothing in this holographic world exists without perception.

You don't exist. The war in Iraq doesn't exist. Swine Flu doesn't exist. etc.

If I don't perceive something, then it doesn't exist. Only when I start to see it with my perception, then that event, people, etc. become real.

For some, this is a hard concept to understand.

For example, if a tree falls in the forest, then does it still make a sound?

The answer is No.

It only makes a sound when it is within someone's perception.

So does this mean that the war in Iraq is not happening?

The answer is No. It IS happening because it came into my perception of the world and reality, and it ONLY became real when that happened.

This is also how healing works. It requires the participation of two individuals or more. One is the healer, and the other one is the person who perceives the other of being a healer, and so at that instant is when the "miracle" happens, and the person starts being healed.

If the person who is participating does Not perceive the other to be a healer, or thinks the other is a "fraud", then the healing miracle does not happen.

This exists for everything.

This thread doesn't exist until it becomes available within your perception, and only then does it become Real in your world and reality.

Think about that one.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 07:45 AM
So then in essence everything does exist because someone out there is percieving it. Just because I don't percieve a certain building or an event doesn't mean it didn't exist


posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 10:25 AM
Perception is the key to everything I can agree on that, but whether or not we percieve an event to happen doesn't alter the reality of that event happening. Human sensory perception has been reduced to such a minimal level through televsion, movies, digital media etc that our perception of what happens within the natural world is close to non-existant.
Native Americans could walk through the woods and know who had been there, what they were doing, what animals were nearby, what plants grew in that area and what food or medicine they could provide. How many modern people can do that today?

Modern Americans have such crude perceptual ability that about all they can do is cross the street safely because a flashing light tells them it's safe to do so.

Look at the toys small children get; all brightlly colored simple shapes that do not encourage discernment on anything but the crudest of levels. Our educational system is set up the same way - yes/no, black/white, no gray areas or room for debate.

Simplicity is a dangerous theme to base our lives on; it does not encourage room for alternative thought processes. By virtue of this system we are condemning our collective futures to people who literally cannot think in anything but the current dualistic paradigm that has been superimposed in society.

This is why we are headed (if not well into) a very dark age for humanity.

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