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Free college courses(not degrees) from Yale!!!!

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 10:32 PM

Biomedical Engineering
Political Science
Religious Studies


Got to love free high quality education.

I love this stuff, please everyone read and enjoy.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 10:34 PM
Sign me up for Death!

Seriously. Press the link. If a there is a class where they kill people I have got to see.

(In all seriousness, pretty cool.)

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 10:38 PM
OOOOh, i love it when you do this.

I love browsing and getting me an education

Is the Skull and Bones on the website?

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

oh, you are far to kind.....

Please look at new post, "MOtherload"... it really is..............


Well, we all know that ATS members are the smartest out there, perhaps this is just a very small part of that.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 11:17 PM
I'm already half way through the first lecture of astrophysics

Second cosmic line.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 11:21 PM
Now I can really say I got an education at Yale? Well, sort of, right? Sweet.Wow

I love free education whoo hoo!!!!

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 11:21 PM

more free classes, I just need to find a gunsmithing class for free

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 11:25 PM
If you liked that, you'll love these.

YTube Channel Links

MIT OpenCourseware

Stanford University Open Courseware

UC: Berkley Open Courseware

University of Virginia

UCLA Courses

More can be found here.

I only specifically posted a few that I ran across with actual courses online. While many of the collages listed do not have actual courses, their other videos, lectures, introductions, interviews, dissertations, etc, are well worth the consideration of watching.

I've been mentioning these OpenCourseWare programs every chance I get for a few months now since they started. Granted, you don't get a degree or accreditation - but what the hell! It's a collage education! Free! How can one complain about being kept ignorant by the elites with reruns of American Idol, when you have MIT, Yale, and UC Berkley courses at your fingertips?

Knowledge is power, and our society literally seeps knowledge from every crack and crevice of it's infrastructure. Offered free and in good faith to any and all. Would that you just partake of that knowledge of your own initiative.... because if the aforementioned statement be true, then they are giving away power to the public.

Yeah, it's no replacement or compensation for a real and comprehensive collage education. Still, even a spark of education is preferable to a void of ignorance.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 11:26 PM
only bad thing about this is the lack of a deterrent for tardiness and the high rate of dropouts.

...I'm just hoping the professor speaks english. This one time i learned math224 in thai but with an english accent.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 12:07 AM

They have so many classes. Oh man. I don't know what I'm going to take. I want to take psychology and political philosophy.

Wow. So many choices.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by mrmonsoon

You are going to find more and more of this from elite universitys. You will also see significanly more scholarships from them. The issue here is several fold:

The universities are getting significant pressure to cut tuition when they have, as in the case of Harvard, and endowment of over $100bn. The issue here is are they a university or an asset management firm/bank? With that kind of dough, why are they raising tuition 6 to 8%/year?

The government is putting pressure on them as well. With that kind of dough, why would the government give them any money?

As a result, they are doing more of this on-line stuff and they are giving out a significant amount of scholarship money.

Both good things and if you have the time to take advantage of it, have at it.

One of the unusual things that has come out of this is that because they are giving out so much more money, there are smart kids who never would have thought to apply to an elite school because they could not afford it. Now they are getting in. There are a number of rich kids that I personally know who were all but certain to get into a top school who did not get in because the competetion just got a lot harder. Some are taking a year off, some are going to lower quality schools and some are going to community colleges. Again, a good thing in my opinion, for a ton of reasons.

If you have friends with smart kids who thought these schools were out of reach because of the money, tell them to adjust their thinking and give them another look.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 07:48 AM
I really appreciate you posting these.

Hopefully I will find the time to take a good look

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 08:30 AM
Also, Apples offers iTunes U. You can find it by going to the store in iTunes. They offer many of the classes you can find on your own, but you can download it to your iPod to take them with you wherever you go and it's all free. Sure it won't get you a degree, but knowledge isn't always about having a fancy piece of paper to hang on your wall.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Wow! Thats superb! Thanks for sharing!

Im downloading all the Political Philosophy lectures as we speak on video. After im going to download all the lectures on Death and Immortality, followed by Psychology.

Thanks for this, again.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 09:37 AM
awesome, thanks for sharing these!

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 09:44 AM
Everyone, it was not said directly, so please allow me to do so.

Learn everything you can and "please" pass these links to everyone and anyone you know who wants to learn more.

Lets make this education, no one left behind education!!!!!!!

Now, "thats change you can believe in"

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:03 AM
i am going to take every one of these...this is great! I am already finished with my first session of Greek History. This is the find of the day for me. My child is in fifth grade and will be studying the US Civil War this year. I am going to take the Civil War class next, so that I can brush up on my history and be a better informed parent. I can not thank you enough for posting this.

I am also considering home schooling for another of my children...this would be great for that.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:09 AM
I have been using these courses and listening to the many lectures accompanying these courses for many years now. I guess I never thought that it wasn't a matter of common knowledge. MIT does this as well as virtually all of the high end schools. A lot of it confuses the crap out of me (guess it's why I would never have attended MIT) but it's always a good use of time if you have nothing else to get done. Knowledge truly is power.

Glad you brought this to everyone's attention!

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:13 AM
Wow nice! I see a few courses I will be checking out and I dont even have to pay thousands of dollars and put my parents or myself in debt
nice! However I wont have that nice paper stamped "Graduate of Yale" to show off...oh well free knowledge is the best! Oh how I love the internet!! Now on to Astronomy!

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:16 AM

Originally posted by Republican08
I'm already half way through the first lecture of astrophysics

already reading France after 1871, to find out what your point of view is.

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