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Phoenix: Dozens of armed citizens attend todays Obama Speech

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:12 PM
I'm not trying to attack everything you say, just the points i disagree with. That's what these discussion forums are for.

Originally posted by guardstarr
But again I ask, what USEFUL purpose does a gun serve at a political rally that wasn't about guns?

Well, there are quite a few here who carry guns with them all the time. For some people, it's as natural as grabbing your wallet and keys on your way out the door. Personally, i usually only carry mine out into the desert with me (to protect myself from mountain lions, and black bears). I also keep it in a safe, yet readily accessable location in my home. But like i said, some carry all the time, so to them, it wasn't a matter of bringing a gun to a politcal rally, since they carry it everywhere. As for the guy carrying the AR-15, i thought there was talk of him being some kind of plant, he probably had an agenda of some kind and was trying to stir up a fuss.

Why would I bring a fork to a soup dinner? Why would I bring a trumpet to a chorus recital if it wasn't needed?

The thing about carrying a gun is, you never really know when you may need it.

If you want to attack me for that or call me stupid have at thee. But I don't want to fight.

I'm not calling you stupid, nor do i want to fight. I just think that your personal dislike for guns clouds your ability to see the big picture clearly. Once again, if they were to ban all guns here, there would be a black market explosion of illegal, and probably fully automatic weapons. There would need to be a "war on guns", do you think the government is doing well with the "war on drugs"? I don't, and i doubt they could effectively wage another war on anything. There are many arms dealers out there with their fingers crossed though. And the criminals who would buy the guns from them would feel like kids in a candy shop, since they could be sure that most homes and families would be easy targets, and they would stand no chance of losing their lives, and be fully in control of you and your family. That's reality.

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by guardstarr

That's easy, i wouldn't bring my gun. If i'm out of state, i'm likely staying in a decent hotel, with little chance of somebody invading it. Also, if i were out of state i would be sure not to put myself or my family in a position of danger to begin with. No walking unfamiliar streets at night and such. My gun is mainly for home protection, and personal protection from hostile wildlife. Personally, i don't feel the need to carry it everywhere.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by Teeky

So why are the health reform protester all white and racist? We now see protests of the protesters...and guess what? The blacks decide to show up for that.
This guy just from looking at the back of his head..I would assume has a military backround. You seem to be slandering him because he might associate himself with white people?

Growing up I never looked at race when socializing. Looking back later on it seemed "cool" to be connected to a diverse racial group.

Now it seems young and probably even old go out of their way to have
"a black friend" so they can feel good inside. That is their charity work.
(this is mostly concerning whites) Alot of these people are the ones that voted poorly. They didnt vote for the good of the country, they voted to appease their own minds.
Poverty and poorness for all races is bad and should be addressed.. its a big task. It shouldnt be changed so fast. Obama is not the guy to do it, he needs to stop believing his own propaganda.

plenty of people were in an uproar during bushco, it is overflowing now because while Obama continues to rally spewing the same garbage as 2 years ago, he still continues to follow bush's path. People have a duty to show their concern.
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