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The Misadventures of Wild Bill the Mystic.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:10 PM
The Misadventures of Wild Bill the Mystic.
I am posting this and other stories in the series here on ATS exclusively. You can believe them or not because it is likely better for Bill if you do not. The statute of limitations should be long past on any crimes he might have committed and he never uses the internet so Bill will never read this but I thought someone should tell some of the stories of the amazing and unusual life of Wild Bill the Mystic.

Bill was a guy that looked pretty ordinary. He was about 5’ 6” tall, muscular build and trim with short cropped blond hair and blue eyes. When I met him his chronological age was 38 but he was far older of a spirit. If not for the crows feet and a little of a laugh line in his cheeks he could pass for 25 with his fitness level.
Bill never minced words. He also would not talk unless he had something important or at least something relevant. He did not endure small talk and would not engage in it either. I first met Bill when I was broke and out of work and standing in a line to get a sandwich from a local church. I had tried the work corner and had no luck so it was the sandwich line or go hungry for the day.

I was just quietly standing in line and was not paying attention to any of the people in line waiting out in the July heat for what was sure to be a chicken baloney sandwich on white bread, a bag of Fritos and if you were lucky a piece of fruit or at least a fruit cup. These were served in a brown paper sack and you just got on your way. I saw bill out of the corner of my eye. He was walking the line and was rubbing his thumb and for finger together as he passed each person in line he would pause just a brief half second and focus his attention on the person closest to him. He at first passed by me and then hesitated.

Bill then came up to me and still rubbing his thumb and forefinger together looked up at me and smiled. He then pointed to me and said; “You want to go to work and make some money today.” Sure I said, what kind of work you got. He motioned me out of line and I hesitated for a moment thinking of my very empty stomach. Picking up on what I was thinking Bill said; “If you take the job or not I will buy you a hamburger or something.” This allayed my concern at missing out on that little free sack lunch and I walked down the street a ways from the crowd with Bill.

As we walked he talked about the job he had lined up and I had to ask him why out of the crowd of people there he only stopped and ask me? I was a little alarmed since he was a stranger and this was the city and you never know what someone is wanting from you. He ask me if I had noticed what he had been doing when he walked up to me and I said; “you mean the thing with the rubbing your thumb and finger together.” He smiled and said; “So you noticed that. Sure I said and he went on to explain that his guidance had told him to come and find someone standing in that line that would be the person to help him on this and possibly other projects. I got that goose flesh reaction and he noticed that and kind of smiled and said; “that was a confirmation you just felt.” That about described the feeling I had so I nodded my recognition of this fact.

As we talked over to his work van I got more information on the job. We would be moving an old walk in freezer from one location to another and rebuilding it. The job would take us as long as it takes.

While we were driving to the job I ask more about the guidance thing and the rubbing the thumb and forefinger together bit. Bill told me that what he was doing was called psychometry. I had heard of this from books I had read as a kid on the occult but knew nothing of the practical art and science of it so he explained. As he was talking down the line of people out there waiting for a sandwich he was asking his guidance who this person was he was supposed to find. As he passed each person he would repeat the questions is this him, is this him and so forth.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:15 PM
Each time he would feel for a stick of higher resistance between his thumb and finger. When he went in front of me and ask his question there was a stick which means that his normally smooth action of sliding his thumb and finger together was made difficult for just a briefest period. He had gone past me and continued and noticed the difference when he went back to me.

This psychometry he explained allowed him to communicate with his spiritual guides and ask them questions. They would change the electric potential just a bit to indicate an answer to a true false question. This was my first indication that Bill was indeed a mystic.

End of Chapter 1.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:47 PM
Bill and I went to the place to take down that old walk in freezer. It was in an old Mexican food place that had closed down. The place was partly burned in a fire and the old fellow that owned it decided to take the loss and just close the place down. He was selling off the equipment and Bill knew that one of his friends had been looking for a new walk in freezer so he made the deal. His friend who wanted a freezer had found that the cheapest used one he could find of that size was $25,000 new. Bill offered to move this one and rebuild it on his site for $12,500. The deal was struck and that was when he went out and found me.

We got to the site of the old Mexican food mart and started taking out bolts and taking the sections apart. It was water logged and so we removed most of the old insulation. We then moved a few sections at a time to their new location across town in a specialty food warehouse. When we finished moving it and rebuilding it on the site it had taken a full week but in this time Bill and I had grown to be fast friends. When it was all said and down he had purchased the old freezer for $1500 cash to the old but that owned it. He had paid me $1000 for the week of work, and spent another $2000 of materials and fuel in the move and rebuild. In total he had cleared $8,000 cash in one week of hard work. He gave me another $500 bonus just because we had got it down so fast to he ended up with $7500. Not bad for a week’s work.

While I was at the specialty food warehouse working with bill I had met the owner of that business. Just as we were finishing up he asks me if I could help him out with a couple of plumbing repairs since I seemed to be pretty handy. I did the little jobs for him quickly and charged him far less than a plumbing contractor would have and made another $200 for myself. It only took me a few hours and it was a weekend so in total I had cleared $1700 that week. In those days and in my financial condition I could only describe this as a God send. I was able to go in half with a friend and get a place to stay and started to look for a regular job. It would be some weeks until I would see ol Bill again. It was quite a learning experience.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 06:22 PM
Bill invited me to his place that I liked to call his Crystal Cave. It was really an old warehouse that was in a old section of town. He had arranged to be the caretaker of the property and so had free reign of the place. The owner liked to keep some old equipment there and this left about 2/3rd of the place empty and available for Bill to do his work.

The way the vines had overgrown the fence around the place it was hard to spot even if you walked right past the place. Bill brought me over to help him load some boxes that he was moving. When we went inside I had the immediate feeling of something very unusual about this place. The first thing you would notice is that even though it was late summer this place was cool inside. It had no power running to it so there was no AC. As we went into the office I noticed that the place was packed with quartz crystals. Beautiful clusters and huge crystals that were as large as a man.

The place was charged with energy. It was really something. We unloaded some boxes out of his van into one of the first overhead door bays. It was boxes of crystals from his latest trip to Arkansas. Once we finished the unloading Bill and I sat down for refreshment and a smoke and he told me a story about a trip he had made to an area near Crystal Mountain in Arkansas.

He had been in a crystal mine with the owner of the mine and one of the owner’s friends. The mine caved in on them and the owner was pinned and Bill had a huge bolder on his chest. The friend of the owner had managed to stay clear of the falling rocks but Bill and the mine owner were trapped. Worse still Bill was nearly out of breath and with this huge rock on his chest he would soon suffocate.

The owner of the mine had been knocked unconscious and was pinned under some rocks on his leg but was not seriously harmed. The friend of the owner was unable to lift the rocks off of either man bring a rather slight build and told Bill he was going to get help. Bill realized immediately that if this man left for help he would no longer be alive when help finally arrived. With his last breath he went out of his body and entered into the body of the mine owner’s friend. Instead of leaving for help he would be a passenger in his body for a few minutes as Bill took over.

Bill quickly assessed the situation and willed the man to lift the heavy bolder off of him. It was off of him in a flash. Then with his body crushed and lying in front of him he did a healing on his body directing energy through the hands of this other fellow and into his broken form. The healing did enough repairs for him to return to his body. Then with a quick out breathe in the form of mouth to mouth he reentered his body and left the other man. The man was shaken and strained from the exertion but helped him to lift the rocks off of the mine owner and get him to safety.

He told me this story because the crystals that we had unloaded were from that same mine. After saving the mine owners life he was allowed to return any time he liked to dig up more crystals. Free of charge. Bill had crystals all over town on consignment and sold some of the best ones to bookstores and gift shops around the state. He was quite well known as the guy that could find the most striking crystals around. Not all shop owners were fair and decent about their consignment of some of his finest stones. That leads us to Chapter 3.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 07:28 PM
Bill has always been a peaceful man. It is hard to drive him to anger. The one time I really saw some from him was when a jewelry shop owner that had one of his finest clusters and double terminated quartz crystals sold his stones and then acted like he had never taken any consignment from him.

Sometime later I needed a place to stay and Bill had a nice little 3 bedroom house and let me and one of my friends stay there for a while. This was when I learned about Bill’s feud with a crooked jeweler downtown who had taken some of his finest quartz crystals and clusters on consignment. The jeweler liked to have Bills big crystals in his shop because it attracted a lot of people in off the street when they saw them from the display window.

It seemed to Bill like he was deliberately not selling the nicest pieces in order to keep them as a draw to the shop without paying for them. Bill had grown very upset about this and since it had been nearly a year he demanded the shop owner return them or sell them within the following month. The owner reluctantly agreed.

A little less than a month went by and Bill did not see his crystals in the shop window when he drove by. Feeling some relief Bill dropped by and asks the jewelry store owner about the sale of his crystals. The owner was on the phone and waved him off indicating that this was an important call. This kept up until a customer walked into the store and the shop owner then quickly hung up the phone and went to wait on the customer ignoring Bill completely.

Bill was going to be late for work and had only stopped in to see what the final sale price had been on the crystals. He would wait no longer than so went to work. This went of for several days until that Friday when the he took off work early so he could get to the store before it closed. This cost him 2 hours of his work for the week which he did not really appreciate but the crystals should have fetched several thousand dollars for the lot of them so it was he thought worth taking off early to finally catch up with this guy.
As he drove up about 30 minutes before the ship was to close the owner spotted him and started closing the shop. He told Bill that he had a family emergency and would talk with him the following Monday. Bill was furious and in a rare moment of anger he told the shop owner that he had better. The jewelry store owner took this as a threat and told Bill he would not tolerate being threatened and would call the police. He did call the police and Bill stood his ground feeling as he had done nothing wrong would not have a problem with the police.

Then the police arrived and the jewelry store owner made certain that he got his side of the story in first. This made Bill’s account seem like an angry customer threatening an older man. The police took the statements and told Bill he should bring it up in court. The old man who owned the jewelry store made up a story to cover his tracks. He valued the stones as only $400 and offered to settle it in small claims court. He also got a restraining order on Bill that said he could not enter the shop during business hours or be within 200 feet of him while he was coming to and from his shop.

Bill was beside himself at how to deal with this dishonest and crooked man. He resolved that if he would not have his stones that he would find some way to extract the value of them from this man somehow. Bill was forming a plan.

He asks me and everyone who came over to his house to please not pee in the toilet. Instead just ask him for a jug and pee in it instead and leave it in the bathroom. Everyone thought this was very strange. Each night before bed Bill would go and take all of the jugs of pee and take them out to his garage never to be seen again. When ask about this behavior he indicated that he was using it for an experiment. No one really thought much about this but after a week or so he told everyone they could go ahead and just use the bathroom like normal.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 07:31 PM
Weeks later he went out to the garage. He unlocked the storage room that he had been storing several 5 gallon buckets with lids on them in and took the buckets out to his van. Then he put on a cleaning service coverall and grabbed a large steel dustpan and some rubber gloves and took off. When he got downtown it was very late at night on a Friday.

The stores downtown were all closed. Bill pulled up in front of a jewelry store and opened the back of the van and took out a broom and dustpan. Then he pulled out one of those 5 gallon buckets and carried it to the front door of the shop.

Then Bill started cleaning in front of the store wearing a dust mask to protect him from the dust he was stirring up with the broom. Without the slightest hesitation Bill pushed his dustpan under the glass front door wedging it firmly in place which pushed up the rubber weather seal of the door.

The dustpan formed a kind of funnel in this way under the edge of the door. Bill then removed the lid and opened the 5 gallon bucket. It contained the weeks old piss of about a half of a dozen guys. He then proceeded to pour the entire contents of the bucket into the dustpan and it then went into the store spreading out this horrid mixture over the entire interior rug.

Bill then replaced the lid to the bucket and pulled the dustpan out from under the front door. The rubber seal formed back into place sealing the putrid contents of the bucket into the jewelry store. Then Bill loaded up his van and went down the street and around to the shop’s back door and repeated this process. This was late Friday night remember. Now 10 gallons of the weeks old stale urine of half a dozen guys was trapped in that hot un-air-conditioned jewelry store for a full 3 days until 10:00 AM the following Tuesday.

Bill had chosen a holiday weekend to make his little retaliatory strike you see. Bill then took up a position about a block away in a parking lot across the street from the shop. He barrowed a friend’s car so no one would recognize his van. Bill then got to enjoy a front row seat to the horrible after effects of this obnoxious stinking mixture.

The first thing they tried was to have the carpet ripped out and replaced. This had the jewelry shop closed for about a week waiting for the work to be completed. No one could enter the shop or even walk in front of it without nearly throwing up. The shop owner then found that the evaporated stale urine smell still lingered. He had the entire store repainted to try and rid himself of this horrid order that was driving off customers. That helped a little but still the odor lingered. He then consulted a specialist in remediation of forensic cleanups. They told him that the urine had evaporated and entered into the duct work. He had the duct work cleaned and the dropped ceiling replaced. In all totaled the jewelry store owner paid out an estimated $30,000 in repairs and cleaning, he also lost over a month of business while the work was being down. He ended up having to move as the owner of the building was getting complaints about his yelling and being abusive to his employees. It just does not pay to piss off a man who has no fear of death or punishment and has a great deal of intellect and righteous indignation.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:00 PM
I would say LMAO but I've already done that to many times! It won't grow back.

You got some good smiles out of me, though.

I think you made it up, but gave you a star anyway for good fiction.

It was strange enough for fiction but not strange
enough for the truth! _javascript:icon('

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:42 PM
This next little story is about a lesson that Bill taught me. I was over at the Crystal Cave of his and we were out by one of the big overhead doors which was open to let in the morning cool. Bill had set up an experiment he called a cloud buster. It was c cloudy morning and so it was going to be good for testing out his new gadget.

I had not noticed but there was a nest of yellow jackets in one of the door frames for the big overhead door until one of them started buzzing me. I took off and ran inside to get the yellow jackets away from me. Bill was laughing quietly to himself trying not to crackup and embarrass me. I came back to the doorway where he was working and commented that they did not seem to be bothering him.

He just kind of chuckled and said; “are they bothering you, watch this”. He then walked over to the yellow jackets nest with about 5 or 6 of them in the nest and focused for a few seconds on them. All of them suddenly came off of that nest and started to run into the walls and each other trying to get out of there as fast as they could.

I sounded like an idiot I laughed so hard. I could not believe what I had just seen. Bill turned to me and said; “you want to know how I did that.” Sure I said. He then proceeded to tell me just how this was done. He said that you know how in the wild that animals know when they are prey? They know because nature gives them the ability to sense the intention of other animals. When they feel the intent of another creature to eat them they can feel this and will run for their lives. What he had done to those yellow jackets was think of eating them, the entire nest.

Not just think but focus your intention on them that you are going to have them for your next meal and you are very hungry. Since the yellow jackets are much smaller than humans they believe it if their senses tell them they are about to become lunch.

He told me to try it and so I picked on a yellow jacket that was further down nesting in another doorway. I did exactly what he had said and thought about literally eating that bug. The little stinging pest ran for his life just as the others had done for Bill. I could not believe it but I had seen it with my own eyes. I had felt that connection of a predator and his prey. It was a wonderful feeling of empowerment. I had long had a fear of bees having been stung at a very early age at my grandmother’s house a toddler. I thought I had overcome that fear but until that moment it was always in the back of my mind.

Weeks later I was out playing with my Godson. He was being bothered by a wasp and came running up to me nearly crying from fear of it. I then told him to watch this and I did the focus of intention trick on it. He looked up to me and smiled and said how did you do that? I told him the story and explained it in detail and he listened very intently.

Then he went over to where another one was flying around protecting a nest in the nearby tree. He got a very serious look on his face and then the Wasp flew away like a shot. My Godson made the most excited laugh and went to find his sister. They were both doing it for about a half an hour until they got bored with it and went to play on the swings. I think of Bill when I use that trick to this day.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 10:51 PM
This is a story of old Wild Bill the Mystic in his journey searching for Fire Opals in Mexico traveling in the Mountain region of La Palapa. He was traveling alone and being a blond hair blue eyed European looking fellow he was not unnoticed by the locals.

Bill was in a little village at the base of a mountain that was said to have a lot of good quality fire opals and was waiting for the rain to slow down so he and his porters would not have a problem getting up the mountain.

One of the porters said that it looks like we are not going to make it up the mountain today. Bill was pressed a bit for time with a budget to worry about for the trip and could not afford to wait another day.

As he finished up the Frittata he was having for breakfast and the last of a strong coffee Bill looked up from his meal and told one of the porters to get the mules ready. The porter looked at him astonished and then told his friends that this crazy gringo was thinking they would head out to the mountain in this down pour. Everyone was laughing and Bill, who understood their language just kind of smiled a knowing smile and walked out into the rain.

Everyone was looking at Bill and kind of laughing at this crazy gringo when Bill stood still for a moment held his hands out in front of him with his palms up, then looked up into the sky and breathed out slow breath while he raised his hands into the air. As his hands reached up even with his face the rain suddenly stopped.

A cry came out from one of the old women of the village, Brujo! then others chimed in Brujo, Brujo. They all just stood there for a minute looking at the sky which was now starting to quickly clear. Bill looked around at the villagers and commanded, Date prisa, mientras que el día es joven. (Hurry while the day is young). The porters started quickly packing the mules and they took off for the mountain for a fabulous day of opal digging. He returned to the States with a fine haul of stones.

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 06:50 PM
Well apparently I was mistaken when I said in my first post that old Wild Bill does not get on the internet. Not a week had passed since I wrote these stories when he contacted me through one of his family members and relayed some information to me. I have picked through it to just put the highlights in this post so that the body of his communications could get out I hope without exposing him to any added scrutiny from the alphabet agencies. Well here it goes:

Hey, the F.B.I, in A**** said I was so highly classified they nor any agent in the state were allowed to talk with me. I finished my work on translation portals made from compressed sea sand. every version of the Bible ends Rev.12 0r 13 as they didn't know, "I stood on the sand of the sea and saw."

The etheric double is the primary etheric body residing in our neutrons 49%. Protons and electrons, binary light and binary senses conceal more than they reveal. How to unlock the binary ethers and see with primary light all we miss as our five binary senses reveal 51%.

Lost by the Order of Mevlevi, the highest Sufi order, how the toothpick fine string and gold ring make a translation portal cut out of sea sand. This is how the Mayans about 900AD disappeared. the three sided pyramid. cut out of a cylinder you step over. The last words spoken on the cross were Mayan the 2012 deal.

The DIA erased every hard drive and chip in my house when I revealed my research. I had it back in 1977, now is when I am sanctioned to share it. The last two years all my research is on paper my files are not up to date, but include more than 1100pages.

So what ever Bill is talking about here he seems to be working on this etheric technology he has always been talking about. From the time I knew him until today he has been talking about using various ancient systems to translate into this primary light. I hope he can reconstruct it because he does seem to have a lot of interesting information to share. Several times over the years he has seemed to be sabotaged by someone or something that does not want his work to become public. Well that is the update and I had not expected it. He never gets on the internet. He does not trust it because they control it and monitor it.

I guess his guidance let him know that I was talking about some of his misadventures and he just had to contact me to let me know that he was aware of it.

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