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Bill Deagle Fan threatens Jane burgermeister

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 02:25 PM
Hey, who is on who's side here realy?
Isnt Bill Deagle an Project Camelot figure ??
And why are they slandering Jane's lawsuit against the WHO and UN ? What is going on, realy ???
I also add OzWeatherMan's thread here : Bill Deagle is a killer and the biggest fraud ever

Jane's Blogg - Birdflu666
Fake photo of me circulated by Deagle supporter who issued death threat: is this unknown woman going to be in trouble?
August 15, 2009 by JB
The Bill Deagle supporter who threatened my life has now put up a photo purpoting to me from Deagle himself. If only I were so elegant and stylish!

I urge the person who is in this picture to sue them for false misrepresentation and also endangering her life as she might be identified with me and attacked by Deagle and Ott supporters. It appears to be the blog of Andrew Sociale, who claims it comes from Bill Deagle himself. How did he get

Also, in the comments section Elizabeth Book physically threatens me while Dr True Ott makes his usual charming comments.

In the meantime, it appears JoAnne Cremer is the leader of a cult-like church associated with Nazi beliefs and is informing people there is a crue she will tell them after they get vaccinated as the Illuminati circus continues.

SUCCESS in obtaining the elusive photo of Jane Burgermeister, and more comments from Elizabeth Book
As you can see above, someone had sent a photo of Citizen Jane to Dr Deagle who forwarded it on to me. I found it very interesting that after three hours of hunting on the web for a photo of her – after ALL the appearances she has made on so many networks – and i am not stupid – that I came up empty-handed and absolutely EVERY interview she has ever had has been on the GOOD FAITH understanding that she is who she says she is and without anyone checking to see if she is for real or not – to the extent of not even being provided a photo avatar to attach to the interviews and articles about her as she proceeds though her damaging and slanderous campaign of spouting false information and making baseless accusations. Makes me wonder if this is even really her. I will say this, if this is Jane, BOY is she scary-looking. Look at those eyes, any of you familiar with trauma-based personality-split mk-ultra manchurian candidate programming a-la Mengele and Ewen Cameron and TELL me she isn’t a test subject. To ME this photo says a million words.

Lots of good feedback on the video response version of the Ott statement I posted to the Youtube channel

Dr A True Ott replies with a few comments, here they are:

Dr Ott

Too bad we have to waste energy and time on this psycho.
Look at the latest info from Liz Book who writes:
[with editorially added EMPHASIS]

What Jane is doing is SICKENING. Someone sent me an email, that she sent out, in which she questions MY loyalty and patriotism. When you [Dr Ott] first wrote to me, I didn’t know what to think of all that you said about her and some of the names you called her. Now, I am really beginning to understand why you were so put out. For her to question MY LOYALTY to MY COUNTRY, pisses me off to no end.

I am a fighter and a scrapper, True. I have stood with and fought for the preservation of the Constitution, against great odds, for the past five years. For her to question MY motives is way out of line. I sought no glory or moneys for myself. I have made no secret of the fact that I would willingly give my life in this fight against tyranny.

Then this FOREIGN BITCH comes along and has the AUDACITY to question me? She thinks that *I* am working on the inside and am out to get HER. Good God! SHE HAS LITERALLY LOST HER MARBLES. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that SHE is the one who is trying to cause dissent between the people who have come together to fight for our nation and mankind. Honestly, IF SHE WERE HERE, I WOULD KICK HER ASS for even intimating that about me.

Oh, wait, then she would sue me for damages! And believe me, SHE WOULD BE DAMAGED BY THE TIME I GOT DONE WITH HER!!!!!!!

She’s called me three times and written emails to me for days. (Since I called in as a guest on the interview with you.) I WILL NOT RESPOND TO HER since listening to you speak that night. My focus is and will remain on saving people. I am more secure and convicted in this fight than she could ever hope to be. I HAVE TO WONDER WHY SHE and this VAWTER guy are STILL ASKING FOR FUNDS from people? SHE DOESN’T HAVE A LAWSUIT GOING ANYWHERE, as far as I know. On the other side of the coin, Drew asked people to send money to help me out the other day, when I was on his show. I graciously thanked him, but I publicly told people to put that money into fliers and to get them out to their communities.

A True Patriot Until The Day That I Die, Liz

[Ed: Hey Liz, you are in good company in this camp with those who have been targeted and stung by this Truth assassin. Keep fighting the good fight, and anything else you have to say - just forward it on over, and I'll be happy to post it here. Sue her and get your money back!!!

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Judging by the sentence structure, word usage and emotionally eruptive content designed to slam Jane's persona and reputation, I'd say this is the work of some truant teens or mischevious college kids or reverse-psychology spy freaks. Who knows these days? Believe what you want, it doesn't even matter anymore.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 03:13 PM
Could I get a brief translation of what this is about?

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 03:31 PM

Originally posted by kadugen
Could I get a brief translation of what this is about?

This is what it is all about !

The Defendants :
- EU
- National Research Labs such as CDC
- Vaccine Companies
- Homeland Security

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:00 PM
I don't care for Deagle the Beagle (my own opinion), that is what I call him! I don't trust him and never have. He only tells half-truths, just like disinfo agents do. A fear monger in my eyes. And boy does he like to promote his products on "any" interview! Anyway, when I read that on Jane's blog, it just confirmed it for me about him! Anyway, here is Jane's new website if anyone hasn't gone there yet or you don't know about it. She is one brave woman, I commend her for this! What's funny (not funny ha, ha), is that I have bing now on my MSN premium, and it wasn't anywhere to be found. Had to go to google, find it, sent the web link to my email, then it came up!

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