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The Death Beam

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 03:40 PM
In 1940 there are three Death Beam notices:
1940-07-12: Aerial Defense 'Death-Beam' Offered to U. S. By Tesla
1940-09-22: 'Death Ray' for Planes
1940-10-20: Proposing the 'Death Ray' for Defense
this is after other birthday announcements:
1935-07-11: Tesla, 79, Promises to Transmit Force
1936-07-11: Tesla, 80, Reveals New Power Device
perhaps related devices and technology.
Look in for court papers where Tesla swears under oath that
his waves are not Hertz waves. He does not go into details.
By 1943 and finding Germany was involved in Tesla's work
the lock up was a move to prevent ant more technology drain
by Nazi spies. However German scientists by 1945 had all of
Tesla material at their disposal. I figure the only thing working
out of all of this is the flying machine or UFO saucer Foo of today.

ED: put in link to xmit force doc
1935-07-11: Tesla, 79, Promises to Transmit Force
find Tesla measured particles going 50x the speed of light form
Antarus, mechanical energy transmission,"floating"a cylinder of fine steel in air, a way to produce direct current, Cosmic rays produced by the force of "electrostatic repulsion", sun is charged to 215 B volts and electric charge of 50 BB esu. Happy 79 B day to you Tesla while we ponder why none of this is true as the Electric Universe stands in the balance of Illuminati one way scales.
Tesla swore under oath that he did not make Hertz waves.
Do not have link to court papers.
Yeah sounds like his ether pressure waves were coming into
fruition but escaping the American government and heard by
Germany who in the next few years will tap into Tesla's labs
again and surprise America by 1943. Then the reuniting of
German scientist by 1945 and the National Security Act of
1947 to eliminate all vestige of ether science available to
the public. So long free energy and hello UFO deniers, space cadets and ET talkers.

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by internos

One day, Marconi after talking to the Pope, promised to stop his experiments based on Mercury and Tungsten

The involvement of mercury has to be miss information.
This in a recent discussion about Tesla circuit controllers that make
and break for Tesla coil operations that some may be familiar with.
Like our mercury light switches of today Tesla used for switching.

amalgam with exposed aluminium parts in the aircraft

Or will destroy a metal until brought back into shape or purity
by an expensive process.
So any equipment using mercury is risky.
No Mercury in a Tesla UFO saucer or Foo.
I can not verify a story the a high altitude disaster was brought
on by a smashed thermometer the ate a hole in the bell and the
astronauts died.
So mercury is a deadly Illuminati anti Tesla info as far as I'm
The high voltage need not be by make and break circuits in
any of Tesla devices.
Mercury will mess up or dissolve gold, silver and many of those
types of metal.
ED: mercury might even dissolve Tungsten

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 12:59 AM
Now this is cool... Almost like a video game but real life...

It's a gun that doesn't look anything like a gun: it's that flat dish antenna which shoots out a 100,000-watt beam at the speed of light, hitting any thing in its path with an intense blast of heat.

An operator uses a joystick to zero in on a target. Visible only with an infrared camera, the gun, when fired emits a flash of white hot energy - an electromagnetic beam made up of very high frequency radio waves.

posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by internos
Sorry sources:

internos I found something in write ups about Tesla than mention
Marconi and beam technology.

"A dozen such plants, located at strategic points along the coast, would be enough to defend this country against all possible aerial attack. This beam would melt any engine, whether Diesel or gasoline-driven." (Marconi's partly-perfected beam was said to be ineffective against Diesel engines). "It would also ignite any explosives aboard any bomber. No possible defense against it could be devised, as the beam would be all-penetrating."

In the last of three beam docs:
1940-07-12: Aerial Defense 'Death-Beam' Offered to U. S. By Tesla
1940-09-22: 'Death Ray' for Planes
1940-10-20: Proposing the 'Death Ray' for Defense

Check the site for this one:
1935-07-11: Tesla, 79, Promises to Transmit Force

Force at a distance. Does Tesla know what gravity is or can
create gravity. Creating a force might make his aircraft work.
At 79 he is just about giving away his secrets.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 09:10 PM
recently linked:


The Death Beam might be the Earthquake technology that can generate remote force.
You see Earthquake in one of the headlines at Pep's Tesla pages.
Tesla moved matter in by an 'electro mechanical' technology named by Lyne most
likely in his "Occult Ether Physics".

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