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The Death Beam

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 01:27 PM
Has the technology gone before we hardly know of it.
The wikipedia Death Ray page
I have a claim on what developed from the Tesla beam invention.
Tesla announces the parts:

Excerpt from “Tesla at 78 bears new Death beam” Jul 11, 1934 NY Times: “The production of the death beam, Dr. Tesla said, involves four new inventions, which have not been announced by him. The scientific details of these inventions are to be given out by him before tha proper scientific bodies in the near future. …. “The first inventions, he said, comprises a method and apparatus for producing rays and other manifestations of energy in free air, eliminating the high vacuum necessary at present for the production of such rays and beams. The second is a method and process for producing “great electrical force.” The third is a method for amplifying this process in the second invention. The fourth, he said, is “a new method for producing a tremendous electrical repelling* force.” (*repelling may have been changed from “propelling” in this article to mislead. Tesla has always referred to a propelling force.)

From a collection of Tesla quotes
But what are they for.

This is the wiki info:

Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a death ray using what he termed teleforce in the 1930s and continued the claims up until his death. [7]
7. ^ "Nikola Tesla Dies. Prolific Inventor. Alternating Power Current's Developer Found Dead in Hotel Suite Here. Claimed a 'Death Beam'. He Insisted the Invention Could Annihilate an Army of 1,000,000 at Once.". New York Times. January 8, 1943, Friday.

The Death Beam is in the title by the New York Times but what happened to it.
July 11, 1937 New York Times is perhaps the last talk by Tesla of an improved beam.

From the quotes document titled:
Excerpt from “The boy’s book of new inventions – The Tesla Turbine” 1912:

“As I told you before when we were talking of the wireless transmission of power, the mechanism will be a development of the principle on which my turbine is constructed. It will be so tremendously powerful that it will make a veritable rope of air above the great machine to hold it at any altitude the navigators may choose, and also a rope of air in front or in the rear to send it forward or backward at almost any speed desired. When that day comes, airship travel will be as safe and prosaic as travel by railroad train today, and not much very different, except that there will be no dirt, and it will be much faster. One will be able to dine in New York, retire in an aero Pullman berth in a closed and perfectly furnished car, and arise to breakfast in London.”

The "veritable rope of air" is the force beam that holds up the Tesla airplane.
I duly propose that is what happened to at least one of Tesla's beam technology.

As far as I can determine the initial beams were used for radiographs and then
X-ray tubes. Tesla took out the target second terminal to put more voltage,
ac to dc by a special coil arrangement demonstrated in 1892, on the single terminal.
And that became the beam when shaped like the Tesla Cosmic Energy
terminal of an aluminum half sphere in his Radiant Energy patent.
My guess is this Radiant Energy solution works cause we never hear of it and
is never referenced and is right next to all the others and thus why the
force beam for and air craft must also work.

Perhaps we can call it deduction by subtractive evidence as perhaps
a must when dealing with the lies of the Illuminati.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 02:23 PM
The death ray exists. It was on 60 minutes some time back but was showcased as Non-Lethal. Well in my opinion all one needs to do is increase the power and you have a death ray.

[edit on 17-8-2009 by Muundoggie]

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 03:34 PM
This is hard to get info, but I can tell you it exists, it is much bigger now, and one is installed on the Space Station, fuelled by a small nuclear reactor that runs on exotic materials. It has been tested and used.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 04:00 PM
According to an affidavit written by Rachele Mussolini (Benito's wife), she saw personally an experiement on a road in the closeness of rome. One day she informed Benito that she has to got to somewhere, Benito Mussolini called her back, and told her to get there between 15.00 and 15.30, and to wait and see: she went there and what she saw was that
a huge column of cars stopped simultaneously: 200 meters of cars stopped. Later "the duce" explained her that it was an already existing weapon, but that Italy was perfectioning it: every reference can be found in Rachele's book. Marconi's involvement was confirmed by the Duce himself, but TESLA was the author of such o extraordinary cration, this is beyond any doubt. One day, Marconi after talking to the Pope, promised to stop his experiments based on Mercury and Tungsten: this is what the reports say. Google OVRA and you will see the why. Thanks TeslaandLyne, now THIS is an interesting matter: the more one wants to debunk it, the more one realizes that it has happened.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 04:01 PM

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 01:04 PM
I just happened to show how the Death Beam technology works
without the focusing terminal which would form the beam.
Since the Tesla craft had three of the equipments before 1934 the
focus was not needed and could be added there after at any time.

Thus the same technology as touted by Tesla in the faces of many
of the electrical science greats of England has emerged as the great
unknown of conspiracy theory.

From 1910 to 1934 there were many hints of Tesla working on some
sort of fantastic craft.
That is why I suspect the 1934 equipment works with the craft.
Tesla states his craft will be unaffected by wind or storm.
I say he tested his ship and thats what he found out.
A stable ship that is as stable as the ether is what that sounds like.
To avoid unstable objects might be a snap for such a craft.
However I find lightning storms on grounded saucers might be a
problem until they are powered up and fly up to the clouds.
There might be other electrical problems.

I saw a demonstration on youtube of a coil floating until burnout
with ordinary current. Tesla pushed current in the air which will
go with negative charge flow. Studies of a football coil, two cone
coils, show positive light aura of pushed away positive charge as
negative charge enters the bottom and a brush aura at the top
as negative charge flows out. This action in the air or ether is the
suspension of the Foo. Angled by joystick this is the Lyne interpretation
of the Tesla UFO or Foo technology for flight. He has many more ether
theories and experiments.

So a Death Beam is control of the ether.
As the flight craft is in some way.
That would be powerful.
How it works we may now know a little.
What it does and the test characteristics is in the hands of the testers.

Kill cattle, kill and knock over crops in a circle perhaps.
Stall out cars as noted above and in part of findings in
this survey has a Freedom of Information Act informant on the
ground with frozen motor.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 05:20 PM
I have an update on the initial beam Tesla produced to make a radiogram,
not an X-Ray, that was produced 40 feet away from the target of
a human for a skull radiogram.

I just happened upon the initial Tesla 40 foot radiogram of a human
skull discussion in an archive search in a Tesla group.
I was searching on LIBERTY for the magazine 1935 I think now
as perhaps It was not even for the beam technology.
Well apparently the radiogram was from the single terminal technology.
The X-Ray tube has a target terminal, like TV screens were a target,
but with higher voltage.
Tesla showed Roentgen the high voltage produced image and one
year later announced his discovery of X-Ray.
The beam from the Tesla bulb, something like a X-Ray bulb without
the second terminal and perhaps without a surrounding glass at all,
emits something undisclosed as yet by the CIA technicians who
should now be in control of this device.

The beam disclosed by Tesla was written up by newspaper men
and so far I have not determined the truth behind the 200 mile
range of the death beam but sound like it goes straight and does
not go over the horizon.

This is why you hear from Tesla writers that Tesla did not
complain about Roentgen's discovery. Tesla had a different bulb.
The writers do not tell you this however to hide the Tesla bulb
existence. Another Tesla secret revealed. This pointed out by
Tesla himself and Bill Lyne in 1993 if I recall.

Any Death Beam material of Tesla's must be at Los Alamos.
The basement of Robert Oppenheimer Library.
I do hope all his effects were kept in one place.
Lyne thinks the documents were copied many times.
A bulb, a focusing terminal as a half ball bearing, that can carry
any current and voltage may have been Tesla's statement.

Look for some ball bearing factories and see who gets a suspicious
shipping. Although Los Alamos perhaps makes their own.

The beam technology is suspected in UFO propulsion so do
not think info not exactly stated by Tesla is valid.
Thus neither will be disclosed.

ED: So imagine the Tesla bulb is never disclosed but you get a
parade of noneffective bulbs on the internet for your dis information.
Not a heap of a lot of radio science the Tesla way either.
Add the voltage pumping controllers and dynamos and the whole
area of Tesla's expertise is unavailable.

[edit on 9/7/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:19 PM
Through a series of links on

The beam, he states, involves four new inventions, two of which already have been tested. One of these is a method and apparatus < section not legible eliminating the need for a "high vacuum;" a second is a process for producing "very great electrical force;" third is a method of amplifying this force, and the fourth is a new method for producing "a tremendous repelling electrical force." This would be the projector, or the gun of the system. The voltage for propelling the beam to its objective, according to the inventor, will attain a potential of 80,000,000 volts.

'Death Ray' For Planes The New York Times September 22, 1940

I don't know how many times these components are mentioned
but the newspapers words many not be as intended by Tesla.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Muundoggie

as long as it's been used properly, there's no harm to your body.

Isn't the same thing that they said about Tasers?

[edit on 14-9-2009 by RoofMonkey]

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 04:16 AM
When I was younger I much enamoured of Mr tesla and his inventions.
It was in an older book about the man, that I found the story of the "death beam".
I dismissed it as a tesla urban legend, until I read an article a few years later in a defense industry magazine about Mr tesla's contributions to the modern world.
They had a picture of a technician with an actual prototype that the foriegn technologies research division had built at wright patterson.
They built it from designs and sketches and notes found in teslas papers after his death.
They couldnt get it to work.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 10:30 AM
I found something interesting about beams.
Well they do work in air and air was the medium of Tesla.
In an electrical way as from 1910 to 1934 he spoke of his Wireless
Transmission of Electricity.
I will end with a video I must have viewed at a ATS post but can't
locate now and there must be some sort of beam action in it.

A review of Tesla's 1892 Experiments document found online at:
gives insight to the action involved.

"It should not be thought that the loss in heat in an air condenser is
necessarily associated with the formation of visible streams or brushes."

Does his flying machine, using a beam in air of high voltage force,
exhibit lightning that only cameras see and people see occasionally.
Remember the ether light is so weak that Tesla dimmed the lights in
his lab so Mark Twain and others might see his high voltage experiments.

Now the weather interaction and the HAARP beam action involvement:
"A question of some interest, principally to meteorologists, presents itself
here. How does the earth behave? The earth is an air condenser, but is it a
perfect or a very imperfect one - a mere sink of energy? There can be little
doubt that to such small disturbance as might be caused in an experiment
the earth behaves as an almost perfect condenser."
and ending with:
"The variations may be gradual or very sudden, according to the nature of
the general disturbance, and may produce rain and storms, or locally
modify the weather in any way."
A show of Earth's great electron or negative carrier flow:

And then one Tesla's famous statements on how the air works electrically:
"But the action as explained implies that the air is insulating - that is, that
it is composed of independent carriers immersed in an insulating medium."
So the air has electrical carriers that carry the force of voltage through the

Now the video of how the charged rain cloud may have been drawn to
a location on Earth by a current path:

Perhaps that imposing beam maker did place a dent in the Earth
condenser and move electrical forces in the air.

After all these beams are invisible for the most part.
ED: Note the dent in electricity is not conducive to the flying
machine and most likely bring on the MIB or some such action
to remove the device.
ED+: Made comment that did not post yet about the availability
of the actual footage when the camera was knocked over during
[edit on 9/16/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

[edit on 9/16/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 09:35 PM
We may assume that others may have worked with coils but only
Tesla had the greatest experience at Colorado Springs ending in 1900.

Still used in X-Ray dental work and for atom smashing, coils are a must.
Nothing can generate millions of volts as his coil network can.

Beams of particles is another consideration that has seemingly followed
Tesla. In particular are atomic laboratories near his Tower on
Long Island and Los Alamos and the North West.

Did Tesla travel to all these locations or did his coils with others
find these places to make atomic experiments.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 10:26 AM
Here is a beam maker:

There appears to be electrical stress an no current supplied except
for any in the air or 'ether' to flow in one direction.

But the air is free so no current is supplied.

Are the carriers separate from the air or mixed in with it.
Gee I guess these types of experiments are just not going to
be explained very well.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:27 PM
The action of the 1/4 wave tuned coil might be called the scalar force
tuning. Actual physical force from electrical voltage is developed and
indicated as propelling force.

Thus the electrical effects of a beam might become physical effects.
Straight electrical to scalar electrical that would propel a vehicle as
Tesla hoped for his aircraft.

The beam should have effects of heating and stalling mechanical
and electrical mechanisms.

Based on a rule of conspiracy theory, if a method was available
before but nothing exists now then the method is valuable and
exists today and used today.

We just do not see 7 foot conical coils operating with 1/4 tuning
these days. The coil wire length is 1/4 the desired wavelength
which then translates to the frequency used. No frequency is
the desired frequency so far that I can determine, just have
the coil connected at one end to the primary an the other open.
A one turn primary only is what Tesla indicates at times.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 04:00 PM
The Taser must have a constant high frequency signal.
And not work on the 1/4 wave principle.
The quarter wave tuning sends out electrical pulses every 1/4 cycle.
The pulses Tesla considered like sound or pressure waves and not EM Hertz waves.
Only he consistently used this method for wireless power and communication.
Consider Tesla's remote controlled boat.
Tesla uses wireless power and communication control at the same time.
There was a battery on board for storage of the signal.
Thus a good look at the boat hardware should discover Tesla's wireless
reception methods.
The pulses would form a beam, using the cone coil shape, that would
disable mechanical electrical vehicles (cars) and also have mechanical
pressure effects (might even push a car).
So far the speculation of a beam powered anything might be old time
ideas but now we might see how the ideas evolved.
In any case, Tesla electricity is not Maxwell and Hertz that we study.

ED: Forgot to mention the focusing terminal seen in the Radient
Energy patent. The half sphere formed a beam Tesla used for
X-Rays. Placed at the open coil wire end the focus of pulses
would be great.

[edit on 10/17/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 04:50 PM
A mention of a power beam:

If non-radioactive elements are converted into radioactive ones by the forces of nature, what are these processes? In a New York Times article of July 11, 1937 (pg. 13, col.2), in one of Tesla's famous birthday announcements, Tesla stated that he had developed a process for the "manufacture" of radium (transmutation from other elements), which was so efficient that it could be sold for $l.00 per pound. He also announced that he had "absolutely developed" a system for the interstellar transmission of energy. He said he had been working in "several laboratories", but refused to disclose their locations. His working model, he said, "...employs more than three dozen of my inventions. It is a complex apparatus, an agglomeration of parts." It could convey "...several thousand units of horsepower to other planets, regardless of the distance", traveling "...through a channel of less than one-half of one-millionth of a centimeter." Further, he said, " is not an experiment. I have built, demonstrated and used it. Only a little time will pass before I can give it to the world."

That time never came. In less than six years, his death occurred in the presence of two FBI agents and a German nurse, and the Nazis had had his plans under active development since as early as 1936.

These facts demonstrate that even in his 80s, in 1937, Tesla was involved in secret research at several undisclosed laboratories, on technology which today remains highly classified, yet neither the general public nor anyone at the International Tesla Society seems to have any idea as to the details, because they have been concealed from us by the "powers that be". Through some ingenious investigating, it is possible to reconstruct some of the facts. In focusing on just Tesla's publically available technology, it is obvious that, even in it, there is the air of the fantastic, the almost incredible. Taking this a step further, it is possible to reconstruct much of the unknown Tesla discoveries from publically-available sources, in order to see what has been carefully hidden from us by our own government and the corporate fascists who control it.

Sounds like Tesla was working full steam ahead, perhaps with government
funding as it has done with so many strange and varied aircraft
manufacturers throughout the years, and in six years the government finds
that Germany is developing Tesla technology while they are not.

So expect developments in Europe at that time as the Italian reference
posted before seems to indicate.

This author does go forth for a UFO connection as many have shown
Tesla references to aircraft while the exact method might still escape
some as details are not thoroughly given that I recall.

Diagram from my latest discussions looks like an antenna that
would send signals as Tesla said like sound pressure waves.

A regular antenna beam.

However not EM radio waves but electrostatic waves that Tesla showed
in 1892 "Experiments.." with 'one wire' power demonstrations.
You guessed it, why not no wire. The problem is perhaps there is need
to focus the power as JP Morgan didn't like so much going around free.
Thus the focus with the Tesla bulb or 1/2 sphere of aluminum.
The reference lyne4lyne that mentions Radium production and the planet
beam are perhaps from the focused beam as well as the UFO propulsion
being derived from the same process.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by Muundoggie
The death ray exists. It was on 60 minutes some time back but was showcased as Non-Lethal. Well in my opinion all one needs to do is increase the power and you have a death ray.[edit on 17-8-2009 by Muundoggie]

Yep they test it all over the world on innocent people in there homes. How many people get microwaved, and the neighbours where given weapons to use on them by police and government for no reason, other then they just make it all up.

All those death ray, non lethel things have been around for ages.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by andy1033

Originally posted by Muundoggie
The death ray exists. It was on 60 minutes some time back but was showcased as Non-Lethal. Well in my opinion all one needs to do is increase the power and you have a death ray.[edit on 17-8-2009 by Muundoggie]

Yep they test it all over the world on innocent people in there homes. How many people get microwaved, and the neighbours where given weapons to use on them by police and government for no reason, other then they just make it all up.

All those death ray, non lethel things have been around for ages.

The famous case is William Reich.
Being under the UFO ether waves, Reich felt something was wrong.
He was under UFO surveillance.
Being close to a UFO landing Travis Walton was knocked unconscious
by the pressure wave.
Two women in Texas or New Mexico were injured by a UFO that had
lost control or navigation access.
Then dead and damaged crops and dead cattle.

Basically the powerful ray technology propels the UFO.
So don't get too close.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 08:52 AM
I know this is a Death Beam topic but what ever happened to the
disintegration ray that busted everything into atoms.
I must have crossed the topic in a couple of web pages recently
and started thinking about the topic in light of idea that a pressure
wave lifts up the saucer.
The Death Ray or beam might just as well operate like everything
else Tesla operated that is in pulses.
If pulses can lift a saucer then what happens when the pulses are
aimed elsewhere.
This is what must be behind all the fear of saucers, UFOs and Aliens.
Oh My, but seriously.
People can't help but fear, if the technology is alien or man made.
Guess if its Alien technology they have a chance of surviving with the
good Alien.
So all the naysayers that say 'oh, its only a plane' get rave reviews
from all the fearing masses.
Thus no disintegration ray problem from man or alien.
Well the beam is there more than ever and the technology exists only
if started under Hitler as the New World Order technology to free
Germany from the oil companies and now taken over and made
more terrifying by America.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:43 PM
Wall Street Journal talks about Tesla:

"We quickly decided that tapping into the conspiracies and geek mystique built up around Nikola Tesla would be awesome," says senior producer Morgan Gray. "What is cooler than having Tesla reverse-engineer alien technology to build weapons of super science?"

"A mythology has built up around Tesla that catches people's imagination," says Andy Keane, general manager of Tesla Products at Nvidia. Tesla's more outlandish pronouncements stoked that mythology. He said he could use electricity to cause earthquakes and control weather. He claimed to have detected signals from Mars while he was in Colorado.

Where is this weather control and earthquakes from.
The myth as he says, there is no industrial truth or documented truth.
Just because companies might develop equipment from Tesla's
notes, we have not seen them.

Why would Tesla reverse anything.

Mars signals proved all planets radiate Tesla waves that he detected
and not lifeforms.

The Navy wanted HAARP to communicate with subs but got nothing.
Tesla said he could do it.
What happened.
Now HAARP is a weather machine and earth quake machine.
What Tesla did has a big prohibit sign on it.
Get wise and figure it out.

EU will find out the new bulbs are a fire hazard that do not shut
off when there light goes out and can smolder. One building went
back to gas tube florescent which could be powered wireless but
that won't happen. Think out side the bulb. If Tesla made gas inside
a bulb rigid what will happen if an aircraft makes the air, and ether,
outside the ship rigid and can propel in any direction.

Tesla's boat was powered and controlled wireless. Same as his
aircraft. WSJ missed that. What about all the German development
of Tesla technology that the Nazis got a hold of for dreams of carbon
less energy sources in a NWO. Sure WSJ talk about weapons and
secret stuff reverse Tesla engineered from aliens we all know about.

The only beams are those suspending the Tesla aircraft that knock
out cattle underneath. See the Rex Heflin series of photos and if the
dirt underneath the craft seems to be lifted upward.

ED: see
for many Tesla documents

[edit on 1/20/2010 by TeslaandLyne]

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