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Had a dream last night

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 12:50 PM
Ok..i have finally plucked up the courage to do this, with the help of my wife

i always have dreams, and they come true.

Last night, i had a dream (AGAIN) of a plane crash.

in my dream, i was in an area i recognise. it is an area i used to live, the area was built on a hill. The plane seemed to take off from the airport, then somehow do a backwards (going upside down) movement, try to head back to the airport (Edinburgh), but as i ran down the hill, watching the plane in flames, the plane nosedived into a local restuarant.

now in my dreams, it is always local areas.

For instance, on the week leading up to 9/11 i dreamt i was ontop of the highest building in my city, and planes hit it. this is easy for me to say now, but it happened.

Lets hope i am wrong.

But i fear a BAD plane crash is coming.

This happened last night (23rd August) and usually it happens 2/3 days after my dream.

i may look like a fool in a few days, but it happens to me a i thought what the hell.

its like hell, i get these dreams, always in areas i know, so how can i help ?
why am i being tortured with this ?

i am psychic, but dont do readings. this space (hope nothing happens)

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 01:05 PM
I actually had a similar dream earlier this week... I wrote a song about it calld "Ultimate Dysphoria" since it was one of the most striking dreams I've ever had.

It started off with me sitting at what I perceived as home, when this deafening noise started. I took out my camera phone, and walked to the window, almost immediately I see a plane nosedive into the ground about a hundred feet away from me, and there's a shockwave that knocks me on my ass... Later in the dream I looked back at the video, and clear as day I could see death dancing, and then he ran and met the plane at the spot of impact.

Tears were brought to my eyes because this dream scared me #less.


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