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MSM tells of tragic pregnant 911 widow, just as UK support wavers in face of UK casualties

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 10:45 AM
A story appeared on the Timesonline website today.

One mother's heartbreaking 9/11 story

Elizabeth Turner was pregnant with her son when she lost her husband in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre

A very tragic story, one of thousands from that day,

I have the utmost sympathy for this lady, her family and all the victims.

But when I read this I thought that the timing of this story is very odd.

Stories like this often come on the anniversary of 911, not in August. Why would a story be released at such a time?

Here are a a few clues:

British troops killed after commanders forced into Panther's Claw numbers game

Ainsworth defends Afghan mission

Defence secretary Bob Ainsworth has insisted the UK campaign in Afghanistan is "winnable", as MoD figures show the number of casualties has doubled.

B ritish soldier's scathing poem attacks politicians over the war in Afghanistan - as death toll reaches 204

I expect more stories like this in the next few weeks, stories intended to 'remind us' why being in Afghanistan is a noble idea!

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 11:35 AM
It's pretty disgusting that these cases are only dragged into the light when people need 'reminding' about something used to political ends in order to drum up more support for them.

A terrible media tool.

It just shows how reactionary and insensitive the MSM has to be to move public opinion one way or another. They don't really give a damn, just as long as they get paid and look good for their paymasters.

I'm sure the poor woman, and the young son, just want to be left alone, not paraded in such a way as to exploit the weaker minds of the population.

I feel so sorry for them...

S&F for sharing this.

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