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I don't know what to think...But maybe this can prove reincarnation...?

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 03:59 AM
I am still skeptical about all that stuff on reincarnation...I am Catholic and I appreciate my body like it is and I wouldn't know which body I will be in when this life will be over. Maybe I will be just a mind.
Now I will tell you three stories I've never told before to anyone.

Since I was a kid, I had strange memories about a possible past life, in a period between the 70's and the 80's, just before I was born.
I was having for many days a year, strange memories about living with a young mother in her 20's and when she knew a group of men she was in love with one of them.
These men at start were fascinating me. They had self-security, strenght...But they were thieves, they were horrible.
They made a kind of friendship with me and my mother, but at the end they killed us...Me and my mother were strangulated and I was probably hit by knives.
Maybe, with a single knive hit...
These were knightmare memories, they were terryfying when I think attentively about it.
Since I was a kid, I was telling myself, remember, people wearing like this are bad, are thieves.
The thing who scares me is that I always wanted a bigger brother, someone sure of himself, someone strong.
I am so afraid by knieves, I never touch one, I have problem even to use a knife to eat. I am horrified by horror shows and movies.
I feel very angry and desperate when I am betrayed by a friend. This happened many times in my life and when it happened I was destroyed. Desperate.
The day before my 18th birthday I met by chance, in my school, a guy.
He asked me something about a teacher. I responded quite harshly, in a cold way, by istinct.
Days after, I met again this boy, and the first thing I thought was terrible " You killed me ".
I don't even know why I thought a thing like that. " Impossible " I was telling myself.
The days were passing by, everytime that guy was walking near me, I were feeling cold and shaky, agitated. Paralyzed.
I couldn't explain it for months.
The day of my Name Day, Baptism day for me, I was out with my parents in the center of the town. Suddenly, this guy was running and hit my father at the back with his shoulder. He was sorry and said " Pleasure ".
I suddenly realized: he knew my father.
I asked my father who he was, he answered me, he was a basket player who once played in the same team of my brother.
I thought " No! Not him, not this guy ! ", I was concerned about my brother.
I did a research in pictures of my brother and his team.
That guy was there, in many photos, on one of the computer of my home, near my brother.
Suddenly, I had the idea to make him my new friend, to know him better.
I contacted him on the internet, but he never answered. He started to look at me in a wierd way. I was the same.
The fear faded away and I was feeling very angry with him. I didn't have any reason. I started to think I was kinda stressed ( when I am under stress, I am very wierd ). I started to think that it was better to have this guy very very far from my life, forever.
Many times I've seen my friend ( he didn't know anything ) making secretly comments about that guy " I hate him! Who he believes he is ? ", I was relieved. Someone else doesn't like that guy. Like, you know, I am not alone.

I was having nightmares about this guy, that he beated me, derided me, one where he enters my house and my parents like him and I can't do anything.

I learnt to be skeptical and to look at him with complete indifference. Now, when we rarely meet, thanks to the sky, is him who looks at me in a wierd way. He seems confused and diffident about me. I can't care a little bit. He is now out of my life, forever.

My memories recently faded away, and I asked God to forgive anyone who did this. I told him " They didn't know what they were doing. Forgive they, please. They will learn your lesson. They will return to be loyal to you ".

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 04:30 AM
Here it is the second story.
Well, after I was betrayed from a " friend ", I was 15 going to be 16, I started to have memories, like flashbacks of a blonde beautiful boy.
If I was very focused on it, I could remember every single feature of the face and the body.
I was confused but I liked these memories. Those images in my mind, coming from who knows where, gave me some kind of security.

I thought many times about this second memory. Maybe I was some beautiful boy who had all the luckyness in life, all the girls liked him.
I was like " But c'mon, so why now I have this ugly body, ugly face right now ? I choosed to be like this ? ".

I was in a period where I didn't like my look, my body and my face.
I slowly, very slowly realized those memories and feeling were dangerous for me.
I started to tell myself " You need to look at your real, actual body and accept it ".
I was feeling some weird feelings in myself like " I am the best " " Look at me. I was near the best perfection ".
I repeated to myself " This guy isn't yourself. Yes, you actually think you are the best, but it's not because you look lke this blond ".

I was kinda concerned by these memories. They were frequently there, for a certain period. I was afraid I was loosing my own personality.
I was fascinated by every blond guy, I was a writer and in my books many characters were always blond.
I believe that this boy died on June 15 of a year ( this is a date I am instinctually afraid of!
) and maybe is a memory of someone else arrived to me...Maybe he was an actor...I don't really know...

I said " At least this is giving me some security, I feel cool, strong and no bully will ever concern me "
Some memory appeared in my mind. This beautiful blond boy had many brothers. They were the perfect family. All of them were cool and fascinating.

I started to stop these memories. They were invading myself, I was feeling.
" Look at you, you have dark hair, you have eyeglasses, you are Matteo. You are not Dennis. This boy doesn't exists anymore. You are Matteo ".

I was starting to be very afraid, so I started to appreciate myself, to focus on writing and to focus on myself, like I was. The boy with eyeglasses.

I was again starting to appreciate who I was, myself, my body.

A month before my 19th birthday, I met a group of guys, they were strange, but in a good way. They were weird. I am still very curious about them. I want to talk with them.
I discovered they may be homeless. They are 16. Maybe they are hosted by friends, I don't really know. They don't have a single home.
They always change way everytime they go for a walk. They live near my house.
They appear to me incredibly familiar. Above all two of them, I gave them nicknames " Prince " and " Cool Face ".
" Prince " resembles one of the sons of Princess Diana.
I met him many times coming back home from school, he was always looking at me like he was surprised.
He is a good looking boy, but he wears like a very very poor boy, he smokes and he, with Cool Face, sells baloon for kids.
They go out only after sunset, when it's evening.
Once I met by chance " Prince " and he looked at me, in my eyes.
" This boy has some deep eyes, like he understands many things I can't ".
I was feeling like he just read me in the deep of my mind.

" Cool Face " has, lol, the voice of a duck and he is a skater and he is always with a happy grin on the face.

They knew a very few people. Sometimes, I think, they are angels. They are my guardian angels. But I am kinda skeptical. No angel could smoke, and they are just very poor boys.
Who knows anyway?

I feel like I am crazy when I think about these things. Life is a marveillous experience. We know almost nothing about its real meaning, about those mysterious episodes.
I feel like crazy, but here on ats I read even more crazy things almost everyday! lol

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:05 AM
No, this doesn't prove reincarnation.

It has nothing to do with reincarnation. All this stuff is happening inside your head. I suggest you seek medical assistance. This isn't a put-down; I'm serious.

Good luck, Matteo.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by Matteo

I'm Catholic, too, and guess what? There's actually reincarnation in the Old Testament. Can't remember the exact verse but I recall reading that the Egyptians were reincarnated for the sole purpose of enslaving the Jews.

Jesus also talks about being alive before he was born:

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 06:18 AM
Thanks a lot, to the first who posted an anwser. Humpf.

This night I read a thread here on Ats about spontaneous reincarnation memories. They could be all very crazy people.
Yeah, so let's go to them and tell them they must seek medication.

I, for my self, could say that IF those two memories are not proving reincarnation, I have two theories:

1. I actually have been assaulted by thieves when I was very little but I removed part of the memory? Yes, this could be.
But I can't know.

2. I was disappointed by my body so I was pretending I was having a good-looking body and I ended to think that was very very wrong and could end to be dangerous? Definitely yes.

I focused myself to control myself and to return to my reality.
I was aware that memory was not myself. I was very aware.
I was delusional.
Maybe it's for real a memory of a past life, maybe is not even my past life.
Who can know?

Now I like myself as I am. I know who I am. I always knew.
And I know who you are. I read your answers on other threads.
You are always so rude with people.

I never said I'm sure this is a real prove of reincarnation. I know how to be logical. I just exposed a theory.

I am followed by a psychologist ( don't know exactly the word ) because my mother feels a little more sure of herself.
Anyway, I never told to her this stories.
The psychologist says I am normal, but when I am under stress my mind can confuse me.

I know, mind can confuse, I know. I learnt to have control.
The boy who betrayed me before that memory arrived was a blond boy.

I thought, maybe this is just a consequence. I wanted him to be my friend.
I can distinguish between unreal and real. Believe me, I can.

I even thought that I was becoming more sure of myself and my mind was identyfing that feeling with a picture.
I was feeling me becoming more strong, more egoist, more man.
And my mind had a picture to define that. Could be that.

I knew that, if I posted these stories on here, I would be offended. You don't believe. I don't care. I have my personal theories to make you don't believe they are proofs of reincarnation.
It's just a theory.

It' s not happening anymore. Both these memories faded away. What I learnt? To consider my self important like I am.

I believe that second memory could be the image my mind gave to my feeling of more security, strenght.
I was angry and desperated after that boy betrayed me. I was needing to re-assure myself I could be strong.

Now I like me very much. I am a writer since I was 16, I'm writing my sixth book and one of my movie scripts is in a Canadian movie contest.
I finished Classycal Lyceum, that one where you study Greek and Latin.
I am going to be in University of Foreign Languages.
I have many girls who are my friends, I know 5 languages.
I study languages and history by myself during summers.

If in the future I will have another memory I will not accept it to be there. I am who I am, and I absolutely know who I am.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:17 AM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

I have no answer. As usual, each piece if information only generates additional questions for me. There are some things I don't think we'll ever know, at least while we're here. I neither believe nor disbelieve in reincarnation. I think there are a good many things that just defy any seemingly rational, prosaic explanation.

Here in my city, there is a homicide detective that wrote a book about his own personal experiences with this phenomenon - Looking for Carrol Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life.

It's very compelling.

As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:42 AM
Don't worry about what other people say, If YOU beleive that it's past life recall, then to YOU that is what it is. Nobody knows for sure, however there is more compelling evidence of reincarnation being fact, than not. One link is posted here in the post above mine, there's also others that you can look up on the web. There was one about an American woman named Jen who found out that her PL was indeed fact when she found out she had been in a PL the mother of several children, lived I think in ettinbourough scotland somewhere in that life, she found the house she found the kdis, the most amazing thing is she still resembled their mom even in this life. Very unusual story that one, because she hadn't ever been overseas until she was looking into her PL memories.
BTW not all blonde haired blue eyed boys are what the girls like.
Myself I always preferred dark haired tall men with a darker complexion. Italians, you know olive complexion. So never thin you're ugly!

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