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Take a moment to notice humanity losing the fear mentality

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 01:05 AM
Hello all. As I have been going about my days as 'normal', working the 9-5 slave shift, while still delving into conspiracies and alternative news in my spare time, (as I'm sure we can all relate on that level at least lol), I have noticed something.

I figured this was the best place to see if any of you guys notice this much as I have.

The hype on just about everything seems to be reaching a boiling point. I am not talking in a negative aspect, the last intention I ever have is to appeal to fear-mongers and the like.

Any discussion about this health care reform crap at a town hall meeting that I watch, or listen to, the crowd ends up grilling the politician with intelligent well thought out questions and quotes, and then you can hear booing in the background. It is not that I wanted to make this topic my main point, but it is a good example.

I know a lot of people here really don't have much faith in humanity waking up, however, I do feel it is happening more rapidly than we like to give credit. Why would any issue be pushed on us so much harder? Only because people are not buying into this crap anymore, and are opening their mouths.

As far as ridiculous propaganda, I even saw a commercial today that showed cars pulling out in front of an ambulance on purpose, and AARP saying that those are people who are trying to spread lies and stop you from receiving the health care that you need. What a load!!

Anyways, health care is overall not the topic here. I just thought it was funny the way it is being handled.

I have been overwhelmingly positive lately(even though my job sucks life stress, blah blah), and life has been good to me. As long as we the citizens, stop with the victim mentality, and stand up for ourselves after realizing that the only reason things have become this way because we LET them, things will start to change around here. And if you notice, there is slightly more push for draconian law because there is slightly more push from people who aren't buying it.

I have already seen it with my own eyes. We the people are losing our fear, and shutting off our televisions, and I believe TPTB are getting nervous that they are losing their grip on our minds. It is the first time in a long time that I could honestly say it was refreshing to watch a town hall meeting!

I would love to hear from my fellow ATSers on here and see if anyone else has actually taken notice to this? I have even heard some strange enlightening comments from people that I never would have expected. 100th monkey perhaps? What do you think?

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 01:30 AM
I can't say I've noticed people losing their fear mentality, but I agree that more people seem to be turning off the news and ignoring what the media try to shove down our throats. I think people are realizing that the news is mostly BS, and that whatever they say happened may have little to do with reality. People are becoming more cynical about the news.

I'm glad to see this change, but we have a long way to go. People still have the habit of assuming that what they think is true, is really true. They still are reluctant to question what they've already accepted, even as they are skeptical about what they're being told now. In other words, they may not be so easily fooled by the media now, but they have already swallowed a whole bunch of carp.

But at least there's some progress. I haven't seen that in a long time.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 02:00 AM
Good thread!

Personally, life is good, no matter the obstacles; why would we re-produce if life was complete crap? I admit that I have great fears on a daily basis, but I attempt to work those fears into my life now, instead of trying to repress them. I think that was your main point, instead of people keeping there thoughts to themselves, they are learning that there voice can be heard and accepted by like-minded people. We are learning to go with the flow, like the tides of the ocean. Always moving, contemplating, embracing life, without fear of the consequences.



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