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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by Donnie Darko

But then again a gang member could still go to Heaven because in the end it's not about how bad or good you are. It's about if you accepted Jesus at some point as your savior and repented and so let Jesus wash away his sins.

It's not really about how much you sin. It's about if you finally turn away from that sin and let Jesus wash it away for you. Which could have happened between when he killed someone and he he got murdered himself for revenge.

However, if he didn't repent, well do you really want gang violence in Heaven?

But regardless of religion. And we'll forget all about religion for a moment. I see a big problem in the world where parents think their kids can do no wrong and no matter what they do wrong that THEIR kids are special and deserve some kind of special treatment.

If I had a kid that was a murderer that didn't accept Jesus then I wouldn't to see my kid in Heaven when I got there. I would do my best to make sure I raised my kids right so they didn't turn into gang murderers, but in the end they've gotta make their own choices and be responsible for them and just because they ruin their life doesn't mean it has to ruin mine as well. Or my eternity for that matter.

It's sort of like this show Intervention I watch about drug addicts. Typically what we see is the kid is a drug addict and ruins his life, but also ruins his parents lives because the parents or family lets the person continue to live at home and give him money while they spend it on drugs.

What happens most of the time is the drug addict finds out there is no way a drug addict can work enough hours to both pay for their habit and pay for their bills and when the family threatens to kick them out. Well every time I watch that show, almost inevitably as soon as that free hand out from the family dries up THEN the addict is all about getting into treatment and treating their addiction.

In other words, that attitude that your child deserve to have everything that everyone else does is the problem. Some things they only deserve it if they work for it and get it themselves.

Only when people are no longer shielded from the consequences of their actions and actually have to face them THEMSELVES will they straighten up a lot of times.

Some parents shield their children right up until the end never making them force their own consequences. I know several addicts and alcoholics that are in their fifties or even sixties now and still live with their elderly mother because they're addicts and have never had their own place. Mommy never forced them to move out and grow up and face the consequences of being an adult.

But Heaven doesn't work that way if it's real. Mommy can't protect you anymore. Either accept Jesus or face the consequences.

That's why the best thing you can do as a parent is when your kids grow up, stop sheltering them and letting them live with you while they go out and gang bang and let them know there are consequences to that, but in the end if they won't change, they have to face those consequences and you're not going to be there to protect them.

That's what's wrong with kids today. They snort some coke and kill a school child, but when they show up in the court room there's mom crying telling the judge "OH WHAT A GOOD BOY HE IS!" It's like no. That's not a good boy. That boy should be shot on site and the mother should have more integrity about what she brought into the world, but first we'll give him a chance to accept Jesus.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:05 PM
Well lets see. Maybe when we go to heaven, we're the age that we were most happiest with in life. Or even, maybe we get to choose? And maybe hell consists of our mental hell. To me, mental pain is much more agonizing than psychical pain. So hell to us would be made up of our worst fears. Maybe maybe. Who can really know. Nice thread!

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