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Former Armed Forces head wanted probe into UFO sighting

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 11:54 PM

A former head of the Armed Forces wrote to the Defence Secretary urging him to “demonstrate a more serious concern” over a now famous UFO sighting, files released by the Ministry of Defence reveal. show.html

Lord Hill-Norton, a former Chief of Defense Staff, wrote years after a mysterious incident in which several US Air Force personnel reported seeing a strange metallic object hovering in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Woodbridge.

The incident has never been fully explained.

The late Lord Hill-Norton, a member of the House of Lords UFO Group, wrote to Mr Heseltine in May 1985 to express his concern over the “puzzling and disquieting features” of the case.

This is one of dozens of new sightings and reports released to the public by Britain in a continuing program of disclosure that is sweeping most of the world, except for the U.S.

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