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Aliens and hypnotism

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 07:07 AM
Hey has anyone been hypnotized?Or by an alien?? Well several accounts claim that when abducted they fall asleep or after they are abducted,they forgot what happened and head hurts,Nightmares all that stuff,But when consulted to a psychic they remember what happened and stuff.IF aliens are so advanced,why the hell can normal humans unlock their mind blocking??? Does this explain there really ain`t no aliens?
and some accounts say that before abduction body becomes stiff and aliens send like messages to them. I don`t believe this
but hey we have the freedom to think as long as there is still no evidence (oh yeah those hard people,dont rub it on my face if there is evidence)

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 11:04 AM
eh being rather deeply set into the UFO phenom.. I do have to agree.. there isnt really proof of abductions.. I will NOT say this doesnt occur. in science.. NOTHING is impossible. But when lt comes to the airy-fairy new age techniques of chanelling, and psychism.. and left to hypnotists left alone in a room with said subject.... that leaves FAR too much room for corruption. We are humans we want attention, even as a believer, I am very skeptical about the subject of abductions. It interests me in that we have beautiful mathematical messages in crop circles, We have horrible attrocities to animals in cattle mutilations. I guess its not impossible to be taken and experimented on, as there are two different classes of abduction, peaceful and frightening. blah blah.. I just stand by my opinion, that this whole thing is greatly improbable. Is it possible that its real? Oh yes.. very possible, but its also possible that people are in a dream state suffering from sleep paralysis as well. If its all for real, i am sure the evidence is out there.. who knows.. maybe all the evidence I have seen on it is infact real and I just choose not to believe it. SO for those that claim to be abducted, I am not laughing or discounting your experiences, but I do strongly urge we look at ALL possibilities. That is all. I would no sooner tell you that you are full of sh*t than tell a rape victim they made it up. Neither will happen so I do hope you arent offended.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by mugen1005

The mention of screen or false memories etc. may be why, regardless as to who is doing it. It may also be possible that a different species doesn't have the same issues as we do with memory and trauma.

I recall what I've been through and it seems as if to be a foggy memory as if drugged or drunk.

Even when it should have been obvious that what I was looking at was alien or similar looking, I didn't get it.

This is the same way for many of my dreams as being dumbed down and or lower or partial brain functions, like one half that effects reasoning etc.

These memories seem to be much more lucid than ( my) typical dreams and some recalled as if a past trauma or amanesia like a blow to the head.

There may have been a part of the brain that's been purposely damaged like a mild stroke etc.

Mind control, hypnosis, whatever.

Someone is experimenting on us. Some or many may be given messages that are designed to come out at a certain time and trigger, maybe if even by a related or a different trauma.

I've recalled this a few imes for me, but around 9/11/01 was what did it for me one way or another.

I've felt for years that there were things I was supposed to remember and that my life isn't supposed to be so mundane or typical. Some are made to believe that they're: "special"

Now, after awhile, I feel like I've been robbed and used.........and feel violated and even outraged sometimes. Like as if my script and timeline has been ruined and altered. I just can't yet say if it's been for the best and it gets mixed up with religion and material temptations.

Much like being tested and scored on. It also reminds me of the movie: Trading Places

The information and speculations makes my head spin.

At least here, I feel like I'm in group therapy and not so alone anymore.

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by aleon1018

Mind control and memory altering is something WE humans have been playing with since the cold war. The Soviets had taken this to advances on their own people (Prisoners, and dissidents) beyond what the US, or US could have done to this date.
Perhaps your feeling of being used up and spat out is your own doing.. No. dont take it like I am telling you you're nuts... I myself have already stated my belief in the UFO phenom. I have had epic debates with people here. The one thing that keeps ME different from every other UFO junky in here is a two fold deal. 1) I look at ALL possibilities before jumping on UFO band wagon 2) I admit my mistakes when wrong in argument, or judgement.

I will say perhaps its your own doing for one very good reason. perhaps out of poor me feelings, blatant laziness, or lack of knowledge.. you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.
Entertain this thought.
You basically said without saying you are "special".
ok. now being special does not come without expectation or price mate. maybe you need to find your purpose and exploit it so you dont feel so off the path. and with that statement I know you know exactly what I am talking about.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by stanlee

There was a time when I was made to think I was special, but apparently that's just not the case anymore. Many if not most people are used and exploited and those who stay where they are as if controlled.

I realize many things I hadn't when I was working and know I couldn't keep up. Being on disability has been my salvation from near death. What Im going to do next is uncertain, especially the ways things are now even for those who've been working until recently. 5 years on disability isn't a very good reference.

As for the UFO alien connections, it has been strongly suggested to me that it has been an influence in my life in some way, but not as some may have suggested as delusions or wishful thinking. But now after a couple of years of ATS group therapy, I've begun to doubt many things.

Time will tell if there's been anything that special about me other than the possibility of some cruel joke. I'm pretty sure it's not mostly my doing, even if I have been told I was my worst enemy. Someone besides myself is playing this game.

I think that also goes for most of us.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 06:32 PM
I am reluctant to put my two cents in here, but I do have some relevant experience on this and have formed some theories of my own.

I won't go into my full story, but I have had abduction experiences throughout my whole life. If you want to know more here is my website Aliendoodles.

My own abductors are a version of the little grey fellows. I say a version because I have witnessed that there are a lot of variations upon the same theme. Whether this is indicative of different races of one species, or some kind of genetic tailoring. Perhaps it is something else entirely different: I don't know. I suspect that it is because they are a very developed and old race and have been reshaped by the gravities, solar radiations, and other pressures of many different and varied colony worlds.

Back to the subject at hand, I have experienced screen memories, paralysis, audio psychic communication, emotional and sensation transference/communication and also visual psychic communications. I have also been hypnotically regressed on three separate occasions by two completely different hypnotic regressionists. So I have some experience of a few of the different forms of cognitive manipulation.

I know from experience that the visitors do manipulate minds at a very deep level. The label "screen memories" isn't quite accurate. The images that the visitors implant are experienced during the abduction and are not the result of some kind post experience mnemonic editing. I have seen giant owls, cats, muppets, my mother and even my own kids used as disguises. They do this so that we calm down enough for them to open a rapport with our minds and also to lower our defenses. When we begin to panic, our minds become a seething mess and the visitors are unable to get into our heads to communicate and calm us down. The visitors communicate with each other on many more levels than we do. We use mainly verbal language, but we also use body language and observations of the subtle tones of each others voices to analyze the deeper emotional states of our fellow humans. We are able then to build an accurate linear model of a persons drives and motives so that we can shape appropriate responses and actions while we actively engage in communication. As a species we are very skilled at audible communication, but our skills are a result of our inability to directly access each others minds and thoughts. The visitors lack our audio/visual communication skills, but are extremely skilled at deep, direct mind to mind communication. As a result they are forced to use screen images and deceptions to utilize this skill, otherwise they become effectively mute.

The visitors dip into our memories to find a subtitle non-threatening image to use as a disguise. This doesn't always work, even as a kid the appearance of a giant monster-munch muppet in my bedroom was obviously out of place, but some times they demonstrate real skill and cunning when picking a suitable image. The time that I saw my pet cat was such a demonstration. The visitor in question made his presence known by stomping up the stairs to my attic bedroom. As soon as I realized that something was entering my room my first reaction was to list all of the possibilities. The least threatening was that my cat was being particularly noisy tonight. As soon as this thought occurred to me I saw my cats head peek out at me from my stairs. He stopped there for a moment before cautiously sitting at the top of the stairs, to stare at me. There is more to this story and it can be found on my website, it is just too long to post here. This isn't the only time that the visitors have used this method to gauge the most appropriate disguise, but I think that I have written enough about screen memories for now. I will end by saying that it is a kind of hypnotism, but hypnotism from within. They tweek our perceptions from inside our own heads, rather than using external stimulus.

On paralysis, I haven't worked out exactly how they paralyze me, but I think that they use some kind of technology, whether this is implants, radio waves, scalar waves or intense localized magnetic fields; I don't know.

I believe that it is the result of technological manipulation because of the sensation itself is usually preceded by an intensely loud repetitive sound that seems to come from inside my own head. The noises vary, from music, to marbles being dropped on a large tin, to birds squawking and even the sound of an old dial up modem. I think that the noises are a hallucination caused by the visitors scrambling of my motor nervous system. I have also seen flashing colours that are in time with the noises. My theory is that the electrical pulses are bleeding into my audio and visual nervous systems.

On Abduction amnesia, I am not sure about the memory loss, but I think that they are either able to effect the way that we store long term memory when we are around them, or that they are using some kind of space/time manipulation that prevents us from remembering through the virtues of the laws of causality. Time dilations are supposedly a symptom of alien abduction (although I cannot say that I have experienced them) and if that is so, surely simply crossing the barrier between different time-streams will subject you to the laws of causality. The most obvious result would be that the events experienced within the different time-stream would not be carried into your original stream. This could also explain how they can pass through walls, turn invisible, and also why no-one is able to present substantial physical proof after a close encounter has occurred. After all if they can effect gravity they can effect space and if they can effect space then to some degree you can manipulate time.

The last part that I have just written is entirely speculation on my part, but it is a theory built upon a lifetime of desperate fishing for some concrete answers.

I will end by saying that there are a lot of us abductees out there, but many of us are reluctant to post on sites like this one. This is because by revealing ourselves we are making ourselves the target for a lot of ridicule.

Don't take the lack of rational arguments from our crowd to mean that we don't exist. It is just that many of us have popped our heads up in the past, just to get shot down again. Those of us that didn't stick our necks out end up glad that we didn't after we see what happens to those that do.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by Martindoolittle

This site does offer some relief for people who can read similar stories and feel connected in just how others respond either way. It is, in it's own way, group therapy and possibly closure for some as well. It's much easier to write about here than having to actually verbalize it, even to a therapist.

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 06:41 PM
True-dat, but the popularity of this site also means that you end up exposing yourself to a lot of......lets call them angry and opinionated people.

I do have other labels, but that is the most polite that I could come up with on short notice.

I will just add that I am going to bed now so that if I don't respond to any posts, I am not being rude, I am sleeping.


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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 06:53 PM
Here is some information documented by Barbara Lamb, M.S., M.F.C.C., a renown alien abduction investigating psychologist. This excerpt is about common signs of abductions presented afterwards:

There are many indications that a person may be an abductee, and therapists should be alert for these special clues. The abductee often has on-going "irrational" anxiety, disorientation, confusion, and frequent panic attacks. At the worst the person may discontinue work or school or other activities. He or she may have fears of doctors’ offices, hospitals, and medical instruments and procedures; this fear may be so extreme that the person avoids needed treatment Places where light is diffused, such as airports or other large public spaces, may bring on panic attacks. Sexual and relationship problems are often found, and the person may have difficulty trusting others, especially authority figures. He or she may exhibit compulsive or addictive behaviors; the person may also exhibit psychic abilities and experiences. Abductees may also fear animal eyes, owl eyes, spiders, snakes, and praying mantis insects.

Fears involving nighttime are strong clues. Abductees may have fears of the dark, of being left alone, of going to bed, of falling asleep, of their bedroom closet, of being "watched," of driving alone at night, and of being followed by bright lights. They may have unusual sleeping habits, such as sleeping fully clothed with shoes by the side of the bed, or sleeping next to the wall, or they may wake at a particular time at night, every night, or may do everything possible to stay awake until that particular

time has passed. They will probably suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. The person may describe being "slammed" awake, or have the sensation of having been dropped to the mattress from above. They may wake in strange positions on the bed or somewhere else in the house or even several miles away; they may wake with grass or dirt on their feet. Their hair may be completely wet when they wake; they may have their sleeping clothes on backwards, or they may find themselves wearing clothing that is not their own.

Now personally I highly doubt that all the people who expeirence things like that are lying, mentally ill, etc.

This about hypno/psyco therapy:

There are no agreed-upon procedures for working with abductees, and there are few psychotherapists open to the phenomenon and willing to take these people seriously. However, I believe that regression therapists have the necessary skills for working with abductees. They can help the abductee uncover the buried memories, even though the aliens have specifically told them "not to remember" anything. Fortunately, everything that has happened is recorded in their unconscious minds, and as in past life work, it can be retrieved through regression. This enables expression and release of the associated feelings and the eventual integration of the experience into the conscious life.

The Journal of Regression Therapy

Some interesting and potentially chilling stuff in there, and all over the web really.

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