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the void : a question about its nature (please)

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 05:59 AM
let us assume there was or is a condition befor the big bang called "void" .

I support with out evidance that the "void " condtion also will exsists at the time or shortly there after there is one , and only one singlarity ( black hole ) , at which time in concept ends... due to lack of any conceptual state or condition in the cosmos that can change , time ends .

I submitt this to , is subject to qualification , rebuttal or exclusions .

to define the condititon of "void " is as much the question as the starting point .

I would like the responders to this thread to at least make a passing attempt at saying what they think it might be , give what definitions they like , what metiphors or parables that give clearity to their thoughts.

as a starting point only , the default definition of "god(1)" will simply be :
"god= the underlying order of all that is , not as we understand physic , nature , natural law , observed reality ... but what ever that is , that is ordering and creating order in all that is .
not limited to being only a higher power or that which may be god like . "

as a starting point only , the default definition of " dimension(1)" will simply be :

< ---3---2---1---0---1===2---3--->

that which has ( but not limited to ) at least these three qualitys:
1) infinite nature , or refrance with out measureable size
2) finite nature , or standard unit of oneness , or quanity
3) base nature , or measure or quality to measure the oneness of the finite .

as a starting point only , the default definition of " nothing(1) " will be...

no (awareness of any) diffrence in the base , change of state in the base , or condition 'remarkable in the minds eye' of which can or is diffrent from any other in the base , with in a given dimension .


my question is then , does void have a subjective stillness to it?

is it a quiet , calm , and peaceful , happy place ?
is it simply a place where you bring who you are with you.. and hate it or love it depending on who you are and what you bring with you ?


do you think void is objectively defined by infinities ?
do you think it is raw , unqualifide power , frightful , lonlyness on a scale unimaginable , mind ripping in size and scale , numbing in eternals and scope ? nearly with in our mental reach only in knowing it is , breathlessly to much to know .


I am hopeful in hearing responce , even those that simply scream and condems our boldness to question the teaching of a book that is not capable of responding to the default definitions with much more than anger , circular sets of non-answers , and fear .

non answers are better than none at all .

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 06:33 AM
oh I like this post. Was watching some of the universe tonite and was thinking about the topic myself.

I wouldnt consider the void as a dimension, as the 3d dimensions + 1 for time..

I would consider it as another universe void, another reality.

mmm.. lets see if i can explain this simply.. i think a void would be like a curtain hanging on a rod in a very still room. Now imagine you place another curtain next to the first, then layer another, and another.. all in a still room.

they are all 'voids' nothing, or something that makes the void.. now you put a fan blowing edge wise along the curtains and they all start to wave.

as each curtain waves, it bumps into the curtain next to it, where these curtains touch BANG.. a big bang occures filling those voids with our material universe.

so, over a particular void, you could have multiple big bangs going off all over the place.

now each curtain being filled, is no longer a void.. only the space inbetween each curtain could be considered as a true 'void'

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 07:06 AM
three questions...

what qualitys would the void have.

as a dimention... void would need a infinite , base and finite quality which it would then bring wityh it in to now... or is it exclusive to befor and after this reality

frankly... please continue... but I am not getting it

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 07:10 AM
also... the fundimental question... how think you ?

subjective , or objective

a place made of and by the mind when visiting it... or a place of solitary power

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 07:19 AM
the void to me is the consciousness prior to the physical , like a mind without a body, The void was simply consciousness prior to it becoming self aware and deciding to create a point relative to itself. this 1st decision spawned the realm of the relative (the universe) a opposed to the realm of the absolute (the void)

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 07:41 AM
so he was saying you might have layer upon layer of dimensions bumping in to one another .... and your suggesting that void is a change of state.... with big bang being the entry of mind into reality?

would void then be all awareness as a collective? or a vehical with awareness as the pigment

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:30 AM
Hello Readerone,
I must first deal with the assumption, that three was a "void"
prior to the Big Bang.
(FWIS) (From Where I Stand) The condition prior, to the Big Bang was a
"homogenized state" With-out Form and with-out Voids.
Forms and Voids were the out-come of the Big Bang.
The "voids," to-date are, (likened to), the distant between the electrons and the portions,
and the very act of Change was in-that "What Something IS" is determined by
"What Something Is Not"
By way of Direct Perception,
(FWIS) I have determined that a Tertuimquid Reality was there-by Formed.

To Define Tertiumquid:
When two, occupants of Space, that have NO relationship, (and can not have a relationship)
one to the other,
Then ---
there is a Third Part, (1/3 RD) and/or Two (1/6 TH) parts that do have a relationship,
with the Two separate occupants of Their Space.
Form that is linked the Substance is Mass/Energy:
Form that is subject to Change, then Change only occurs to the Substance:
Form endures and through Change a Wholly New Form is the Occupant, of the new location in Space:
The shape of the Void among Forms is as much of a indication of the Change of the Form,as Not:
A unchanging Form is the occupant of New Spaces, as readily as a Form that Changes:
Also: It has been shown that:
An Observer cannot reduce any circumstance below the three constructs, of the Tertiumquid Reality,
without ending the ability and/or momentum of a Changing circumstance.
To Pause an observation to examine the Forms or Voids removes the Observer from the Present,
and any exam of that point is in the Past, and the observation of the Here/Now has ended.

(FWIS) I see that the (Present) is effected by the Future as much as the Present is by the Past.

Time Defined as:
Time is the measure of Change.
The "Black Hole" is the accelerant of Change beyond our ability to Measure.
(FWIS) God By acronym:
(E-WATT Being) (Every-Where All The Time Being)
Allowing for a Non Judgmental Being.
Please except this post with the knowledge,
that I am use to long pauses between post
and you may need to be also.
I like to think about what I write and then do so.
I will reply to Questions Eventually to replies posted to me,
in group as OMJerry (WHY) or WHYMASTER
Your E-Pal OMJerry

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