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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 04:27 AM
Kundalini Is Serpent Energy That comes from below. (

When Jesus Christ was annointed by the Holy Spirit He had energy Like a dove came from Above.

Luke 3:22
And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven which said, “You are My beloved Son; in You I am well pleased.

Where do you want to get your inspiration from? Up or Down?

Do you want to receive the free gift from above? Romans 5:18 ((King James Version))
Or do you want to worship the "god of forces" (Daniel 11:38) and receive his rewards?

Will you put your faith in the Son of God Jesus Christ?
Or will you accept the lie of the serpent?

Yoga Means Yolked, The object of Yoga Is to become Yolked to the Serpent (Possesed).

Hu is an ancient name for the Mighty Serpent God. A "Human" relates to an "Enlightened" person who has yolked themselves with the Serpent.

Jesus was made flesh but he was not a Hu-Man.

Notice that the KJV does not contain the word Human. (

If you want to receive the free gift of salvation through grace I suggest you pray to Jesus and allow him to come into your heart. Don't be surprised when he does.


posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 07:43 PM
Sorry, this opening post illustrates a complete lack of knowledge of what Kundalini is.

It is not the serpent power from below... dear me how the words are twisted so.

Kundalini IS the energy of your Base Chakra, within Your body, the seat of the Soul with-in the Body. Raise it to the brow or crown chakra and you too will be having energy like a dove ascend on you.

What is the serpent and where did it originate? Let's see, back in Sumer, according to the writings where Genesis came from, the being who used the Serpent for a symbol was Enki.. the symbol was the Caduceus, just as we see it today for the Medical professions.

His brother Enlil hated him for being the younger son from his father's wife.. therefore heir... and not the oldest son from a concubine as Enlil was. Once Enlil was able to have Enki seen as being a very naughty boy for braking an oath, Enlil then spent his time insuring Enki would forever be seen as the bad son, and he used the snake from Enki's caduceus to symbolize this "new meaning he wanted"

Hence the Serpent in the garden is not Satan, it is the symbol of the one who Loved us and created our physical form, Enki. The one filled with hatred and malice was his brother Enlil who tried to be seen as the Good One, but history shows us he was not.

Religion with all it's limitations and control dramas is the biggest Preventer of awareness that proves to us... and let us quote Jesus here....

"The Kindom is within and without you. Come to know yoursleves and you wil become known. And then you will know it is you who are the true sons of the Living Father."

The control drama is complete, they have you believing a complete falsehood based on what happened in antiquity between two brothers in Sumeria. One a loving son and the other a jealous one... sounds like the differences we see with God's behaviour over the years doesn't it? I mean at first God was hate-filled, Vindicitive, Egotisitical and Bloodthirsty, but sometime much later he turned into a Loving God as Jesus described.

The hoodwink has been thousands of years in the making to inusre You never come to the truth, and so You never wake up, so You stay limited within what they wanted you to believe and have indoctrinated into every western child for well over 1,000 years.

So sad to know a whole way of living was designed to keep you down and only believing what they wanted You to. Yes, really sad that is.

Good luck with it friend


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