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New Drunvalo - The Maya Reveal 2012

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posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by Alaskan Man

Have you considered that all of the above could be true?
What if each of us experienced what we believe in? Possible?

There are many instances where people see the same thing but have a different experience.

Have you found that what you focus on becomes reality?

I am not saying I am the guru with answers but all options should be considered.
We can be participants or observers in any situation, including this one.

posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by rajaten

raiaten check this out

The Maya Of Eternal Time - 2012 part 1/14 (Drunvalo Melchizedek)

I think that may be the one...

posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by Sargoth

As long as you are spamming every thread you can find with this nonsense we might as well point out that the site you linked to refers to the statements of a fake person. There is no such astrophysicist. The site is a hoax.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by Alien Mind

I wanted to post this, not sure where is appropriate.

I got caught up in Drunvalo's scam and really felt that people needed to know this information. This is a story shared by one of Drunvalo's first students who witnessed Drunvalo's lies, paranoia and corruption more than 30 years ago.

This was sent into the Flower of Life Office at a time when Drunvalo and Bob Dratch were having conflicts with each other. This individual wrote in and was stating how deceived we all were by Dru and how if we knew his history would be shocked. I cannot vouch for the actual incidents in here cause I was not there, however Drunvalo’s character and repeating patterns and habits are soooo similar to what is happening today in and around our court events.

Below is a personal statement from an eyewitness to the beginning of Drunvalo Melchizedek's career. They have asked that they remain anonymous. This is a professional person and author that I have known for many years. --xxx

Original email received by xxx on 6 November 2002
************************************************** *
Hi xxx:
Here is a rendering of my years with Drunvalo. As you can see, it is of two levels. The first is a surface story, the later part is analysis and background. I am quite able to stand on the factual nature of every statement. However, I am not desirous of having my name attached to this as of yet, as I am seeking to build credibility by my own work, not as someone who let Drunvalo's cat out of the bag. If this can be shared in a discreet fashion, with people who need to know, I am OK with that. I am not sure how you can reassure me that this will not be made public, as we all know how email can propagate, even innocently.

[xxx adds: The author's name, and certain identifying details have been deleted from this version.]

Like Winter, Bernard Perona's (Drunvalo Melchizedek's) tale is long and weird. I believe these guys are ill and unlikely to be motivated by much other than their own greed and insecurity, their twisted pasts and tortured dreams. Unfortunately, they have found willing audiences in the New Age, among people who want to find something wrong with everything they have been taught before. The audiences are willing dupes, taken in by these reptilian-minded men. They are sad cases, really, very lost and insightless.

I hope this can be of some help. If it is too much, let me know what you need and I will see how to shorten it. It needs context to make it believable, which is why I have written this as I have. Yikes, what a long strange tale it is....and it ain't over yet. (wan smile) Hope you are doing very well,

[Name deleted as per request]

Here is a bit of the tale:
I have had the odd distinction of having been present when a number of unusual events happened in the last 30+ years, and have played some small roles in them. Here I relate some details relating to one such era… I am very familiar with a time in the lives of Drunvalo Melchizedek, Bob Dratch and others. I worked closely with them for about 5 years. Thru this association I was introduced to many folks whose names you may recognize: Dan Winter, Stan Tenen, Slim Spurling, Mary Caroline Meadows, Gregg Braden, Glen Rein, the HeartMath mob (Lew Childres), Adam Trombly, Doug Gunton and a host of others. Some still have my admiration. Most do not. Spin Doctors...except for Tenen, Trombly and Braden, each is responsible for many years of confusion in many people's lives. And of them all, only Tenen has remained above suspicion entirely, in my opinion.

We begin:
I met Akbar, as he was known then, when a third party I will call B, introduced us. B had shown me a strange wire sculpture, a folding star that spun and wove a weird energy in the air. I asked where it came from and B offered to introduce me to the man who had given it to him. We met in a school bus outside of Taos, where Akbar lived. He had a small sewing machine repair business in the outskirts of Taos, where he had moved after living some years at the Lama Foundation. He showed us some drawings, talked about the wire sculpture-thing and offered to teach me a meditation about it, if I would promise to bring another person to learn it with me.
(B. and I) encouraged Akbar to gather his work into a curriculum. We helped him hone it, and helped him when he chose to move farther out of town to set up a school. We helped with the bills and visited often, setting things in motion.

B moved all of his belongings to the school and took up residence, and I kept working thru a divorce and the sale of my home in Colorado, planning to move to the new school. We convened a group of friends, kindred spirits, to focus energy into the founding of our new school and to work out a name for it. About 40 showed up. As we went around the circle, each describing our dreams for the school, some common themes came out. I still have my notes from that meeting.......

When it got to Akbar, he said he had something important to tell us. He announced then that he was no longer Akbar, but Drunvalo Melchizedek, that he was a walk-in who had stepped into the body of a man who had been killed in an alchemical experiment in Canada. He was taking over
the life of Akbar, and would appreciate it if we would refer to him from then on as Drunvalo. He then told us the school was to be called The Naakal Mystery School. He said the Naakals were the warrior/scholar/priests of Atlantis who spread the teachings of Atlantis around the world as it was disappearing under the waves.

We were all a bit taken aback by this peremptory style and the seeming overtaking of our democratic process, but the name for the school seemed like a good one, and we all agreed to proceed. Drunvalo was in his element. He was high on making new plans, and decided to buy the property next door, divide it up and sell lots to friends, thus affording a lot for himself. He said he was under orders from his Egyptian Guide to build an underground house to withstand the
coming planetary destruction, and he wanted to live with his friends there. He offered to hire me to build his house for him. I had been a commercial woodworker, furniture designer/craftsman and all around wood wizard for many years and this was a tantalizing offer. I finally sold the house in Colorado and moved to New Mexico, to build his underground house for him.

I moved to Garcia, a small town nearby, and began working on Drunvalo's house site. Several weeks into the project, I was walking between the site and the school offices, about 300 yards, and I came upon a large rattlesnake, lying across the path. We had dealt with an abundance of snakes that summer, disposing of them by picking them up on a shovel, dropping them in a five-gallon bucket and quickly closing the lid on them. We would then drive them to a location far from houses and release them.

I was not scared, as I had had many encounters with them in the days of my desert wanderings, so I stopped, watched and eventually sat down by the snake. He curled up under a sagebrush, very tense, watching and flicking his tongue to taste the volatile oils of my body that were in the air. Rattlesnakes can't hear you, but can feel you and "see" your scent, and they can 'see' your heat. This one could tell I wasn't dangerous, so he gradually relaxed. I sat quietly, watching, observing his breathing, and trying to match it. His head swung slowly back and forth, tongue flickering and waving but became finally still. He lowered his head, and lay still. At that moment, Drunvalo came upon me, sitting. He asked what I was doing, and I pointed to the snake.

He exclaimed and grabbed a steel post. He said, "We have to start killing them all! We can't let these snakes hurt anyone!" With that, he smashed the post down, stabbing the snake behind its head. He stomped and stabbed until the head came off, the body torn and bleeding, writhing in the dust.

The body continued to writhe. Squirming mindlessly, it twisted over and over.

I was stunned. Shocked, I could say nothing. Drunvalo told me to come in the house for lunch.....

After lunch I went home, very disturbed by what I had seen. I stopped off at the house that Drunvalo was living in, up the road, to see his girlfriend. She had asked me to stop by to discuss something important, but hadn't told me what it was about.

When she saw me, she knew something was bothering me, and asked what it was. I told her about the snake incident, and she gasped. She was horrified, angry. She had told Drunvalo that the snake situation was important, that we must treat all the snakes with reverence, and that she took a personal interest in protecting the snakes. She was furious. She told me she had asked me to stop by to propose that I be nominated, by her, to be the Supervisor of the Naakal Mystery School. She said she felt there were too many problems between Drunvalo and B, who by this time was living at the school, in the bus that Drunvalo had been living in when I met him, and that someone needed to be an intermediary. She felt that I was the most likely person for the job, since both respected me, I was living nearby, and had played an important role so far. I was a bit taken aback and also very proud of this sudden turn of events. Perhaps the snake represented a past that was being shed, and a passage from fear to freedom, a release of a primal energy into a new, higher form.

As I drove home to Garcia, I was filled with a powerful mixture of feelings. I had started off befriending the snake, overcoming all natural fears, moving with a sort of pure grace into relationship with a deadly adversary. Then, a cherished friend betrayed me, my new symbolic relationship and a whole set of dreams, by the senseless mutilation and killing of an innocent. From that, I was offered a position that was like the culmination of all my dreams. One day... Up, down, Up again..... Could I let the lesson of the snake be lost? Could I allow the plainly unaware, stupid actions of Drunvalo go un-noticed? The life of the snake was merged into my own. I was the reason it stopped, I was the one who pointed him out. I had been entranced by his beauty, his pure snake self. I could not let his death go for naught....

On reflection, and then discussing things with B, I came to see the situation in a clear but distressing light. B, whom I trust implicitly, lives by the Golden Rule. He gives where is need. He trusts completely in the cycle of life, that whatever he gives will eventually be returned. He trusts the flow, and he begins each relationship with trust. If he has come to distrust you, it is because the trust he originally gave you has been destroyed. Drunvalo, on the other hand, was convinced that by serving his needs well, creatively and completely, he would have such a surplus he could afford to give much away. He was capable of living simply, so he could give much to others once there was enough. He was not forthcoming, with trust, with intimacy or the personal parts of a human life. He was impersonal, distant. One had to earn his trust, if at all. His claim to being a walk-in was put in a new light. He was different than we were, his values seemed strange. He was walking his talk, alright…

These are two antithetical lifestyles, yet the two of them were trying to work and live side by side. B was committed to the idea that the school itself was the teaching, and that it should demonstrate all the points we were teaching, about a new relationship to the earth. We should have gardens, beauty, grace, sustainability, economic communalism. Much of B's time was spent on working on gardens, recycling systems, kitchen management, maintenance tasks and general improvements to everything.

He was contributing to the growth of the school by his endless lists of contacts, bringing them to the school for 3 day seminars. He was the one who lined up the food for the classes, made sure the firewood was cut, fixed the tankless hot water heater, got flat tires fixed in town, and all the endless chores of living remote. He also arranged for the building of a kiva/sweatlodge, a magical half underground round room with a firepit in the middle and wide adobe benches in a circle around the walls, a wonderful space for us to dream, meditate and teach.

Drunvalo spent his days on the phone, writing, meditating or entertaining the many visitors. Especially the female visitors....there are many women who were taken to his bed, whose lives were made turbulent by his cold and impersonal search for a female companion. It was sad scene to those of us who watched…

Drunvalo was, according to him, a master of "Egyptian Tantra", a secret system of sexual energy control that was part of the Atlantean legacy. He taught vague ideas around the subject, and a few clear meditation images, and was thinking of offering special classes in this. Many of the women who came were invited to his bed. He was searching, and finally had invited one to live with him several months earlier. She had invited me to consider being the Supervisor of the school....

I was nominated, accepted and installed as Supervisor. Drunvalo and I had been working for some time on a system for him to have slides of his images, the basic teachings about the geometric forms, that he could project onto the rear of a screen, that would show through, so he could be in front of it to talk. I had loaned him a camera, helped him locate the sources for the rear-projection system, and helped photograph the images one of my close friends had drawn for him. B had done his usual magic, contacting people in California, setting up a series of workshops for Drunvalo.

He set off in his trusty Volkswagen camper, to do several weeks of engagements, as fully prepared as we could help him to be. I settled into the quagmire of taxes, the situation of the school and its sales tax reporting, and the income taxes for the school which had never been filed in two years of existence. It was a mess, and a lot of tiny scraps of receipts and check stubs had to be sorted out and made into a report. It was the least favorite of all occupations for my time that I could think of, but the house building was on hold until Drunvalo could return with money to continue.

Upon Drunvalo's return, we had a meeting. We congratulated him on his successful trip, the reports of his classes were glowing, the people very excited by what they had heard from him. When we asked him how much money had been earned, he told us he had $15,000 in cash from the trip! We were excited....we could pay some outstanding bills, make some improvements to some necessary things, and do more classes. I gave them my report on the taxes, telling them I was only the preparer, and was not going to sign the documents, since I was not involved in the management of the corporation during the time covered by the report. The name on the corporation papers was Drunvalo's (Bernard Perona). B told of his work on various projects, and prospects for the next series of classes.

At that point, Drunvalo quietly told us that we were mistaken in thinking that we were going to spend any of the money on Naakal, that he had earned the money, and it was his. He was planning on hiring a professional builder to finish his house, and he had no intention of signing the tax report. With that, it all dissolved. We could hardly believe our ears. We had been betrayed. There was nothing to be done at that point, but find a way out. In the end, he signed the tax papers. B packed his things onto a truck and moved to land his family owned, about 100 miles away. He had moved his entire lifetime of collections to Naakal to be part of the school. He had committed himself and his assets, and was now out of the picture. Drunvalo went on to make entirely unfounded public accusations against me and B. He told public gatherings that we were agents of the government, drug dealers, and he had had to banish us from his list of friends. We were both damaged by these lies, but did not want to contend with his madness anymore.

I reeled about for a while, dizzy from the turn of events. I had been on a high since the day of the snake, walking with purpose in every step, powerfully aware of the life that had been given on the day of my stepping into my role, my supervisory role of a school of ancient mysteries....

Eventually Drunvalo sold the property to Gregg Braden, who had been a student. When it was sold, Drunvalo made off with the $35,000 down payment funds that had been supplied by friends of B's and mine, when the property was originally purchased. He never would pay it back,refusing when confronted, making up a story that he had been relieved of the debt verbally, in a conversation that had never happened.....

Now, some background details that have come to light since those days: Drunvalo Melchizedek is mentally ill, in my opinion. He suffers from a New Age disease, perhaps identifiable in traditional psychology (split personality disorder? Multiple personality disorder?). He claims to be a "walk-in". He sees himself as not responsible for anything he does as Drunvalo, since that is a 13th dimensional being of the Order of Alpha and Omega of the Melchizedek lineage, who has overshadowed his personality. He claims to have died in a failed alchemical accident in 1972 and was entered into by DM. He has told me, face to face, many times over, that he cannot be held responsible for what DM does. He told me in September, 1997, that he could not recall actions of his own, often only 20 minutes later. He then demonstrated this by trying to steal a portion of my life's work while standing right behind my chair, less than twenty minutes later. This happened after apologizing profusely, and apparently sincerely to me, while on his knees next to my chair in a public dining room.

I recall his pride in being so powerful that he could have conversations with Lucifer and all of the dark hordes. On several occasions he led us as a group into dark realms, causing on one memorable occasion a near catastrophic whirlwind on a calm day, when windows were blown open, animals outside ran around screeching and neighing in terror and chaos was set loose. After about five minutes of this, Drunvalo calmly led us into a new part of his experimental Group Merkabah, and everything returned immediately to calm. The winds stopped, the animals returned to their normal activities.

He claimed to have helped to restore the Angel of Light, Lucifer, to his former status as the First Son of God, by special ceremonies he had conducted in Egypt and the South Pacific, where he claimed to have done rituals that re-balanced the planet, making it once more a Sacred World, now that Lucifer was redeemed.

Let's put his story in perspective:
He was a live-in student at the Lama Foundation for years, where the ISC was (Intensive Studies Center). This was a sufi repository of texts and manuscripts built around an amazing library (since destroyed by fire....). He was among some heavies there. It is likely that he gained access to some ancient texts while there, and began assembling his story of divine revelation. What he was working with is described as dangerous in the original literature, for good reason. The Catholic Inquisition was set in motion centuries ago to root out this very set of teachings, as it was making people go mad, setting Satan loose…

He left there in some kind of upset that I never got to the bottom of. He took up residence in a school bus, where he was discovered by B. He claimed to be in direct contact with a 35,000 year old, still-living being named Chik-U-Tet or Thoth, who was transmitting to him a series of lessons he was to give to the world. He also claimed to have been given the Masonic Keys by a mysterious visitor and the Metatron's Cube wire-model by a stranded ET whom he helped return home.

All this was compounded into his Flower of Life teachings, which we now know are nothing but a hodgepodge of stolen, irresponsible and incomplete meditation techniques that he cobbled together with amateur geometry and claimed to be an inspired revelation from an unquestionable source.

He always maintained that he had no problem with sharing his work with all sides, all agencies, all types of people, that the work was so powerful in itself it would not be possible for it to be abused. He taught that Lucifer had been healed, in part due to his (Drunvalo's) intervention and mediation, had been forgiven, and was now on the side of good, working to restore what he had damaged. And that ALL aliens are good and not to be feared....

And he is a pathological liar, incessantly remaking his stories, embroidering more fanatsies onto the robe with which he surrounds truth. There are two "tectonic plates" in his being, and they don't meet well. He is a sick man, also charming and polite, who is dangerous on many levels, having used the resources of many to aid his own personal agendas. He is supremely selfish....His many abandoned children could tell the story....

If we look at the activities of the last five years, only a few of them, all public, will reveal something of the man. He was involved with a man named Slim Sperling and another named Bob Dratch for a while. Drunvalo claimed that they had created a set of devices that cleared the atmosphere of all pollution, and attested in public that this had been done under government auspices and a test had been done in Mexico City, where a wall of pollution could be seen as it boiled against the force field of their instruments. Many other claims were made, such as a reduction in crime in Denver as a result of their experiments, and many people were induced to buy these devices.

Then it all began to fall apart, as people discovered they had been duped. Drunvalo retracted it all, ended his relationship with Sperling and Dratch and they now refuse to answer any questions about the episode. Another story: in the last few years Drunvalo took the story of the Kogi Indians of South America and tried to make advantage for himself out of them. They are a weird tribe who practice a fascist-type feudalism with slaves and coc aine eating priests who were made famous by a pseudo documentary.

Drunvalo began claiming he was being taught by them to communicate without words, across any distance. Drunvalo asked for financial support for his work, which he assured his followers was going to be made available to them all and would save the world. Eventually, as you will see if you visit his web sites, Drunvalo claimed that he was not going to talk about any of this any more "to protect the Kogi" and asked that no one visit them in any attempt to verify anything he had said, as this would make things difficult for the Kogi. In other words, Drunvalo had been caught out in another lie.

And one final bit:
I am a close friend of his personal assistant for many years. She was fired by Drunvalo when she confronted him for misusing non-profit funds. A few weeks after her removal, Drunvalo forged her signature on a check and put more non-profit money into his own accounts. This came under FBI investigation, and may still be under investigation. [Tenen adds: I can verify this. I spoke with Melchizedek's wife of the time this incident occurred, and she confirmed this information independently. Also, because of our ongoing lawsuit against Mr. Daniel Winter, Cynthia and I were in communication with this personal assistant of Melchizedek's both just before, and just after, she left or was fired. Until I read this email, I did not know that the author of this personal statement knew these facts.]

Drunvalo is the type of man who claims that any legal actions against him are inspired by dark forces trying to keep the truth from being told. He is a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracist, believing that anyone who opposes him is an agent of dark forces.

It is odd that the man who says that there are no dark forces anymore, that Lucifer is abroad and is a good guy now, and that invites anyone of any type or motivation to delve deeply into his stolen teachings without concern for how they might use it, to claim that he is under suspicion, not for illegal acts, but for "trying to tell the truth".

His association with Dan Winter is long and close. Both are delusional and dangerous in my opinion.

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