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The experiment with two dogs

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 03:50 PM
Let me state beforehand that many of you will call me crazy after reading this, but since i'm keeping on typing, it seems that I don't care that much, so feel free to call me names if you want. Another thing that i'd like to say is that i HATE all those who hurt pets, no matter how they do that: for example, if it was for me, the girl who put the cat into the microwaves now would be baked with potatoes, i mean seriously, but that is just my opinion.
Anyway, here it goes.
It was a VERY boring December day, Christmast's lunch if memory serves.
I was invited for lunch at my parent's home, as well were my brothers and my sister.
My parents had a dog called Shira:
look at this dog

Image source:
and imagine it four times fatter. A matter of food, trust me.

My sister had a dog called Hugo: a Yorkshire terrier, ten times lighter and twenty times faster than Shira.

Image source:
I could provide the actual images, but especially Shira is too fat to be embed.
The only thing in which Shira was faster than Hugo was to eat anything: she was a missile, and i think that this is at the origin of her being so fat: when you gave her food, she was so fast to eat it that you thought: "darn, poor dog, i have yet to feed her" so you would feed her once again and so on...
Shira once bited me with no reason. Also Hugo did, twice, with no reasons.
Every now and then they fought, but never anything worthy of any consideration.
Until that day.
All begun when i thought to myself: "what if i'd LINK somehow the two? Would they run at Hugo's speed? At Shira's speed? At some average speed? Would it happen something else that i can't foresay? Maybe funny?"
There was only ONE way to find some answer to that question.
There was a stepladder somewhere, with a security chain between the two sides: the chain was easy to remove, i did it.

Now it came the most difficult part: to apply my idea. First of all the dogs were far away each other, besides the area was heavily surveilled: of course i couldn't call Navy Seals, i had to act by myself.
I attracted Shira (not being seen) with some chicken, she followed me without problems, but Hugo stuck there though).
So i had to park shira in one room, then went to catch Hugo. With a Tennisball ball it worked, but after some attempts, many ones failed before

Once i got both dogs together there, i connected them collar to collar, it has been reatively easy.
Then, i've left them go. Nothing happened during the first half an hour. Every now and then, you could see them (both of course) running to here and running to there. Someone just noticed that they were "unusually together" but nothing more than that. No one noticed the chain. At around midday, something unpredictable happend: my uncle, Mario, knocked at the door. Shira learned the basic technique of counter-steering within some seconds (i was impressed, it took months to me), since her alternative was to crash on the wall.
Anyway here's the end: the dogs unpredictably started fighting, it was not easy to separe them. They started barking like some dogs whatsoever barks at the postman. Then they started fighting, but it was some very strange fight: anyway five injured by dog's bites, strangely enough whenevr you tried to freee one of the two fightes, the other one attacked you, dont ask me why i dunno.
Let's say that the experiment failed, but i've tried

Here is it, just wanted to share it.

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