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What is your favorite commencement address on the subject of the Fragile Earth?

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 02:42 PM
If you haven't already seen the gorgeous, gorgeous commencement address given by the writer Paul Hawken in 2009 at the University of Portland, here is that link:

His focus is on the Fragile Earth, along with the opportunities and challenges posed therein for this year's undergraduate and graduate degree holders. Hawken gives the example of the 19th century abolitionist movement, whose combined efforts resulted in the removal of officially endorsed slavery around the world within a 10-year period. That's pretty remarkable.

One of my favorite sections of his address is when he reminds us that in each human body, there are one septillion cellular actions every moment. That number is:


So, have you seen a better commencement address on the topic of Fragile Earth? Great, if so, add that link.

If you think Hawken hasn't really proved his case, tell us.

If you agree with Hawken's remarks, tell us why.

To all 2009 graduates -- congratulations!

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