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Stepping Stones

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 10:10 AM
The Sands of time are measured by the mountains I move in my life.
An enormous task,I must reduce them to the right size.
I weather the storms that wash the grains away, and wear the jagged edges smooth.
Sometimes I push against the boulders that fall and move them easily.
Sometimes the weight of them is too much, and I must leave them where they fall.
From the boulders come stones that I put in place to build walls around me, or bridge gaps to where I need to go.
From the stones come pebbles that I count in my hand. Some are beautiful colors and smooth, and I save them like best kept treasures. Others are ugly and flat, and I skip them across the water like tossing away bad memories.
From the pebbles, finally come the grains of sand. Immeasurable they are in number. The thoughts and prayers either built into castles, or washed away with the tide.
The sand blows in the wind until it too wears away into dust,then nothing.
Today, this moment....
I have a new mountain.

ACCESSDENIED- August 14,2009

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