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Are meteorologists lying about Chemtrails?

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 08:48 AM
I found this video on youtube.

The lady is explaining a cloud formation saying it's a natural event.

However, I found this picture at the North American Weather Consultants website.

Labeled, cloud seeding.

An obvious hole in a stratus deck due to cloud seeding with aircraft, using dry ice as a seeding agent. This is an example of cold cloud seeding, where supercooled cloud droplets are converted into ice crystals, which then precipitate out of the cloud deck. (USAF photo; boxed caption in the lower right reads "Effects of seeding Altostratus Clouds over Green Bay, Labrador: 45 minutes after seeding with dry ice". Photo and boxed caption obtained from Sewell, W.R.D., et. al., 1973: Modifying the Weather; Western Geographical Series, Vol. 9, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada).

Either the weather woman didn't research this at all, or she is spewing disinfo.

I would guess the latter. Probably fed by some government official.

Folks, the government is playing hard with our weather. Chemtrails is only one program. There are ground based operations, sea based operations, and these are all labeled experiments. Experiments that have been going on for 40+ years.

posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 09:58 AM
You do realise most chemtrail believers are probably rolling their eyes at your total lack of comprehension don't you?

Cloud seeding has absolutely NOTHING to do with what people call chemtrails.

How hard is that for you to understand?

A little bit of research and reading goes a long way.

Look, from the same site as the picture you posted:

How is the cloud seeding accomplished?

Cloud seeding materials are released via ground-based and/or airborne systems (see pictures). Determination of the best suited method or combination of methods for a given project is based upon an assessment of a variety of factors. The seeding materials are applied to the clouds (sometimes targeted very carefully into very specific portions of clouds) so that the material has adequate time to affect the precipitation process, so the effect will be focused over the intended geographic area.

For emphasis again: The seeding materials are applied to the clouds

And how do they seed the clouds?

Again from the same source site you used (in fact from the same page as you found the image of the cloud with the hole in it):

Ground based generator:

Light plane:

How do either of these create the supposed chemtrails?

As for the "hole punch cloud" video, it seems there is a possibility it could be formed by jet contrails:

A leading hypothesis holds that the hole-punch cloud is caused by falling ice-crystals. The ice-crystals could originate in a higher cloud or be facilitated by a passing airplane exhaust. If the air has just the right temperature and moisture content, the falling crystals will absorb water from the air and grow. For this to happen, the water must be so cold that all it needs is a surface to freeze on. The moisture lost from the air increases the evaporation rate from the cloud water droplets so they dissipate to form the hole. The now heavier ice crystals continue to fall and form the more tenuous wispy cloud-like virga seen inside and just below the hole. Water and ice from the virga evaporates before they reach the ground.


Sounds like a fair hypothesis and related to what the weather woman was saying.

So I gotta ask, who is spreading the disinfo around here?

[edit on 15/8/09 by Chadwickus]


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